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Eternal Fighter Zero
Author: Yunari
Updated: 2003-06-05

Eternal Fighter Zero FAQ V 1.21  2003/09/03
Written by Yunari.

Table of contents
Topic that marked with * is not completed yet sorry about that too.
1.  Disclaimer
2.  Update
3.  Setting
4.  *Move                   
    4.1 Basic Move
    4.2 Advance Move
    4.3 *Command List
    4.4 Combo System
5.  Advance tip
    5.1 Recoil Guard mastering
    5.2 Way to fight against recoil armor
6.  Trouble Shooting
7.  MISC
    - What number in character in Bad Moon Edition mean?
8.  Link
9.  Reference
10. Contact me
11. Special Thanks

1. Disclaimer
   This FAQ is copyrighted by Yunari. You can use this FAQ freely if that is
non-profit use. You can distribute this FAQ if you want but please not edit
this FAQ. Moon and One ~Kagayakukisetsuhe~ is registered trademark of Tactics.
Kanon,Air and Clannad is registered trademark of Key.

2. Update

   V 1.21  2003/09/03
     - Add command list of Ikumi that come with version 3.02
     - Add aditional command to previous character in version 3.00 that I

   V 1.20  2003/08/25
     - Add command list in Bad Moon Edition.
     - Add new system that come with Bad moon edition.
     - Change cough to crouch.(Thanks for buggiefan)
     - Correct name of some character.(Thanks for Fdm)
     - Correct command Inside of Barrel of Misao.(Thanks for Fdm)
     - Add Misc section.
     - Add contact me section.

   V 1.13  2003/08/11
     - Change Minagi command that changed with update V.2.13.
     - Add command list of Kanna.
     - Improve detail of instant charge system in combo section.

   V 1.09  2003/06/05
     - Add all of hidden command of Air character.
     - Change describe of recoil guard system.
     - Add missed time in update version 2.12

   V 1.07  2003/04/29
     - Add command that included in V 2.10
     - Add game release date.
     - Include back step system that come with V 2.10

   V 1.053 2003/03/21
     - Fix some of update section
     - Fix command list of kano

   V 1.052 2003/03/09
     - Add control ability of lightning bolt.

   V 1.051 2003/03/08
     - Spell checked.

   V 1.05  2003/03/08
     - Add additional command list from update version 2.06.
     - Add some command list translation (Thank for Master Asia).
     - Add advance tip.
     - Add setting for system that have ram below 64 MB in trouble shooting
     - Correct written time in version 0.992 from 2003/03/08 to 2003/02/12
   V 0.992 2003/02/08
     - Fix some of corrupt japanese letter and lost sentence.

   V 0.991 2003/01/04
     - Spell Checked
     - Add some translate command for Nayuki.
     - Game World Fair 2003 release.

   V 0.99  2002/12/14
     - Correct Mio name.
     - Remove question section since I got all answer now.
     - Add several combo techniques I found later in combo section.
     - Add additional usage of recoil guard.
     - Correct several misspell word and misused word.
     - Remove Akane's Air Carrier after Assault leap since it is unusable.
     - Translate command a bit. One reason that I will translate all of my
       FAQS to Thai language soon.
     - Thailand comike 2002 fair release.

   V 0.961 2002/11/26
     - Correct Kano name.
     - Correct several Kano's command list (Thank for Thanit to mention these).

   V 0.96  2002/11/11
     - Update command that come with game version 2.05.
     - Change Mayu's command I'm not alone to 41236963+H.
     - Fix Mai command that I mistake adds duplicate command.
     - Added some of translated command.
     - Add some trouble shooting that I got with Matrox G450.

   V 0.951 2002/10/05
     - Forgot to add romanji name of Minagi and Misuzu. Fixed by now.
     - QOH Sub meeting 1st release.
   V 0.95  2002/10/05
     - Add command that included in update version 2.04.
     - Correct name of Minagi and Misuzu in ramanji.
     - Add some of trouble shooting about update and blue sky edition update.

   V 0.941 2002/09/24
     - Complete update and special thank that I forgot.

   V 0.94  2002/09/08
     - Add command list for character that come with Blue Sky Edition (V2.00)
     - Add information about Sayuri's Magical Blade move. (Thank for Ayu 
     - Translate some of command list.

   V 0.92  2002/07/17
     - Add additional command from update version 1.20
     - Correct some missed character name in kanji.

   V 0.91  2002/04/12
     - Add some of Japanese command name.
     - Add Sayuri's overdrive Magical on Stage.
     - Correct command of Makoto.

   V 0.90  2002/03/30
     - Initial Release

3. Setting
   Run config.exe in game directory there will have dialog box.
   1P & 2P Control is setting for input device.
   CPU    Level of CPU
   FPS    30 FPS 60 FPS
            If your system have slow down on some effect use 30 fps
          can help but will have a bit jerky image as drawback. Very useful
          for system that have slow graphic card (I mean slow for directdraw
          on Pentium class system which is not graphic card nowadays.).
   Effect Plain  Normal
            Change effect to plain can double framerate on P166MMX on some
          effect. Try to change this first before change to 30 FPS mode.
   Damage Half   Normal   Double
   Use 640x480 resolution
             If you run game and game end up with black screen or DirectX report
           Can't initialize that resolution or you use TV out turn this option
           may help.

4. Move

   4.1 Basic Move
         In command number is related to direction on Numpad on keyboard.
       And Abbreviate are.
       L = Light  Attack
       M = Medium Attack
       H = Heavy  Attack
       A = Any Attack Button
       S = Special Button
       F = Front
       B = Back
       D = Down
       J = Jump
       C = crouch
       (air) When character is in air.

