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Mad Paradox
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-19

This is a walkthrough and photoshop patch file for the "Mad 
Paradox" (PARADOX) adult anime game from Queen Soft. The original 
version is in Japanese, but "Samurai Anime" is selling an English 
version on CD-ROM.
I found a French walkthrough for the game, but I can't tell if 
the game is also in French, since it uses the same names for 
everything including "Wise One" instead of something like "Vieux 
Conseilleur". I included some information from that walkthrough, 
but my French isn't the best, and the altavista translator is 
almost as bad... The French file is no longer in the place I 
originally found it, but it wasn't that much help.
Because I had to replace my copy of Mad Paradox, I think I found 
out the hard way why there was a French walkthrough: Samurai 
Anime released the English game in French packaging! The front 
and back covers were in French, so was the instructions folder. 
But the game was still in English!

The Japanese version of the game is distributed as three ARJ 
files. The English version is sold on a CD-ROM, but it's only 
about 5.5 MB. It's almost the same size when installed, possibly 
a little larger for up to 10 save game files and a 64K 
PARADOX.DEF file (more on that later). I usually encourage people 
who can't read Japanese, but can read English, to support 
companies that translate Japanese games to English, but in this 
case only a minimal job of translation was done. I'm rather 
disappointed, but the game is playable, and maybe Samurai Anime 
will do better next time.

Li Sun said: A guy went out to get revenge on the warlock that 
killed his father. With him is a girl in the same situation. In 
between quests and fighting, he has some fun with the free/paid 
girls that cheers him on.

Samurai Anime says:

Run the PARADOX.EXE file (Japanese version) or START.BAT (English 
version) to play the game. The Japanese version can be put 
anywhere, but the English version installs itself (with 

You don't need DOS/V, DOSJ, or any EMS to play the game. Sound 
and music support is automatic. Graphics are 640*480 16-color 
VGA. Keyboard and mouse supported. Use the space bar or  
key to speed up text display, sometimes a mouse click works too. 
There is also a system option to change message display speed, in 
my case (Windows 95 on Cyrix 6x86 P166+) it actually displayed 
fastest at the "slow" setting.

Music messed up in Japanese version - sounds like it's going at 
warp speed, probably W95 & my SB 32 PnP acting up again. This has 
happened to me in several other DOS-based games that use PMDIBM, 
but not all of them. Try it in MS-DOS mode (system reboots to 
DOS), or shut off your speakers if this bothers you. Music works 
correctly for me in the English version, but "suggest MS-DOS 
mode" is the only way to get a W95 shortcut to work, and you get 
that annoying dialogue box each time it starts.

The PARADOX.DEF file controls the photoshop. If the first byte is 
$00, then the photoshop menu option appears (4th one down from 
top of main menu). The value at the start of the game is $FF. I'm 
not sure if all of the possible pictures are displayed by default 
in the photoshop, but it looks that way.

After you see the happy ending once (kill Gorgus), then the 
PARADOX.DEF file suddenly jumps up to 64K in size, rather than 
180 bytes. It appears that the first byte and maybe the size are 
the only significant things about the PARADOX.DEF file. I've 
tried with 64K of zeroes, and the photoshop still works. However, 
you can't load saved games anymore...

I'm convinced there has to be more to the photoshop, because of 
the pictures I've seen on the site which 
come from this game. 
Either the photoshop shows only a few of the H pictures in the 
game, or the default pictures are only some of them. But if you 
save games where I tell you to in the walkthrough (coming up), 
you can easily jump to all the "naughty bits" left out of the 

How to play, based on the English version documentation:
Main menu options are (top to bottom): Show Introduction, New 
Game, Load Saved Game, Music Jukebox, Photoshop, Exit Game.

The Introduction/Opening is nice graphics, but the text is in 
Japanese, even in the English version. When it's done, it puts 
you at the same place as if you had selected "New Game."

There are 3 possible characters to play with during the game: 
Mash, Elle, and Fugg. Mash is the male main character, and is in 
the whole game. Elle is a female character who shows up in the 
second town, and is around at the end of the game too, but she 
leaves for a short while. Fugg is another male character who 
shows up in Fireopolis, but he isn't around at the end of the 

In combat, your character(s) have 4 options (top to bottom): 
Attack, Magic, Items, Flee. Only "Healing" items can be used in 
combat. Left-click or  to do something, right-click or 
 to cancel, but some actions won't cancel!

