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Lakers 2
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-19

This is a hint/cheat file for the Chinese adult anime DOS/V game 
"Lakers2" which is also known as "Holy Beautiful Girls Squad 2" 
or "San 2". Original author was Apple Pie. The version I got was 
already installed and cracked. The "cracker" text for "Lakers" is 
probably still appropriate for this one:

This is yet another game converted from a Japanese game, a 
futuristic wargame where you control a bunch of girls and combat 
evil space aliens... blah, blah, blah...  It works rather like 
Power Dolls and the graphics is great just like most other 
Japanese games.

And Li Sun said: This game is similar to Lakers 1, but with a few 
improvements and better story. One of the improvements is that 
they now have armor and their attacks depend on which armor they 
equip. As for the story, the guy came back after missing for half 
a year (that means you) to save the five girls from aliens 
wanting the energy crystal and earth. In between battles, he 
tries to clear up the trouble he has when all five girls love 
him, he loves one, but doesn't mind getting comfortable with 
others. Other than that, he gets to meet new/old enemies and 
friends, plus getting to know some of his past. Now where have I 
seen this ending before? Could it be from the Sailor Moon R 
movie? This time, they tell you the girls' 3 sizes and stuff. For 
the girl I was in awe with in Lakers 1, her 3 sizes (cm) are B 
94, W 58, and H 84, WOW!

OK, back to me! Graphics are supposedly 640*480*256. Sound is for 
all Sound Blaster and compatible cards. Some MIDI music too. I 
ran SETSOUND and figured out some settings for my SB 32 PnP that 
worked; there's enough audible feedback from the SETSOUND program 
that you should be able to figure things out on your own. But 
wait until the little blue stars start across for at least the 
second time before you decide you're getting no sound! For some 
reason, the first few seconds of a song are always silent.

You need some extended memory to run LAKERS2.EXE, 1024K is 
enough. No DOSJ or DOS/V needed. Eventually you get to a 6-item 
menu. From top to bottom, they are:
1. Start new game (with LONG introduction)
2. Load a saved game
3. Sound On/Off
4. Jukebox (31 songs!)
5. Photoshop and other data (see below to enable)
6. Exit game

There is apparently no keyboard input in the game, just mouse. 
Where you have a small popup menu on the bottom left of the 
screen, left-click for Yes or exit, and right-click for No or 

This looks like a really cool game, but I haven't got the time to 
play it. The same procedure that got you the Photoshop in Lakers 
works here too!
Aren't some of them (particularly for #4) HUGE!?
Here's all you do:
1. Create a file called MEMORY
2. Run the game and go to the photoshop!
The MEMORY file can be anything, but for grins I tried it with 
zero length and it worked! Here's a quick way to create a zero 
length file in DOS:
"sort > memory" and then press Ctrl-z.

You're probably wondering where the Photoshop is, inside main 
menu option #5.
Well, each of the 6 characters (#7 exits back to main menu) has 
their own song, plus 6 options on the right. The stats in the 
middle must be for the game, I guess. The options you want are 
the top one (stats for the person, really just the girls' 
measurements if you care), the fifth one (which is the Photoshop 
for that character, three or more pictures each), and the last 
one (exit back to 7-option menu). The others just show text or 
pictures of equipment.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, please let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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