     - FF = Dash
     - BB = Back Dash
         Unlike other game when you use back step you still able to receive
     - BB at second tap release dpad immediatly = backstep (2.10)
         While back step you will not hit with any attack. Becareful about
       second tap if you hold too long it will bacame back dash instead.
     - (air)FF = Air Dash
     - (air)BB = Air Back Dash
     - B+H/F+H = Throw
     - (air)F+H = During air throw.(3.00)
         You unable to excute air thorow while do air dash. However you could
       do air thorw after dash finished.
     - FF+A = Dash Attack
         Some character can use this. Almost of dash attack can use attack
       cancel. Some of them can use jump cancel (these will describe later).
     - Reinforce Attack
         Take a look at reinforce gauge that below SP gauge (Gauge that have 
       number). Once gauge is filled to red or light blue you can use
       reinforce attack by execute command with heavy attack button. That will
       take whole gauge when gauge is red or take 25% of gauge when gauge is
       light blue.
     - Eterny Special
         Once you execute command that is eterny special attack it will take 
       SP gauge (gauge that have number) as a cost. Almost ES attack can use
       different level of attack L use 1 gauge M use 2 gauge H use 3 gauges.
       For move that must use 3 gauge to excute from V.3.00 on must user must
       have life below 33% to use that.
     - Fall Recovery
         After get attack form opponent you can do fall recovery by Press any 
       attack button when stun gauge is reduced to empty. For attack that not
       have stun gauge you can't do fall recovery.

   4.2 Advance Move
     - Jump Cancel
         Press jump same time that your attack hit opponent you will jump and
       can continue air combo. Note that some attack can do this and some
       attack can't do this.
     - Recoil Guard
         When attack is coming press back immediately (not hold back before
       attack is coming that is).
         Different from normal guard that you will not stun after guard and
       allow you to counter attack. And you can use recoil guard anytime even
       time that you can't guard like opponent crouch attack while you in air 
       or when you freeze after some attack like Sayuri's Magical Smash. And 
       one more thing that you will not receive damage with recoil guard.
     - Instant Charge
         While you do combo press 22+H will execute instant charge. You can
       continue combo that normally can't continue and damage after instant
       charge increased a bit.
   4.3 Command List
       All Japanese text is encoded in S-JIS code. If you can't view I
     recommend you to download Japanese text support from Internet Explorer 5
     by choose View->Encoding->Japanese if you system still not have that you
     will IE will ask you to download that file. But for Windows 2000 and XP
     windows will ask you to install from cd. A bit sadly for Windows XP that
     it may force you to install whole Asian font which need 240 MB of hdd
     space -_-. That probably why my friend call this Windows eXtra Problem
     ^_^. Another way is use program to decode these text like njwin from
       A bit sorry to command translate that may not good since I am not good
     both Japanese and English. Some translation help are welcome.
       List of comment that use in command.
       >        You must execute command above (which didn't have arrow) first.
                IE. Akane
                Assault Leap
                >Air Carrier
                >Air Sting
                >Stun Needle
                You can execute Air Carrier, Air Sting or Stun Needle after
                execute Assault Leap.
       (close)  You should close to opponent to use this move.
       (air)    While character in air.
       (air+)   This move can use both in air and on ground.
       (ES)     Eterny Special
       (RGC)    Recoil Guard Counter (see 5.1 section for info)
       (number) Number of SP gauge that needed for that move. If blank that
                mean you can use L,M,H to decided number of gauge to use.
       (NI)     That move is not implemented. That cause by deadline time in
                Comic Market 62th. If they didn't sell that time they have to
                wait for next comic market, which is 4 month later.
       (X.XX-)  For that version and below only.
       (X.XX)   For that version and above.

Ikumi Amasawa  天沢 郁未 (3.00)

  衝動の赤い線                                            236+A   (3.02)
  血染めの十字架              Bloody Cross                623+A   (3.02)
  摩天楼                      Skyscraper                  214+A   (3.02)
  宴の予兆                                                41236+A (3.02)

Mizuka Nagamori 長森 瑞佳

  スラッシュ&プロローグ      Slash&Prologue              623+A
  トーン&セットアップ        Tone&Setup                  214+A(AIR+)
  スロウ&キーイング          Slow&Keying                 236+A
  スマッシュ&シンパティ      Smash&Symphaty              63214+A
  ピッチ&ベンド              Pitch&Bend                  (While not hold
                                                           violin's stick)
  スペシャル馬乗り枕                                      (ES)236236+A
  トーン&セットアップ+      Tone&Setup+                 (ES)(1)214214+A
  永遠の詩                    Eterny Poem                 (ES)(3)6,M,L,6,L

Akane Satomura 里村 茜

  詩子さん登場です            Siko is entering            236+A
  レイニースピン              Rainy Spin                  623+A
  バッドワッフル              Bad Waffle                  (AIR)236+A
  アサルトリープ              Assault Leap                214+A(AIR+)
  >エアキャリア               >Air Carrier                4+H
  >エアスティング             >Air Sting                  (After reach highest
                                                          position) H
  >スタンニードル             >Stun Needle                (After reach highest
                                                          position) 236+A
  トリックリープ              Trick Leap                  412+A(AIR+)
  >エアスティング             >Air Sting                  (After reach highest
                                                          position) H
  >スタンニードル             >Stun Needle                (After reach highest
                                                          position) 236+A
  >パイルマッシャー           >Pile Maser                 2+H
  サイドハンマー              Side Hammer                 6+H
  レインオブティア            Rain of Tear                (ES)236236+H
  絶対拒否障壁                                            (ES)(1)214214+A
  デンプ詩子ロール                                        (ES)641236+A
  嫌獄殺                                                  (ES)(3)L,L,6,M,H