Acquire spells by gaining levels. Mash gains fewer spells than 
Elle. Fugg has only 1 spell (when he's around).

You must find certain special items during play, and redeem them 
to get others or through barriers. The usual... Blue-colored 
items are used automatically by the story. Blue-colored equipment 
can't be used by that character, try another. Blue-colored spells 
can only be used in combat. A red-colored spell means that 
character doesn't have enough MP to cast it.
Note that even though you are supposed to be using special items 
to do things, they never disappear from inventory. Just move 
through the story, and don't worry about having to use things - 
either you have it or you don't.

Access information or system options by pressing  or a 
right-click at any time except during combat. Status information 
is available for characters, items, and spells. System options 
include Save, Load, and Exit. Right-click or press  to back 
out. There are 10 save game slots available, but no information 
goes along with these so you just have to remember the numbers. 
The only way to get to the main menu while playing is to exit the 
game and start again.

Mash starts out alone. When other characters join him, their 
statistics appear with Mash's on the left side of the screen. 
Mash walks around the large area on the right side of the screen, 
which scrolls as he nears an edge. If Mash meets or is run into 
by a monster (white ball thing), combat mode begins. When Mash 
talks to a person, either by running into them, or walking up to 
a counter which they are behind, messages appear in the lower 
right part of the screen. The English on some of these needs a 
lot of work.
Regain hits (HP) by casting a Healing spell, using a Healing 
item, or "resting" at a designated rest place or an inn. Regain 
magic points (MP) only by "resting".

To walk around, move and click the mouse or (my preference) use 
the arrow keys. Walk off the edge of a map to go elsewhere. I 
never found any hidden items, but I suggest you try talking to 
everybody, although most people act like you aren't there, and 
the few walking around don't have much useful to say.

Have Mash go through the starting town (Dorah). See old man Samos
before you go too far. Your goal is to go get the Long Sword from 
the Castle. The place where Mash says "Let's call it a day" is 
the place to go rest in the starting town. It's a house with 
something black near the stone.
To go to the Castle, take the door in the wall that's the 
furthest to the west (just next to the house with the young 
girl). The Long Sword you are looking for is in the NE corner of 
the second level of the Castle maze. After you get the Long 
Sword, have Mash equip it (it's 5 better than his starting 
Before you go to visit that green-haired girl in the NW corner of 
the starting town, once you have the Long Sword, SAVE THE GAME. 
You will see 3 sexy pictures, but only one of them is in the 
Go back and see Samos. Time to leave this town.

Now send Mash across the NE bridge through the Valley of Death. 
When you get through to the (second) town (Garah) on the other 
side, SAVE THE GAME before you talk to the girl in the alcove on 
the north side. You get a scrolling sexy picture the first time, 
and two more if you talk to her again, and all 3 repeat if you 
try a third time or more. You can't go back to the starting town 
once you get to Garah, unless you count the endgame.

There is a shop and an Inn in Garah. Buy the best stuff you can 
afford when you enter a new town. More expensive is better in 
this game, e.g. Leather Mail is better than Bronze Armor because 
it costs more. While you can buy as many as you can afford of any 
weapon, armor, or shield, there is no point to having more than 1 
of something yet. The limit on a miscellaneous item, like 
"Healing1", is 20.

Talk to Rene, Elle's mom, through the left door in the same 
building as the shop in Garah. Talk to the Blacksmith, then one 
of the people outside will mention both the Blacksmith and 
Bartender. Go back to the bar, and into the hole behind the 
counter. Looks like the Bartender is gone for good. There are no 
monsters in this small maze. Go through the blue blocks. At the 
end, SAVE THE GAME before you talk to the girl Mary. She gives 
you a key and the game shows 3 sexy pictures, but all of them are 
in the photoshop this time.

Go back to Lizza, the girl in the N alcove, and you automatically 
make her disappear from the map (she shows up again at Miller's), 
and the barrier preventing you from leaving town to the West 
disappears. There was one picture I liked, which again isn't in 
the photoshop, so I SAVED THE GAME here as well, before talking 
to Lizza.

