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Libido 7 Impact
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-19

This is a hint/walkthrough file for the Windows adult anime game
"Libido 7 Impact" (L7IMPACT, L7I), distributed in ZIP or RAR 
format, total 8.3 Mb compressed and 39.1 uncompressed. Unknown 
author, probably Libido Production. I have a CG patch (not quite a 
saved game) and the following information from Edsa.

Edsa said: This game doesnt't have ANY gameplay! This is just 
scenario where you choose 2 out of 7 girls to act in any 
combination! The story is quite amusing... if you know Japanese 
that is (which I don't). This game is rare... grab it when you 
see it!

This game is basically a sequel to "Libido 7" where you can 
pick which girls to match. Edsa is slightly wrong! It's 8 girls, 
not 7! But because it doesn't matter which order you pair the 
girls, the total number of combinations is 28: 7+6+5+4+3+2+1 or 
8*7/2. For all that disk space, all you're getting is a bunch of 
slightly animated graphics in the OMAKE. (By the way, it really 
is in all capital letters in the game.)

Win/V, but works in "American" Windows 95 if you don't need to 
read Japanese.
Game requires NJWIN or equivalent to display Japanese characters, 
and a mouse. Uses 640*480 graphics (my graphics drivers only go 
down to 256 colors, and the game looks the same as 16- or 24- 
or 32-bit). No sound (unless you have the required .WAV files), 
music is .MID files.
All necessary files go in one directory, although the game will 
create a L7IMPACT.DAT file in your WINDOWS directory. This file 
will be modified as you progress through the game, and contains 
your OMAKE and Options settings. If you don't have the correct 
.WAV files, and try to set the top Option (not BGM), then the 
game will give you one error message and then disable the .WAV 
files Option from then on. Very nice!
Something similar may happen if you don't have any MIDI devices 
working and you try to turn on BGM - I don't know since it's 
rather difficult to disable my sound card within Windows.
You don't need Japanese Windows to play, or even NJWIN or 
equivalent. There is enough English used to make play easy, as 
long as you know that OMAKE is the game's Photoshop.

Modern-day setting, only lesbian sex. Enemas, pooping, and 
either peeing or "shooting" occur quite a bit. Ropes, candle 
wax, anal insertions, double-headed dildoes, etc. You name it, 
it's probably in here. One thing missing is a lot of 69.
Here's a unique one: stocking stuffed up the ass! (pick purple 
and blue hair)
Judging by the amount of shit coming out, either these girls 
save it up for their girlfriends, or the Japanese think 
there's something really sexy about a girl crapping just 
before another girl licks her pussy.

Double-click on L7IMPACT.EXE to run the game.
Yes, the splash screen does change, between at least 5 different 
pictures. Try starting the program again, and you will probably 
see a different picture. Left-click to get to the main menu.

There's only 3 things to do on the game window's menu bar:
1. "(F)" menu has only one option: "(X)" which always exits the 
game immediately. It doesn't save your position in a sequence 
between 2 girls. For it to show up in OMAKE, you have to get 
back to the main menu screen.
2. "(O)" menu has 2 options, first is several Japanese symbols 
that effectively turn on (option checked) and off .WAV files 
playback for the game. Leave this off.
3. "(O)" menu second option is BGM, get this checked to have 
MIDI music play.

Once the main program starts, click on the "Prologue" box to see 
SD girls enter the room and talk - no fun here unless you can read 
Left-click on any 2 girls (the "Lucky Gals" in the bottom right 
corner is apparently just a suggestion) to see something about 
them and a preview of their OMAKE entries. Left-click "Play" to 
have them run through their story.
After you've seen all 56 (!) of them, then "Epilogue" can be 
selected. To do them all without missing any or wasting time on 
duplicates, try starting with the red-haired school girl at the 
top of the screen, paired with the pink-haired school girl next 
to her. Then the red-haired girl and the purple-haired girl in 
the red dress clockwise from her. When you've worked your way 
through all the other girls with the red-haired school girl, 
pick the pink-haired school girl first, and start choosing 
clockwise again. It doesn't matter which order you pick the 2 
girls, you get the same story and graphics for a particular 
pair. They won't show up in order in the OMAKE this way, but at 
least you'll be sure you got them all. If you duplicate one, 
you'll have to exit or sit through it to the end.
If you make a mistake before you click on "Play", click on the 
"wrong" girl again to de-select her.
You can always click on "Quit" when all 8 girls are shown, or 
choose the "(F)" menu option "(X)" to exit the game.

In a sequence with a pair of girls, you get a heart-shaped 
cutout of the first graphics which is slowly covered by a lot 
of text. Sorry, I could find no way to speed this part up. When 
all the text is shown, left-click to go on to the beginning of 
the real sex scenes. You will see sexy graphics, and (at least 
initially), a small control and text display box.
Click on "Auto" if you want the game to go on to the next text 
message after a few seconds delay, leave it un-checked to be 
forced to click each time you want to advance the text. The 
"Close" box will only temporarily hide this control and text 
display box - left-click to bring it back. The "Message" slider 
should be set as far right as possible (the last notch on the 
right doesn't seem possible, sorry!) to speed up text display. 
The "Mosaic" slider controls how quickly the mosaic concealing 
the girls' crotches and excretions is animated - this shouldn't 
bog down your machine so this one is a matter of personal taste.

You can leave the game in "Auto" mode until it gets to the end 
of the graphics for a pair of girls, but you can't just 
minimize the window or work on something else - the game only 
runs (and progresses) when it's the front window. When a 
sequence for 2 girls ends, you'll see a text box with no 
controls - left-click once to make that go away, and a second 
time to return to the main menu. Right-clicking during any of 
this does nothing. All you can do to speed up the process is 
left-click once each message finishes printing to save the few 
seconds delay for "Auto."

"OMAKE" is the Photoshop for this game. Left click on any image 
in a sequence to see all (2 or 3) of them with the insets, but 
none of that annoying text. Right click to exit the Photoshop, 
even in the middle of showing pictures.

When all 28 sequences are completed, the "Epilogue" button can 
then be selected to see a sequence involving (supposedly) all 
the girls, although you don't all 8 at once. This puts the last 
4 images in the OMAKE. Took me about 3 hours to go through the 
game from start to finish, including stopping to write this 

Or if you're in a hurry, load the L7IMPACT.DAT from Edsa's site 
into your WINDOWS directory, and that should turn on all the 
images in the OMAKE, plus "Epilogue".
If you don't know about Edsa's site (link is on my H games web 
page) or can't find the file I'm talking about, you need a 
binary file editor to make any necessary modifications:
L7IMPACT.DAT, length 18 bytes
contents: 0000 0100 0200 0300 FFFF FF1F 0100 0000
......... 0100
Again, the L7IMPACT.DAT file is in your main Windows directory.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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