Mio Koutzuki 上月 澪

近距離モード時  Short Range Mode
  学生格闘家                                              6+M(1.0x-)
  冒険家                      Adventurer                  236+A
  >引き戻し                   >Pull Back                  236+A
  陰陽師                      Yin-Yang Master             623+A
  幕末貴族                                                2+H(AIR)(1.10)
  あかずきん                  Red Hood                    214+A
  長くない靴を履いた猫                                    (ES)236236+A
  学徒兵                                                  (ES)214214+A
  とにかくたくさん                                        (ES)(3)641236+H,L,M,
                                                          H,L,M,H,S,236+H or

遠距離モード時  Long Range Mode                           
  式神使い                                                236+A
  マッチ売りの少女            Match Seller                412+A
  カードキャプター            Card Capter                 214+A
  雪女                        Snow Princess               (ES)236236+A
  ヴァンパイアハンター        Vampire Hunter              (ES)214214+A
  アレ以外の何か with 偽七瀬  Doing many thing with fake  (ES)(3)M,L,2,L,M

- That S which use for change mode is count as command too. Which mean you
  can change mode after chain attack or after instant charge.

Rumi Nanase 七瀬 留美

  Abbr list for Nanase
  (Sword) With Bamboo sword in hand
  (Hand)  Bare Hand
  竹刀回収                    Pick Bamboo Sword           S
  乙女牙突                    Maiden Fang Protruding      236+A(Sword)
  爆砕鉄拳                    Blasting Iron Fist          214+A(Sword)
  紅蓮竹刀                    Red Blood Bamboo Sword      623+A(Sword)
  乙女富嶽                    Happy Hell Maiden           41236+A,41236+A(1.11-)
  >乙女バント                 >Maiden Bunt                236+L(Sword)
  >爆裂フルスイング           >Rapture Full Swing         236+M(Sword)
  >ビッグバン打法             >Big bang Hitting Method    (ES)(3)236+H(Sword)
  真の乙女の拳                Truly of maiden fist        (ES)236236+A(Hand)
  ちょろちょろすんなぁっ!!                              (ES)214214+H(Sword)
  乙女桜                      Maiden Sakura               (ES)4123641236+A
  耐える乙女の美学                                        (ES)(3)4123641236+S

  - You able to cancel from Maiden Fang Protruding to Maiden Sakura without 
    use of IC
  [Translation note]
  - I didn't sure she use Sakura flower in Maiden Sakura move instead of
    flower in firework or not. Firework in Japanese is come from two word
    which read hanabi(花火). Hana(花) mean flower and bi(火) mean fire.

Misaki Kawana 川名 みさき

  ハーフガッシュ              Half Gush                   236+A
  アサルトガッシュ            Assault Gush                214+A
  ハイパーアクセル            Hyper Accel                 623+A
  ダウンバースト              Down Burst                  (ES)236236+A(AIR)
  ハイスピードランチ          High Speed Lunch            (ES)236236+A
  ターヴィランス              Daby Lance                  (ES)6321463214+A
  ハイエンド・クラッシュ      Highend Crush               (ES)(3)222+H

Mayu Shiina 椎名 繭

  ごろごろごろ                Rolling Rolling Roling      236+A
  >フェレットアッパーカット                               Rolling(L)->L
  しんくうとびひざげり        Astro Flying Knee           623+A
  だいじゃーんぷ!            I'm fine                    214+A
  うまとび                    Leap Frog                   63214+H(3.00)
  みゅ~                                                  41236+A
  まるちぷるぱんち            Multiple Punch              (ES)2141236+A
  みゅぅぅぅぅぅぅ                                        (ES)641236+A
  ひとりじゃないもぅん        I'm not alone               (ES)(3)41236963+H

Young Mizuka みずか Press Special Button on Mizuka to use her(1.20)

  飛行                        Fly                         S (RF Gauge drain)
  まどのそと                  Outside of Window           236+A(AIR+)
  くずれるせかい              Rotten World                623+A
  あるじ?ぬし?                                          214+A
  おもちゃのないふ            Toy Knife                   41236+A
  かくれんぼ                                              421+A(AIR+)
  ゆらめくひかり                                          CPU Used
  だいいどう                  Great Moving                (ES)236236+A
  たるのなか                  Inside of Barrel            (ES)641236+A
  たきのぼり                                              (ES)(3)H,M,6,L,L
  イドのツルギ                Walking sword               (ES)CPU Used
[Story note]
  - When Kouhei (main character in One) was young he called Mizuka as Misao.
    So in my FAQS I will call her as Misao.

Doppel Nanase  ドッペル七瀬 (3.00)

  乙女キャプチャー            Maiden Capture              236+A
  > 乙女フジヤマ              >                           236+M
  > 乙女クラッシュ            > Maiden Crush              236+L
    > 爆震入魂拳                >                         (ES)236+M(1)
    > 無呼吸連打岩盤砕き        >                         (ES)236+L(1)
      > 乙女フィンガー            > Maiden Finger         (ES)236+L(2)
      > 下り乙女                  > Falling Maiden        (ES)236+M(2)
  乙女ファイアー              Maiden Fire                 214+A
  乙女タイフーン              Maiden Typhoon              623+A
  乙女フィンガー              Maiden Finger               (ES)236236+A

- Correct timing for Maiden Capture is when she raise hand 2nd time->when she
  raise face after crush opponent face to ground->anytime before 26 hit.
- You can escape chain after Maiden Capture by press button correspond to move
  like to escape form maiden crush press L at chain timing press reapeatedly
  is allowed. Then if you miss at 2nd chain you have chance either to escape
  with L or M. So you have 3 chance to escape form maiden finger. However
  press both L and M at the same time is not allowed and resulted you net
  enter escape command at all.

