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History Of Can Can Bunny Games
Author: Lamuness
Updated: 2000-11-05

The History of Can Can Bunny games

What the heck is this page about, you ask?

Well, if you have been following the Anime Densetsu message board for the past few weeks (yeah, now that it's all deleted you can't track it anymore), you might notice a couple of messages about the Can Can Bunny Games from Scream and Silverion. They want a list of all the Can Can Bunny Games created (all this conversation is before Nymphie posted Primo), and since I have the info on the games, I will post them up here.

As I said in my Can Can Premier 2 review, can can bunny is probably the longest Hgame series in Japan. Cocktail Soft started the first series almost 10 years ago.

If I refer to a game as EXTINCT, that means they stop producing the game and you'll just have to pray and hope that you can find a second-hand copy at some underground store in Japan

Hope you find this info useful and interesting (if not boring :P). This info is taken from the official Can Can Bunny Premier 2 Walkthrough and Data Book by Softbank.

This info is in no way complete (and it's still shabby at this stage). If you have anything to contribute, mail us. Here we go!


Title: Can Can Bunny
Platform: PC98, PC88, X68000
Price: 5800 Yen (tax extra)
Year: 1989
The first game in the series. In this game you attack hot girls like high school girls, college girls, OL, etc... You can use slot machines to increase your money so you buy items and give them to girls as presents.


Title: Can Can Bunny Superior
Platform: PC98, PC88, X68000, MSX, J31
Price: 6800 Yen (tax extra)
Year: 1990
This game is composed of three short stories, and is more like an AVG game compared to the previous game. The game has a new system, "Oresama Making" where you can change your parameters to your own preference so that the story goes more smoothly for you. Different strategies has to be considered for different kinds of girls because of each of the girls' different parameters such as Blood type etc.


Title: Can Can Bunny Spirits
Platform: PC98, X68000, MSX
Price: 7800 Yen (tax extra)
Year: 1991
The story is mainly divided into "neruton version" and "foreign version". You can use magic personal history and you can change into any kind of boy. In addition, scrolling is used in H-scenes so picture sizes are getting bigger.


Title: Can Can Bunny Premier
Platform: PC98, X68000
Price: 7800 Yen (tax extra)
Year: 1992
Platform: Sega Saturn
Price: 6800 Yen (tax extra)
Company: Kid
Year: 1996
The first appearance of the famous goddess Swatty, as well as the Seven Gods of Luck. The story is about a lonely guy who doesn't have any girlfriend. After meeting Swatty, you start to date girls with the support of the goddess. The girls change their emotions by how you treat them as if it's like you're really having a date with them. In 1996, the Saturn version is released and became very popular.


Title: Can Can Bunny Extra
Platform: PC98, X68000, FM-TOWNS
Price: 8800 Yen (tax extra)
Year: 1993

Title: Cocktail Pack:
Welcome to Pia Carrot! and
Can Can Bunny Extra DX
Platform: PC-FX
Price: 12000 Yen (tax extra)
Year: 1996
Probably the game with the most development. You can see versions of the game developed in OVA, novel, comic, and even on another platform. The story is the continuation Premier. Swatty and the Seven Gods of Luck try to bring back the relationship with the girls to you who has lost your comfortable memories from Premier (the previous game). After you beat the game, you can review all CG's at Swatty's Room (CG Gallery).

ƒŠƒ~ƒeƒbƒh 5 1/2

Title: Can Can Bunny Limited 5.5
Platform: PC98
Price: 5800 Yen (tax extra)
Year: 1994
Platform: Windows3.1 CD-ROM
Price: 3800 Yen (tax extra)
Sorry...poor scan. Anyways, this is more of an extra product of the Swatty series, or a side story if you want to call it that way. The young apprentice goddess Sawady make her first debut in this game. You can enjoy a different mood in this game because of four grils who have a greal deal of personality as well as Sawady who always does everything wrong and Swatty needs to come and save her.


Title: Can Can Bunny Premier 2
Platform: Windows3.1, Windows95 CD-ROM
Price: 8800 Yen (tax extra)
Year: Xmas 1996
Platform: Sega Saturn
Price: 7500 Yen (tax extra)
Company: Kid
Year: 1997
Cocktail Soft's first Windows-based game (Limited 5.5 is just a win95 port). You have a total of 6 girls to date, and it's the first time Swatty and Sawady both appear as main characters of the game. Girls as well as the gods have voice tracks, and the game has AVI cut scenes also. Here is a my review of the game right here at Anime Densetsu. In short, it's sort of a re-make of the original Premier game.


Title: Can Can Bunny Primo
Platform: Windows95 CD-ROM
Price: 6800 Yen (tax extra)
Year: Early 1998
The newest installment of the series. This is the renewal version of the first Can Can Bunny games 8-9 years ago. The bunny-eared girl Ariko is revived and she will direct the player and the five girls to happiness. The game is redone in Windows platform and the quality of graphics are rewritten to 256, voices are added to girls. However the engines used in the first Can Can Bunny games are still present such as the slot machine, the purchasing of items, the "Oresama Making" system used in Superior, etc. Here is the review on the game by ^_^ right here at Anime Densetsu.

That's all!

  • Cocktail Soft Homepage: here.
  • Kid Homepage: here.

    Compiled by Lamuness.
    Special thanks to Great Teacher Onizuka for translations.

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