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Fancia Faq
Author: Gastalt
Updated: 2000-12-04

Fancia Help/Faq

Aic Spirits/ Gensho 1999
Genre: SLG (Simulated Life Game)
Windows 95/98, Directx, 256 Colors or Higher,
mouse, soundcard.

About the game: Fancia is a cute cat-girl that I believe from the description in the art book; came from the moon. She is brought to your doorstep as a gift. From then on it is your responsiblility to raise her.

Problems: Here are a few that may occur when you
play Fancia.
Error Messsage at start: Has a Japanese message with 16 in it!
Solve: Please Change the Color Settings to 16-bit High Color. (The game WILL work on other color will just get that nag error all the time)

CG gallery duplicate pic: There may be a duplicate pic in one CG gallery, that is a different event but shows the pic from the last page.
Solve: Use the Update Patch from the AIC webpage.

Game Will no longer run: After Closing the game
sometimes the save modules get stuck open.

Solve: Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and close Afig or Bfig sometimes both. Then open Fancia.exe

On to the FaQ!!!

Money: Important eh? :) sure it is
you start off the game with (Im not sure about the Yen)
but I think its $200 ^^;;;
This lets you buy her food items and toys.
The only way you can get more money for your pet is through

Events: Heehehe Ah hah next!!!
There are 5 events you can choose from to get cash and Prizes!
Good Landing: A game that looks like one of those
crane machines in the arcade, ^_^;; You have to drop your kitty on the target all three times to win. If you drop her on it atleast twice you can still win money, but not the maximum amount.

Chase around: This event is a maze like map where you have the cat find a toy mouse in the maze and make it to the end before time is up. Its nice because you can place the mouse anywhere on the map that you wish. (but if your kitty lacks intelligence she will stray away from the end and take detours)Awards are Cash, scratching posts or food.

Acustics Training: For people who love music and want to hear their cat-girl sing; in this event you can pic the notes that she will sing (Like Do-Re-Me...) This is way cute cause she does the scales in "Meows" You can win a Gold Bell, Cash or a Ribbion for this event. Its fun thought its hard to get 100% correct.

Work of Art: This is a cute little event in which your cat can draw various types of pictures(depending on her abilities) You can choose from Easiest to most Difficult.Though most of the pics are 1st grade level like a star, boat,
or triangle. At the completion of the pic she gets a Letter grade, A, B, C, D, or E. A-C you may be rewarded with a small amount of Cash. D-E of course..nothing.

Dress-Up: I really like this event!!!
You can take kitty to a Fashion show! One of the cutest to watch but a very hard event to win. You start out with one dress to take her in. If shes shy she will look sad or uncomfortable..the judges dont like this. If out-going she will meow and kick feet and wave to the judges! Its so cute!! If you get lucky and win the event she is rewarded with new clothing!! Also If the cat is in the dress and it is taken off suddenly, this means shes too dirty ^_^;;; and will do the fashion show in the buff!!!

Opening Screen:

First Option: Start New Game: Like it says ^^ starts a new game. **Warning!! If you start a new game and the splash screen with the kitty and Sakura blossoms show up, you have to start the game over from the begining.** Dont do this unless you are sure you want to play a new game, otherwise load your saved game.

Second Option: Load Game: This game will remember the day you last played and resume, but it will only resume that day if you never finsihed it (Ie;she never goes to sleep and you don't see the splash-screen sleep pic) If it did you will start the next day when you load.

Third Option: Omake Mode: This will display all of the possible events in 6 Galleries, but you will only see the picture in Color and in full size if you get that event. Some events will happen automaticly.

Game Commands:

The game has Various choices of things you can do for your cat.

The charts:

Chart 1: On the Left Side of the Screen displays the date, month, what time of day it is and how much money you have. These charts are moveable for your convinence.

Chart 2: Contains the activities, they are listed here:
Food:There are 7 different types of food to choose from. The numbers under each item represent the amount.( Of course for things like Petting does not have an amount ^^)

Communicate: There are 6 ways to communicate with your cat:
Petting:This raises her affection.

Speaking:The exclamation mark is used to represent you speaking to the cat. The more you talk to her the smarter she will become.

Tickling:This is a very cute option ^^
It can be used to lower her stress.

Cat-Toy:This a fuzzy Cat-tail toy, it will make her happy and frisky ^^.

Abuse:The option to hit your cat, not a very good idea..because it raises her stress to almost maximum.
And anyway its just not nice to hit. ^_^;; (But in order to get all endings one must suffer a bit a times)

Pick-Up:This makes you pic up your cat and move her from place-to-place..Its not like abuse even though it will give her a little stress, it makes her more agile. Most times she will land on her butt..If you keep at it soon she will land on her feet 99% of the time.

Door: The little brown door, when pressed will send kitty outside into the garden. Only some events can be preformed outside. After you have one more 1hr left on the time chart she will automaticlly go back into the house.

Sleeping Kitty Icon: This to make your cat go to bed early, I only recommend this if she is yawning.

System: This Contains the config as well as the exit function.
1st Choice: Off/On Midi
2nd Choice Off/On Sound
3rd Exit
4th Cancel

Hair Brush: This is the grooming section,
Fancia-Lovers beware..this is one of the sections that will upset the poor kitty if used too often.

Shampoo: This option will let you give kitty a bath. Depending on her mood she will either be pleased or displeased with the bathing. ^_^;;;

Brush: This lets you brush her hair too raise her appeal. **Tip: When brushing her outside she makes less fuss**!

Spray: I'm not sure but I think its flea spray..either way she hates it.

Scratching Post: This is to help her get stronger...and I guess stop her from clawing the Couch ^_^;;

Medical Dropper: Ive never had to use this section. These are vitamins and stuff to give her when she gets sick. (If anyone gets this event let me know!)

Clothing Hanger: This is kinda an omake for the different dresses she can win. It lets you preview the clothing on her. (This option has no affect on her stats, but it does take an hr. of your day)

Shop: Basiclly this is the pet store where you can buy items that are running out. There is also a fish food you can buy for her when she gets older ^_^.


Other stuff people may want to know:
The game lasts from April to Dec.
This game has Voice acting
There are a few risque pics but nothing too bad.
Theres a nice vocal closing song at the end of the game!
After each month a question regarding the contests will show up: To participate pick top word, to not go, bottom.
For some unknown reason, you cannot take fancia outside when she gets older.

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