Ayu Tsukimiya 月宮 あゆ

  すてっぷきっく              Step Kick                   6+M
  どっかんはねあっぱー        Crashing Wing Upper         6+H
  うぐぅぷれす                Ugu Press                   (AIR)2+H
  そこのひとどいて~          That people dodge away      236+A
  タイヤキ突撃                Taiyaki Assault             214+A(3.00+)
  ぐるはねカッター            Rolling Wing Cutter         214+A(2.13-)
  しゃいにんアロー            Shinning Arrow              623+A
  しゃいにんぐるはねぱんち    Shining Swing Wing Punch    (ES)236236+A
  えいえんのこうりん          Unlimited Radius            (ES)214214+A
  光の翼                      Wings of Light              (ES)641236+A
  奇跡の詩                    Miracle Poem                (ES)(3)L,L,4,M,H

  [Story Note]
  - Ugu is original word that Ayu use. She don't want anyone to use this word

Nayuki Minase 水瀬 名雪

  なゆちゃんキックだおー      Nayu Chan Kick              623+A(1.10+)(Jam >=2)
  ころがるんだおー                                        41236+A(Jam >=1)    
  けろぴーはここ              Keropi is here              236+A
  けろぴーはここに            Kerupi just stay here       236+S
  フェイントジャム            Faint Jam                   2+S
  イチゴジャムおいしい        Strawberry Jam is Delicious S
  くー                                                    214+A
  >うにゅ?                                               L
  >ころがるんだおー                                       (Jam >=3) M (1.11-)
  >うにょ?                                               (Jam >=6) H (1.11-)
  >けろぴーはあそこ           Keropi is there             M (1.20+)
  >うにゅう                                               H (1.20+)
  >イチゴジャムおいしい       Strawberry Jam is Delicious S
  >ローリング移動             Rolling Move                4 or 6 +S (1.20+)
  くろいあくまだおー          Black Demon                 (ES)236236+A
  びーむーだおー              Beam                        (ES)214214+A
  超級だおー電影弾                                        (ES)(3)H,236236

  - Jam will decrease when you fall down.
  [Translation Comment]
  - くー is sound when you sleeping like Zzzz in English.
  - うにゅ is sound that said while you almost sleep
  [Story note]
  - Keropi is name of Nayuri's frog doll.

Shiori Misaka 美坂 栞

  アイスクリームビームです    Ice-cream Beam              236+A
  ストール回転です            Stole Swing                 623+A
  空飛ぶ雪だるまです          Flying Snowman              214+A
  頭上には注意ですよ          Please beware above of you  412+A
  思ったより切れるんですよ    Slashable than you thing    (AIR)412+A
  びっくりしましたか?        Did you surprised?          (ES)214214+A
  雪合戦必勝法です            Way to certainly win in     S,(ES)463214+A(1.11-)
                              snowball fight
  寒いのには慣れてます        Used to cold weather        (ES)641236+A
  拡散メガバニラ砲            Scattered Mega Vanilla Canon(ES)2141236+A(1.20)
  石入り雪球トルネード投法    Tornado throw snow ball     (ES)236236+M,H
                              that have stone inside           

Makoto Sawatari 沢渡 真琴

  ねずみ花火                  Rat Firework                236+A
  殺虫スモーク                                            214+A
  サマーソルトあうー          Somersault                  623+A
  跳弾                        Spring Bullet               412+A
  まこリープ                                              6+M
  地上掃射                    Ground Strafing             (ES)214214+A
  ものみの丘の伝承                                        (ES)641236+A
  狐火                        Fire Fox                    (ES)(1)236236+A
  肉まんよー                  Dumpling                    (ES)(3)263+H

Mai Kawasumi 川澄 舞

  霧散                        Dispersing                  6+A
  縮地                        Ground Contract             412+A
  >縮地追蹴                                               Hold L(3.00)
  >縮地追斬                                               Hold M(3.00)
  孤月                        Lonely Moon                 623+A(AIR+)
  暮薙                                                    214+A
  まい召喚                    Summon Mai                  S
  力の行使・連撃                                          236+A(3.00)
  力の行使・爆発                                          623+A(3.00)
  力の行使・竜巻                                          22+A (3.00)
  >永月                       Lengthy Moon                6+S  (2.13-)
  >影咲                       Shadow blossom              4+S  (2.13-)
  >吹弧                       Archly Blow                 S    (2.13-)
  >魔物の力全開放             Release all power of demon  (ES)214214+H(2.13-)
  麦穂薙                                                  (ES)236236+A
  覚醒                        Awakening                   (ES)(3)236236+S

Sayuri Kurata 倉田 佐祐理

  マジカル☆シヨット          Magical Shot                236+A(AIR+(1.20))
  マジカル☆プレス            Magical Press               41236+A,214+A(1.11-)
  あ、コツ掴みました          Ah, I caught your trick     623+A,214+A(1.20)
  マジカル☆ブレイド          Magical Blade               Attack button while
                                                          she is lighting while
  マジカル☆サマッシユ        Magical Smash               412+A(AIR)
  マジカル☆ソード            Magical Sword               623+A(1.20)
  マジカル☆プレッシャー      Magical Pressure            (ES)2141236+A
  マジカル☆エーシェンツ      Magical Agent               (ES)214214+A
  マジカル☆サンダー          Magical Thunder             (ES)4123641236+A(1.1)
  マジカル☆オンステージ      Magical On Stage            (ES)(3)2,2,L,M

- in version 1.0x Magical Thunder and Magical Agent is non usable.
- To use Magical Blade first you have to do successful catch with
  あ、コツ掴みました. After that if you guard (not recoil guard) that move
  again you will light and act perform Magical Blade.

