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Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-19

This is a hint/cheat file for the adult anime DOS/V game "Lakers" 
which has the Chinese name "Sing Siu Lui Gin Doi," the Japanese 
name "Sei Shojo Sentai Lakers," and is also known as "Holy 
Beautiful Girls Squad". Original author was Apple Pie. Game was 
originally packaged as 3 floppy disks with copy protection, but 
the version I got was in Chinese and already installed and 
cracked. The next two paragraphs are as supplied by the crackers:

This is yet another game converted from a Japanese game, a 
futuristic wargame where you control a bunch of girls and combat 
evil space aliens... blah, blah, blah...  It works rather like 
Power Dolls and the graphics is great just like most other 
Japanese games.
Since the bloody installation program is one hell of a hassle 
(having to use floppies and all that) we've decided to make 
things easier for you all - just unzip the bloody files, run 
SETUP, and type SAN to run the game, type any six numbers to get 
by the protection.

Also, Li Sun said: If it wasn't for the H situations, I would 
think I am playing a Sailor Moon game. Anyway, a guy woke up from 
a bad dream and was told by a spirit that he is descended from 
people from another planet. He was told to find five girls, the 
guardians of five pieces of a energy crystal. Next day, while 
getting to know one of his girl friends better, they are 
attacked. And what do you know, all five holy girls are his 
friends. So, in between fighting the enemy that is trying to get 
the crystal, the guy has fun with all five girls and the enemy 
commanders (female too). In the later parts of the game, he also 
joins in the fights. Oh, I wonder if they put those things in 
special dimensional pockets, gee!

OK, back to me! Graphics are supposedly 640*480*256. Sound is for 
all Sound Blaster and compatible cards. Some MIDI music too. Run 
SETUP once (under DOS or Windows 95 in an MS-DOS window) to get 
music out of your sound card.
There's enough audible feedback from the SETUP program that you 
should be able to figure things out. I figured out settings for a 
Media Vision PAS16, and for a SB 32 PnP later. But wait for the 
little stars to go across at least twice before you think nothing 
is coming out!

You need some extended memory to run SAN.EXE, 1024K is enough. No 
DOSJ or DOS/V needed. After you start the game with SAN.EXE, you 
get a copy protection screen that wants you to enter 5 numbers. 
Anything will do in the cracked version. Eventually you get to a 
4-item menu. From top to bottom, they are:
1. Start new game (with LONG introduction)
2. Load a saved game
3. Photoshop (see below to enable)
4. Exit game

There is apparently no keyboard input in the game, just mouse. 
Where you have a small popup menu on the bottom left of the 
screen, left-click for Yes or exit, and right-click for No or 

This looks like a really cool game, but I haven't got the time to 
play it. Another guy figured out how to get a photoshop (yes they 
certainly are HUGE for the most part), and I went a little 
further to make it even simpler!
Here's all you do:
1. Create a file called MEMORY
2. Run the game and select the photoshop!
The MEMORY file can be anything, but for grins I tried it with 
zero length and it worked! Here's a quick way to create a zero 
length file in DOS:
"sort > memory", press Enter, and then press Ctrl-z.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, please let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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