Fight your way W through zombies to the NW - the entry to 
Miller's house where Lizza and Grandma are. You'll have to make 
several trips back and forth between the town and here, talking 
to people. Eventually you get the Statue from Grandma, then the 
Mirror from the Merchant, go back to Lizza. Miller orders Lizza 
to show you her mark - guess where she got branded? You'll use 
the Mirror to capture an image of that symbol, now go to the 
Blacksmith. To get the Emblem, go to Elle's house - she's there 
now, then back to the Blacksmith.

Now go to the two guards at the NW exit, and SAVE THE GAME before 
you talk to them. There's a nice scrolling picture of Elle, and 
she joins Mash. In my case, Elle was level 8 but Mash was at 12, 
so I beat up zombies for a while before going further with the 
story. You should also get Elle the best equipment, which means 
another Bronze Shield for now.

Start exploring the hallways past the two guards. You will find 
blue boxes with an Iron Sword and Tower Shield. The castle is a 
maze with 2 levels - the monsters on the second level are worse 
than those on the first. Eventually, you get through to an orange 
hallway with the Bartender and Gidd. You fight Gidd after some 
talk that mentions Gorgus. After that, go through the opening in 
the upper right to appear in another town.

This town is apparently named "Krapp"! Again, you can't go back 
now that you're in this town.

Buy better equipment, especially for Mash. Talk to the blonde 
girl Lita at the bar, then Gelt, then Lita again. When you 
do, Elle leaves so Mash can enter the cave in the Lita/Geiko 
building alone.

The English version documentation encourages you to stay at inns, 
promising "you can always count on a massage at one of the local 
inns" and "where you rejuvenate your wounds with the girls". This 
only happens at the Krapp Inn (the one with 3 doors at top of 
screen), when Mash is without Elle. Then, you get a choice of 3 
rooms to stay in when Mash is alone. SAVE THE GAME before you pay 
for a room. Each girl has a nice scrolling picture before the 
ones that are in the photoshop. Even the priest wants you to go 
to the girls!

After you get the Plaque from the "cave" through Geiko's, talk to 
Lita again, and you can then go past the left guard to Aquapolis. 
That town has two sections, the first is "safe", with an Inn (30 
gold, no girls) and a store (more goodies! expensive too!). The 
next one west is "unsafe", but you need to go in there to get to 
the "Wise One" on the south side, and the waterfall on the north 
side. SAVE THE GAME before you go to the 2 girls, because there 
is a scrolling picture not in the photoshop. Elle then rejoins 
you. No, I don't know what the "Charm" does, its probably just a 
flag item, since it definitely doesn't do anything about 
"ghouls" bothering you. The French walkthrough complained about 
"visual bugs" in this area, so if you start seeing "static" or 
other obviously wrong things on the screen, SAVE GAME or you may 
lose all your progress unexpectedly if the game crashes!

BUG: There is a small bug when you exit the "cave" where you find 
the Plaque. If there are 2 or 3 in the party, you always get the 
same message from Geiko, and Lita isn't there. Exit the building 
by the south and re-enter to fix it.

If you go back to the Krapp Inn (with the 3 rooms), you pay 30 
and get to see some pictures of Elle. This seems repeatable. I'd 
SAVE THE GAME before one of these so you can get back to it. 
After talking to Gelt and Geiko again, go through the right 
opening on the north side to Fireopolis, a town with even more 
expensive equipment for sale!

Go to Seila's Bar and talk to her, then to a house on the west 
side to see (SAVE THE GAME first) Sherry (you never learned how 
to knock before entering?) and eventually get Fugg in the party. 
Fugg is level 18, and only knows the Healing1 spell. He's nice to 
have along, but Fugg will leave later, and won't be around for 
the end of the game.

Now go through the north exit, and enter each of the 3 buildings 
when you can (notice the monsters guarding the girls?). SAVE THE 
GAME when you enter the third building, because there is a 
scrolling shot of demons licking Lora which isn't in the 
photoshop. After you kill the guard monster, you get two more 
shots of Lora that aren't in the photoshop either. When you 
return to Fireopolis, Lora is standing next to Sherry. Fugg stays 
with you for now.

By the way, if you've been saving the game when I said to, you've 
just run out of slots! The way to get more is to create a 
subdirectory of C:QUEEN, like SAVES1, and copy the SAVE00??.DAT 
files into it. Then you can re-use the 10 saved game slots. 
You'll only need to do this once, since you are actually quite 
near the end of the game, at least in terms of sexy pictures.