Kaori Misaka  美坂 香里

  パニッシュメント・クロス    Punishment Cross            236+A
  サイクロンアッパー          Cyclone Upper               623+A
  ダッキング                  Ducking                     66+A
  反動ダッキング              Recoil Ducking              During back dash 6
  ファストアッパー            Fast Upper                  During ducking L
  ヘルチャージ                Hell Charge                 During ducking M
  フェイスクラッシャー        Face Crusher                During ducking H
  レッグスマッシャー          Leg Smasher                 During ducking 2+H
  イニシャルK                Initial K                   236236+A
  ファイアーストーム          Fire Storm                  214214+A
  エクストリームダブル        Extreme Double              641236+A

Mishio Amano (Not implemented)

Misuzu Kamio 神尾 観鈴 (2.00)

  不幸の塊                    Bad Luck Stone              421+A          (2.05)
  どろり濃厚                                              214+A
  そらアタック                Sora Attack                 41236+A        (2.03)
  絵日記                      Diary with illustration     236+A          (2.03)
  翼                          Wings                       623+A(AIR+)    (2.05)
  がおがおファイアー          Gao Gao Fire                236236+A       (2.06)
  観鈴ちん  ぴんち!          Misuzu at a pinch!          (ES)214214+A   (2.06)
  縁                                                      (ES)641236+A   (2.06)
  母の詩                      Mother's Poem               (ES)L,L,2,M,H  (2.10)

- After use 縁 you can use that with Sora Attack command.
[Story note]
- Sora is name of Misuzu's crow.

Kano Kirishima 霧島 佳乃

                                                          3+H            (3.00)
 コルドボルト                 Cold Bolt                   421+A,623+A(2.05-)
 ファイアボルト               Fire Bolt                   214+A
 ライトニングボルト           Lightning Bolt              236+A
 ネイパームビート             Napalm Beat                 6+H,22+L(2.05-)
 ロッドサーフィン             Rod Saphin                  2+H(AIR)
 詠唱                         Charge                      S
 高速詠唱                     Fast Charge                 236+S          (2.01)
 サンダーストーム             Thunder Storm               (ES)641236+L(1)(2.03)
 ユピテルサンダー             Jupiter Thunder             (ES)641236+M(2)(2.04)
 ロードオブヴァーミリオン     Lord of Vermilion           (ES)641236+H(3)(2.06)
 フロストダイバー             Frost Driver                (ES)214214+L(1)(2.05)
 フロストノヴァ               Frost Nova                  (ES)214214+M(2)(2.05)
 ストームガスト               Storm Gust                  (ES)214214+H(2)(2.06)
 ファイアーボール             Fire Ball                   (ES)236236+L(1)(2.04)
 ファイアワール               Fire Wall                   (ES)236236+M(2)(2.05)
 メテオストーム               Meteor Storm                (ES)236236+H(3)(2.06)
 ソウルストライク             Soul Strike                 (ES)2141236+A  (2.04)
 セイフティワール             Safety Wall                 (ES)22+M(2)    (2.05)
 白穂の記憶                                               (ES)(RGC)2141236+S    

 - Press 4 or 6 while using thunder bolt can control where thunder will
   appear nearer or faster than didn`t press (2.06) (Thank for tkhm)

Minagi Tohno 遠野  美凪

  ちるちる構えて              Chiruchiru setup            S
  ちるちる構え止め            Chiruchiru stop setup       (while setup)S (2.06)
  ちるちる左よ                Chiruchiru go left          4+S
  ちるちる右よ                Chiruchiru go right         6+S
  ちるちるキック              Chiruchiru Kick             236+A(AIR(2.06))
  ちるちる鉄頭功              Chiruchiru Iron Head Counter214+A(AIR(2.06))
  ちるちる旋風脚              Chiruchiru Whirlwind Leg    623+A(AIR(2.06))
  お米券進呈                                              63214+A,41236+A(2.12-)
  ちるちるキック祭り          Chiruchiru Kick Celebration (ES)236236+A
  ちるちる鳩尾ブレイク                                    (ES)214214+A   (2.01)
  しゃぼん球                                              (ES)2141236+A
  星の砂                      Sand of Star                (ES)222+S(3)   (2.10)

[Story note]
  - Another girl that walk with Minagi named Michiru.

Kanna 神奈備命  (CPU Used)

  草薙シ光ノ刃                                            236+A
  空翔ケル二重ノ螺旋                                      623+A
  天ヲ仰グ月ノ石                                          214+A
  天津鷹ノ弓                                              41236+A
  七ツ枝ノ宝剣                                            (ES)214214+A
  解キ放ツ白銀ノ剣                                        (ES)(AIR)236236+M(3)
  吹キ荒ブ天ノ此花                                        (ES)236236+H(3)(AIR+)
  鳥ノ詠                                                  (ES)222+H(3)    (2.10)

   4.4 Combo System.

     List of abbreviate character that used.
       L  Light Attack
       M  Medium Attack
       H  High Attack
       S  Special Attack
       C  crouch
       JC Jump Cancel
       IC Instant Charge
       RF Reinforce Attack
       ES Eterny Special
       LA Ground Linear Air Dash

     Button that use in training mode
       ESC exit that mode
       F4  Gauge auto filling on
       F5  Gauge auto filling off
       F6  Switch between stand,jump and crouch
       F7  Gauge on/off
       You can use F4 and F5 in VS mode too.

