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Waru Gaiden
Author: Ayanabi
Updated: 2000-04-20

Studio H-SHOCK

Brings you

Waru Gaiden

~Stradegy Manual~

áAcutual Game Pic (H-Mode)
#1 This window tells you HOW MANY command do you have before the next station. command uses abit of time. Certain characters that you encoutner have different Stations that they get on and off Get use to their schedule so you know when will they get on and off then plan your attack. Girls can't run off in the middle of non-stopped train.
#2-#4 This grids tells you how are the girls doing. #2 tells you their Defence against the embarasement. The the better. More bars will bring you more actions. #3 is a reflection of wetness. You will get special scenes when you reach different levels of the bar. After you achieve top bar you will then be kicked to sex on the train. #4 grid tells you their fear. Never let that bar get full cause upon filling the girl will either slap you or run off in the next stop.
#5-#7 This 3 windows tell you position where you can perform your actions. Its also a status of shows what shes wearing at the current point
#8 this is the command strings that are allowed to be used. From Left to right they are

See, Touch, Grab, nibble, Finger, GEKIGAN!@!!!(Make Love), Breath, Undress

Tips Box After that you have spotted your pray getting on the train. First look at her once, then touch her butt for 2 times. Immediately grab her butt 2 times. With 1 command left grab her breast. Next round Her Wetness bar should be around 30% full now. Nibble her breast 2 times. 50% wetness bar. Undress her skirt/pants. Finger her P$%^#. Until 80% wetness bar. Undress her full finger her till 90% wetness. Then make love to her. (THIS WORKS MOST OF TIME NOT EVERY TIME SO DON'T COMPLAIN IF IT DIDN'T WORK WITH YOU!)
á *NOTE* Don't do this in Japan! You will get caught and taken to jail where you will be sexually abused by Yakuza and people likes that.

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