Although one of the 3 rescued girls says something about 
invisible walls or secret doors, the only thing I was able to 
find on the way to Geir was a few locations where you could walk 
"behind" a floor tile. Work your way through the caves and 
bridges to Geir, kill him/it. Walk back out, and you will lose 
Fugg when you talk to Seila at her bar.

Unfortunately, you have to lose Fugg before the "Wise One" back 
in "bad" Aquapolis will talk to you again. You will find the 
second crystal at the dock on the west side of "bad" Aquapolis; 
it wasn't there before. Talk to the Wise One again, then go to 
the waterfall on the north side. Elle calls her friend. She says 
she's a water elemental, and opens a passage so the waterfall 
becomes a gate. Now you can go through the waterfall to "Heaven."

You will find two buildings with girls inside. SAVE THE GAME 
before you get close to each of the 2. Each one has a scrolling 
picture that isn't in the photoshop. There is a town here with 
more expensive stuff in the store, an Inn for 10. Once you've 
freed both girls, you can enter the dungeon to look for Goses. 
You'll find the Magic Mail and Saint Armor in boxes in the 
dungeon, and eventually you kill Goses.

Make your way back to the Wise One, and then check with the 
Priest in the Church in Krapp. Go to the north-west corner of 
"good" Aquapolis, then back to the Priest, and finally to that 
corner again. Now you can trudge through 3 screens of encounters 
with nasties to finally meet Gorgus! Or maybe not... 
Back off and fight your way out. 

You may have to go see the priest again...
Geiko and Lita aren't much help, but talk to them anyway. Try 
Fugg (at Seila's Bar), and then the Wise One again. Back to 
Geiko, and find out that Lita's gone.
There may be a bug here: Lita may be there before you talk to 
some of the people listed above, then she's gone. But if you 
come back after visiting a maze, she may be back again! 
Anyway, go to that strange hill area west of Krapp, which was 
mentioned a very long time ago as a place where lightning 
strikes. SAVE THE GAME before getting close to Lita at the top 
of the hill. This picture is in the photoshop. You get the Saint 
Sword; don't forget to equip it!

Now you go back in after Gorgus again. SAVE THE GAME before 
walking up to fight Gorgus, because he is very tough, plus the 
endgame runs right after you win, with no opportunity to save. My 
suggestion for combat with Gorgus is that Mash keep swinging, 
while Elle heals whoever just got hit, using Healing3 items while 
they last (you did remember to stock up, didn't you?).

You see a bunch of pictures in the endgame which would have been 
nice to put in the photoshop. Oh well...

The maximum level of the characters is 40, with "preset" values 
for character statistics at each level. There is a possible bug 
with the 40th level, because experience wraps around above 65000 
and starts over again from 0. I didn't try wrapping around a 
second time to see if that's the way to get 999 HP, which I saw 
in a saved game distributed with the Japanese version. Doesn't 
matter... You don't need 999 HP to win the game, 500 is enough if 
you keep throwing Healing3.

Because there is no random component to character statistics, or 
what is found in "treasure boxes", you are encouraged to beat up 
monsters to excess. 
There is no time limit either. The damage that monsters do in 
combat depends on character statistics and equipment, so you can 
have characters take 60 or so damage each hit when they first 
encounter some monster, and only 1 when the overall DEFENCE value 
is high enough. So, boring as it seems, get used to beating up 
"easy" monsters (which only do 1 damage at most per hit) to get 
more money to buy the best equipment for the characters, and take 
time out to rest up in an Inn to restore full HP and MP. If a 
character dies when there are 2 or 3 in the party, then the party 
can't move until the dead (at 0 HP) character is healed above 0. 
If Mash dies while alone, the game menu items change, and you 
basically have the choice of loading a saved game or exit.

The number of hits (damage done) it takes to kill a monster 
depends solely on the monster type. After a while, you may figure 
out exactly what that value is for a type. I didn't bother 
putting that information in here, because the important thing is 
to get powerful enough to be able to kill a monster with a single 
attack. When you can't do this, I suggest using the "Hellfire" or 
"Dragon" spells to soften up large groups, or the other spells 
for individual monsters. The bosses aren't that tough, just keep 
plugging away and use magic or healing items. Note that monster 
attacks can sometimes be dodged, but character attacks always do 

In the following equipment and spell tables, "who" may contain 
"M" for Mash, "E" for Elle, "F" for "Fugg", or "-" if the 
character can't use that one, or "?" in the case of Fugg when he 
isn't around any more. Names of towns are used to indicate that 
the item is for sale in the store there.