     1. Chain combo
         You can attack several of attack by press attack button and press
       another attack button when first attack is either hit or guarded.
       IE. Mai L->M->H
       Some of attack can use more that one time.
       IE. Makoto M->M->H->H->H
       And you can mix stand attack and crouch attack together.
       IE. Akane L->C+M->C+M->C+H

     2. Attack Cancel
         While you do chain combo enter command before attack of last attack
       is finished you will continue attack with that attack. You can use
       Eterny Special attack too if you can enter it fast enough.
       IE. Mai L->M->M->H->Dispersing (6+H)

     3. Air Combo
         When you attack hit opponent and opponent is flop in air you can see
       stun gauge on that opponent that told how long you can attack opponent 
       gauge will increase once another attack is hit. When gauge is empty you 
       can't do combo to opponent anymore. However for some attack that not
       have stun gauge at all like Sayuri's Magical Press that mean you can
       attack opponent all the time until opponent fall down to ground.
         First change cpu to jump by press F4 then try to determine which
       attack work best for that character. Almost character work with
       L->M->JC->M->H .
       IE. Nanase Jump->L->M->JC->M->H
         Then try to find attack that can lift opponent up in this game there
       have 2 way to lift opponent up either lift opponent up or flop opponent
       to screen and attack opponent while opponent is flopped from screen.
         - Lift opponent up
             Some of character dash attack can do this.
           IE. Nanase(bare hand) Dash+C+H->JC->L->M->JC->M->H(1.10)
             Or use crouch then use Instant Charge then continue with L or M or
           use dash attack.
           IE. Akane C+H->IC->Dash+M->JC->L->M->JC->M->H
             Or use special attack then use IC immediately.
           IE. Nanase Blasting Iron Fist (214+L)->IC->Jump->L->M->M->H
         - Flop opponent to corner
             You can flop opponent by use dash attack and some of Reinforce
           attack. After opponent is flopped with screen you can continue with
           air combo but it work only when opponent is not farther than 1/4 of
           IE. Nanase(with bamboo sword) Dash+H->Jump->L->M->JC->M->H

     4. Usage of Instant Charge
       You can use instant charge to extend your combo by.
         1. Do your chain combo.
         2. Use instant charge by press 22+H (Reinforce gauge must red or light
         3. While screen freeze by instant charge you can enter any command 
            you want to use either regular attack, special attack,eterny
            special or even jumping.
            Note that some of special attack 
         4. Continue with combo you want.
       Here is some sample of it usage.
         Use during combo and continue with combo
           ie. Akane  M->M->C+H->IC->Dash+M->Jump->L->M->Jump->M->H
               Sayuri (Corner) L->M->H(1hit)->Magical sword(623+L)->IC->
         Use before use eterny special level 3
             Either you have to use it or not I recommend to use IC. It can buy
           time a bit longer to you to enter command is main reason and it can
           increase damage of combo as well.
           ie. Ayu    L->M->M->H->IC->Shining Swing Wing Punch(236236+H)
               Mio    (Long range mode) L->C+M->M->C+H->IC->
                      Vampire Hunter(214214+H)
               Misaki L->M->M->C+H->RF Assault Gush(214+H)(2 hit)->IC->
                      Down Burst(236236+H)
         Use after Eterny Special
           ie. Nanase Truly of Maiden Fist LV 1 (236236+L)->IC->C+H->Jump->L
               Nanase (Corner) Truly of Maiden Fist LV 1 (236236+L)->IC->
                      Truly of Maiden Fist LV 2 (236236+L)

     5.Usage of air dash
       - Ground linear air dash
           That is which you can do by press 96 quickly. You will execute air 
         dash which is very close to ground and can attack to opponent who 
         still sticks with crouch guarding. For example is Mai. If you can 
         execute ground linear air dash which is low enough to hit with her 
         medium attack that is okay. You may need to dash a bit higher if you 
         want to evade projectile too.
           However this is a bit risky to do because you can't either guard
         or attack at initial of dash. So if opponent guess right that you will
         do this he/she will use some of anti-air attack and continue with
         their combo. This initial dash length is vary on character you use.
         This is great for Mai who is initial range is very short but very
         risky for Sayuri who have initial range very long.
         ie. Mai LA->M->(landed)L->M->H->Awakening
           Another way to use is just do linear air dash then use throw attack. 
         Deadly for who has special throw command like Sayuri. However this 
         game have anti cheap throw system by not allow you to throw when 
         opponent stun with guarding and when opponent just stand up after 
         fall. Another thing is you should enter command quietly because some 
         of player can guess what are you going to do by hearing sound when 
         you enter command.
       - Extend air combo with air dash
         ie. Nanase L->M->Blasting Iron Fist(214+L)->IC->JC->L->M->M->Dash->M
       - Air dash air combo.
           Name a bit confused. I called basic air combo that mainly use on
         Watanabe Production's game as Double jump air combo.
           The different is after first attack set in air you have to execute
         air dash instead of second jump.
         ie. Sayuri Magical Blade(3 hit)->IC->M->Dash->M->H
             Akane  L->M->C+H->JC->L->Dash->L->M->Assault Leap(214+A)->Air
                    Carrier(4+H)->Rain of Tear(236236+A)
           With right set attack and timing when you landed after first set of
         air dash air combo you can jump and execute another set again and again
         if you know right timing.
         ie. Sayuri Magical Blade(3 hit)->IC->M->Dash->M->H->(Landed)Jump->L
                    ->M->(corner)->M->H->Magical Shot

