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The Hentai Games FAQ
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

"The hentai games FAQ"

author: Pete Karsanow,

location: the latest revision of this FAQ will be posted to my 
site at:
as the file: hgamefaq.txt
If you are reading this document on some other website, PLEASE 
DON'T ask me about problems with that other website!
See section IM. below for legal considerations.

last revision: 05 August 1999

changes in last few revisions:
- dug up some info from a MS-DOS 5.0 manual
- if Cyb ever updates the copy of this document on his website,
  maybe I'll stop getting complaints about bad links there!
- added more from Curtis H. Hoffman's "Dr. Etchi's Guide to 'H'
  Manga" (so now I can delete the document!)
- mentioned the un-mosaic software
- more about files and operating systems
- some conversion from the old format
- other minor changes

changes to come:
- finish conversion from old format

Document Outline
I.   Introduction
II.  Definitions
     a. anime
     b. hentai / H
     c. ecchi / etchi
     d. Super Deformed / SD
     e. omake / photoshop
     f. CG
     g. cosplay
     h. BGM
     i. sukebe
     j. chikan
III. Hentai Anime Games
     a. "Where do I find the games?"
     b. "Where do the games come from?"
     c. "How do I get to see the pictures?"
     d. "I can't read Japanese (or Chinese)!"
     e. "What about trading?"
     f. "What about cracking or pirating games?"
     g. "Are there non-H anime games?"
     h. "How do I play these games?"
IV.  Files you may need to play H games
     a. DOS/V
     b. DOSJ
     c. NJWIN
     d. WINNLS.DLL
V.   DOS/V games on non-DOS/V PCs
     a. "This anime game doesn't work!"
     b. "This anime game doesn't display text!"
     c. "This anime game plays messed-up music!"
     c. "This anime game has messed-up graphics!"
     e. "How do I capture images from this anime game?"
     f. "How do I know if this game will work on my PC?"
VI.  DOS games in Windows 9x
     a. "What's all this abou

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