-name-   -cost-  -effect-     -where-
Healing1    20   heal 50 HP   Garah, Krapp, Aquapolis
Healing2    80   heal 150 HP  Aquapolis, Fireopolis, Heaven
Healing3   140   heal 300 HP  Heaven

WEAPON (bonus to ATTACK)
-name-       -bonus-  -who-  -cost-  -where-
Small Sword      0     MEF        -  Mash at game start
Long Sword       5     MEF        -  box in Castle
Broad Sword     10     M-F      300  Garah
Iron Sword      15     M-F        -  box in Gidd's Fort
Buster Sword    25     M-F      900  Krapp
Star Sword      40     M-F     1200  Krapp
Pegasus Sword   55     MEF     2000  Aquapolis
Kaiser Sword    75     M-F     3000  Fireopolis
Gradius         90     M-?     5000  Heaven
Stone Mace       8     -E-        -  Elle starts with
Msgic Staff                 ? in database, but not a real item ?
Iron Mace       35     -E-     1000  Aquapolis
Devil Staff     73     -E-     2400  Fireopolis
Saint Sword    945     M-?        -  Lita at top of hill

ARMOR (bonus to DEFENCE)
-name-       -bonus-  -who-  -cost-  -where-
Ring Mail        0     MEF        -  Mash at game start
Bronze Armor     6     MEF      250  Garah, Elle starts with
Leather Mail    13     M-F      500  Garah
Chain Mail      18     ME-     1000  Krapp
Iron Mail       23     MEF     2300  Krapp
Silver Armor    31     M-F     3000  Aquapolis, Fugg starts with
Kaiser Mail     37     M-F     5000  Aquapolis
Devil Armor     43     -E-     7000  Fireopolis
Diamond Armor   50     M-F     9000  Fireopolis
Buster Mail     58     M-F    13000  Fireopolis
Dragon Mail     63     ME?    15000  Heaven
Great Mail      70     M-?    18000  Heaven
Magic Mail      76     -E?        -  box in Gose's dungeon
Saint Armor     88     M-?        -  box in Gose's dungeon

-name-       -bonus-  -who-  -cost-  -where-
Knight Shield     0    MEF        -  Mash & Elle start with
Bronze Shield     3    MEF      240  Garah
Tower Shield      9    M-F        -  box in Gidd's Fort
Silver Shield    12    M-F      800  Krapp
Life Shield      16    MEF     1000  Krapp
Devil Shield     23    -E-     1400  Aquapolis
Diamond Shield   27    M-F     2000  Aquapolis
Apollon Shield   31    MEF     3000  Fireopolis
Battle Shield    35    M-F     4500  Fireopolis
Magic Shield     39    -E-     6800  Fireopolis
Brave Shield     47    M-?     9000  Heaven
Cross Shield     51    M-?    14000  Heaven
Crystal Shield   56    -E?    18000  Heaven
Saint Shield                ? in database, but not a real item ?

-name-    -MP-  -who@level-     -effect-

Healing1    5   M@3, E+F@start  heal 50 HP
Healing2   14   M+E@14          heal 150 HP
Healing3   28   E@30            heal 300 HP

Fire        2   M@6, E@start    damage 1 enemy
Thunder     4   M@8, E@start    damage 1 enemy
Hellfire    6   E@11            damage all enemies
Poison      8   E@16            "Cobra poison to spit in the eye 
                                 of one very bad guy"
Ice         9   M+E@19          damage 1 enemy
Wave       11   M+E=23          damage 1 enemy
Gale       15   E=26            damage 1 enemy
Bird       20   E=29            damage 1 enemy
Dragon     23   M+E=33          damage all enemies

The *.TLK files in the English version contain the game's story 
and message text, the PARADOX.EXE file contains some text as 
well. If somebody picks up where "Samurai Anime" left off, and 
fixes some of the errors here, let me know. I don't want to 
bother... Overall, this game should have been released before 
Cobra Mission, and the care taken with the translation shows it.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
other adult anime games, let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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