     6. Additonal combo with instant charce while breaking.
          When you breaking which are when reinforce gauge is changed to light
        blue instant charge will have addional thing given which are.
        - Next hit damage increase 50%
        - Stun gauge turn to full again if there have next hit after instant
          So if you use in right timing you could extend lot of combo with
        this for some example.
        Sayuri RF Magical Press(41236+H)->Dash->L->M->H->Landed->L->M->C+H->
          Note this is high diffucult combo with lot of timing so don`t serious
        if you can`t excute all of this. Just able to hit to see effect of
        instant charge is enough there have easier way than this. One thing to
        mention some attack is must not press button after first button is
        pressed like other games. Especially who used to Watanabe`s games.
        Most important thing is time you excute dash. Correctly timing will able
        to hit with L when landed without need of walking after landed. Dash too
        short H will miss at RF Magical Press(41236+H)->Dash->L->M->H->. Dash too
        long she will use short M instead of long M which should be. After this
        you have to learn timing by yourself and find some way to increase damage
        or increase accuracy.

5. Advance Tip
   5.1 Recoil Guard Mastering
       This thing may a bit difficult and take lot of time to train but you
     can get a lot of advantage by many course like.
     - You will not flop away with opponent who want to kept distance from you.
     - You will not freeze like normal guard.
     - You will not get hit by anti air attack. 
     - Your HP will not reduce like normal guard in almost attack.
     - You can Recoil Guard while you freeze after attack.
       Thing you need to know to recoil guard is timing of first hit and
     constantly timing of next hit.
       So who one should train with? First is Misao with her slow projectile
     you can train some basic timing with her which are.
       - Outside of windows(1hit)
           To train some basic timing
       - Toy Knife(2 hit)
           Train some basic of multiple hit Recoil Guard
       Then train with Shiori with these projectile.
       - Beware above of you (3 hit)
       - Used to cold weather LV1(5 hit)
           If you could do perfect Recoil Guard against this you should able
         to Recoil Guard almost of anti air attack now.
       Then you have to ask some of your friend or programmable joystick to
     help you to recoil guard these thing.
         - Beam LV3
             With this you will learn timing of first hit with instantly hit
           Eterny Special which used a lot.
         - 超級だおー電影弾
             You will learn how to Recoil Guard fast projectile from this.
       After this you should train to recoil guard attack which you usually
     trapped with.

     Time able to recoil guard
        You able to recoil guard after you attack and have freeze time and
     when you are not attack but unable to recoil guard when you still
     attacking and not release weapon back.

     Recoil Guard Counter attack
        After you recoil guard sucessfully you can counter attack with any
     command or regular attack include throw command just enter command
     complete when sound of recoil guard stop. So this is deadly for throwing
     character which able to throw around 80 percent.
        Also this is useful for counter multiple hit projectile which some
     opponent like to use to sap HP when guarding. Some command like Truely
     of Maiden Fist could counter that.
        Nice example of this system is thing which AI do with Ayu. That`s why
     novice player usually said Ayu is so cheap with her counter. But after
     you know system well thing Ayu do is not serious thing anymore.

     Recoil Counter
        After your attack got recoil guarded you still able to recoil guard
     back just tap back in correct timing with opponent attack. Then you able
     to counter back and opponent able to recoil counter back and so on.
        So these are way to prevent opponent to recoil counter back.
        - Use throw command if available.
        - Not counter immidieatly but wait a bit then attack to ruin their

   5.2 Way to fight against Recoil Armor
       When you fight against Nanase you may have hard time with her Recoil
     Armor if she used well Especially when she eaten Kimuchi ramen. Hey
     there still have other way rather than escape away. which are.
       - Throwing
       - Some of crouch attack(normal)
       - Past Mai`s attack
       - Makoto 2nd heavy attack
       - Multiple hit projectile like Magical Agent.
       For current update when Nanase eaten Kimuchi ramen she can`t guard so
     that's prime time to throw any projectile to her.

6. Trouble Shooting

  - I config.exe to config game but it say to reinstall game from cd and
    refuse to allow me to config.

      Clear read only attribute from key.ini in game directory. Game installer
    did not clear this attribute.

  - I try to update game to v 1.10 by patchsetup.exe but it says file copy

      That caused by in your update directory may missing some files which
    usually マニュアル.htm that your OS may unable to read or write this file.
      You have to copy files from EFZ directory to your game directory
    manually then you need to ask people who have Japanese support os for all
    character .dat file since patchsetup.exe is append data from XXX_sabun.dat
    to character.dat data too.

  - Stage on young Mizuka doesn't have any music

      That caused by patchsetup.exe in version 1.10 fault that it will not
    copy music in that stage from that stage to game directory. You have to
    copy it by yourself. In patch version 1.20 this bug is fixed.

  - When game start there have some error massage and game quit back to
    character select menu.

    - Did your system have enough resource to run?
        For Windows 98 this game need lot of resource to run which is about
      75% or more. Try to terminate all non necessary program then try again.
    - Did you update game correctly
        When this game updating installer did not just copy files from dat
      directory to game directory but append xxx_sabun.dat to .dat files in
      character directory too. If these have some error occur before installer 
      could finished these files may still not appended. Then when game loding
      and ended up without get needed data and show that error massage.
  - When run game game said can't initialize to xxx x xxx resolution

    - Use 640x480 resolution instead.
    - For Matrox G450 card make sure you not use monitor that attach to
      secondary connecter on card as primary monitor because game can't
      able to switch to full screen.

