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IMEK: The USER32.DLL Obstacle
Author: Lamuness
Updated: 1999-12-17

As you all know, there are a lot of games for Japanese Windows95, and a many of which are designed SOLELY for Japanese Windows95. This means that certain games may not run at all in English or any non-Japanese Windows95. Why? These games often uses program file which only exist exclusively in Japanese Windows95. If you run these games under say English Windows95, you will get an error message and it won't run at all. The most common error message people get is the infamous "USER32.DLL" error message.

There are of course ways to get around this problem. The most effective method is to install Japanese Windows95 itself. However, it will be a big problem for a lot of people because of co-existence of multiple Window95s, partitioning HDs, or even having problems trying to understand what SETUP is trying to say while installing Japanese Windows95.

But what if you really wanna play those Japanese games, or at least get them to run? A brillant Japanese called Kirilov made a patch program called IMEK which edits the executable file of the game in a way so that the game will not search for this USER32.DLL file and lets the game to continue to run, thus skipping the error message.

Personally I own Japanese Windows95, so I don't need this IMEK program (nor have tested it). However, in my opinion, I would discourage using this program not because or piracy issues. Why? Because I have heard a lot of drawbacks of this patch. Although the game runs, you cannot view the fonts even if you have NJSTAR or UNIONWAY. Also, sometimes the game crashes more frequently than normal (ie as supposed to running it in Japanese Windows95) and sometimes you can't save at all. You'd be the judge.

But if you are that desperate, you can get it here.

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