  - How to run this game smoothly on system that have ram below 64 MB.

      If game have a lot of slowdown especially when you did instant charge.
    Try to do that again if you heard a lot of harddisk activity sound while
    these effect that is mean your system not have enough memory for this
    game. These are ways I found to solved this problem.
      - Use windows 95 if possible
          Windows 98 waste 5 mb of ram with Internet Explorer. Windows 2000
       used 46 MB for kernel and there are 16 MB which can`t page to
       swapfile at all.
      - Try to remove all not necessary program from your system memory.
          Almost utility for windows take 2 mb or more to run. Run
        msconfig.exe and remove all program that did not appear after
        clean install windows. Especially which is in windows directory because
        here is place where trojan and spyware usually hide. Ie.
        maintrickler.exe,"Timesink AD gateway monitor" btw because that is
        not need for your system at all except you agreed with EULA and know
        what they doing with your privacy. Also some virus scan software and
        other utility you used. Disable them a while is not critical I think.
      - For on board graphic chip try to set shared memory at least as
          Go to bios setup menu and set to at least as possible. 2 MB is 
        usually enough for most case in 2D.
      - If you have memory compression program like Magnaram or Softram 95 
        then use that.
          These program try to compress memory to make more memory available
        to system. For gaming there compress about 20-50% so this help a lot.
        If you didn't have ask for who use pc from 486 usually have that.
      - Try to down sample game music
          Because this game load whole music to memory before playing that.
        This game use 16 bit 22 khz which size is about 4 to 12 MB. So we
        could reduce memory usage by down sample game music or even disable
          You can down sample wave file with windows sound recorder however
        to down sample lot of files like this I recommend to get program that
        allow you to convert multiple files with once command like EZ cd
        extracter instead.
          Drawback is music looping will restart when end of file instead
        because programmer is delicate enough to check music if that is
        modified then disable looping with designed time.

    General setting for me.

    48 MB of ram, ram compression enabled
      - Windows 98 Japanese Edition Second Edition

    48 MB of ram, ram compression disabled
      - Windows 98 Japanese Edition Second Edition
      - 8 bit 22khz stereo music

    32 MB of ram, ram compression enabled 
      - Windows 98 Japanese Edition Second Edition
      - 8 bit 22khz monoral music

  - When I play replay file there seem have a lot of strange moving.
      You probably play replay file on wrong version of your games. you have
    to kept game version 1.11,2.05 and 2.06 to play these replay file. For
    version 1.20 there seem nothing changed until version 2.06 so I assume
    with some test that you can play replay version 1.20 with game version
    2.05 without problem.
      How to know which version they used to make replay? If placed you
    downloaded did not told you you can guess by file date. Player shouldn't
    play out of date version of game I think.

    Game release date.

    V 1.00 2001/12/23 20:44
    V 1.03 2002/01/02 02:42
    V 1.10 2002/02/24 13:47
    V 1.11 2002/03/01 06:23
    V 1.20 N/A
    V 2.00 2002/08/06 19:32
    V 2.01 2002/08/23 00:45
    V 2.03 2002/09/22 08:24
    V 2.04 2002/09/28 00:22
    V 2.05 2002/11/02 00:31
    V 2.06 2003/03/03 03:15
    V 2.10 2003/04/19 23:12
    V 2.11 2003/04/22 21:41
    V 2.12 2003/04/27 13:27
    V 2.13 2003/07/05 14:43
    V 3.01 2003/08/17 13:01 


   - What number in character in Bad Moon Edition mean? (Moon Spoiler)
       Note: This information I got from other and did not confrimed.
       That is sort by Moon story line which is room number in that buliding.
     C room is for general people while A room for who is like god. And people
     And people that lived in C room....... (We should better not said about

8. Link

   Twilight Frontier Hp
       You can get demo and update of this game from here.
       You can find lot of replay for EFZ here but the whole site is in 

9. Reference

   Manual that come with game
     for command list.
   Game Airfli
     for character name in Air.
   (MAD)[Shingei Factory International]Dearest ~for the another ONE~ 2nd
     for character name in One.
     for additional command list.
     for some Japanese name and additional command list of Sayuri.
     for info about Magical Blade Move usage and Kano's 白穂の記憶 command.

10.Contact me
      There have many way to contact me for some question and suggestion are
    E-mail      at
    Webboard    in I check webboard there about once a week.
    My Homepage at

11.Special Thank

   Everyone who writing homepage that I use for reference.
   Ayu Kusanaki   for notified me about Sayuri's Magical Blade move.
   B.Raver        for some of Japanese knowledge and game story information.
   Buggiefan      for mention that I mispelled cough from crouch.
   Billy The Kids for let me lend his computer to write this FAQ.
   Professor      for English meaning of nikuman.
   Fdm            for mention about wrong command list for misao and character
   Karamasa       for help me about meaning of keropii and some move 
   Master Asia    for help me to translated some of command list.
   Mouchaso       for kanna patch.
   Muratasan      for info to use Sayuri's Magical Blade move and told me that
                  Nanase's Maiden Fang Protruding can cancel to Maiden Sakata.
   Robot Master   for told me that corrrect reading of Sayuri command is
                  Magical Agent not Exchange.
   Thanit         for mention about mistake in Kano command list.
   Tkhm           for told about control ability of lightning bolt.
   Tokimeki       for help me translate command.
   Whip Lover     for additional command list of Akane.
   You            for reading it.

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