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Knight of Xentar
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-18

1. Knights of Xentar - Notes on game operation:
 a) The CD-ROM version requires the disc to remain in the drive during
    play. Ensure that, if any changes are made via the INSTALL program, the
    correct drive is pointed to when all is said and done. Otherwise, you may
    be asked to put your disc in a floppy drive, or in the hard drive. The
    only way out is to reboot and run INSTALL again.
 b) Again, the initial music volume is much too loud, but this time
    pressing Ctrl-Alt-D (reduce volume for a PAS16) will cause the
    introduction graphics to be skipped. Don't worry about it the first time,
    just use the System menu once you start a game to lower the Background
    Music Volume (BGM) to an acceptable level. This will take effect
    immediately and affect the introduction music too. Then you can exit, and
    watch the whole introduction once without covering your ears.
 c) There is a noticeable temporary slowdown in tempo of the background
    music in both 16 and 8-bit PAS modes sometimes, for no apparent reason.
    And for some reason voice won't play, if Windows was ever loaded, until
    you reset or reboot the computer.
 d) The English in the manual and the text of the game is noticeably
    better than even Metal & Lace. However, the voices are a bit too contrived
    (not everyone has to have a silly accent!), and some of the spoken
    dialogue doesn't match the text (this is probably dramatic ad-libbing by
    the actors).
 e) Miscellaneous: Use the default names of Desmond, Rolf, and Luna to
    avoid strangeness between text and speech. The 3D mode doesn't really gain
    you anything. MDF stands for Magical Defense Factor, summarizing the odds
    of avoiding the effects of hostile magic. Too bad there's no map of the
    whole land. A right-click during combat will make you run away. Maximum
    inventory of 99 per item.
 f) This is the English version of the third game of a 5-game Japanese
    series (Dragon Knight). So when are the other ones coming? Also, I can 
    see how there was -one- game previous to this, but two?

2. Knights of Xentar - Walkthrough:
 a) General Considerations Throughout Game:
    Unlike Cobra Mission or Metal & Lace, there aren't bonus items under
    every bush, but there are some. Every chest has fixed contents; they won't
    change if you restore and open them again, so don't bother (I checked
    early on and then stopped). However, the bonus that you get from a Stamina
    Drink, Speed Drink, Power Drink, Vitamin Mix, or level advance is random.

                 +HP      +MP      +STR     +DEX     +INT
     Desmond   8 to 11            1 to 3   1 to 3   0 to 2
     Rolf      9 to 12            1 to 4   1 to 2   0 to 2
     Luna      7 to 10   3 to 6   0 to 2   1 to 4   1 to 3

    Use Status Player to find how many experience are needed for the next
    level advance, and save game when one is close. The HP, MP (for Luna
    only), STR (not shown if 0), and DEX are shown when you advance, but to
    find out the INT, you have to use Status Player. If you don't get a good
    level bonus, load the saved game and try again. When a character gets over
    about 370 HP maximum, the HP display line splits into two and reaches a
    maximum at 740. HP over 740, to a maximum of 999, aren't displayed at all.

    Characters will stop advancing at level 99, about 155,000 experience.

    Talking to wandering people isn't easy - you have to pick a spot and
    wait for them to come to you, because Desmond can't move as fast as them.
    With 2 or 3 characters, you move even slower. Some people are just there
    to insult you or waste time, but some tell you things of interest. Note
    that if text has a little "down arrow" in the bottom right corner, the
    text will scroll if you click on the arrow. Be careful, because if you
    miss the arrow, you will be clicking on the box to remove the text
    instead! You may want to turn on voice and listen to everything at least
    once. Also, you aren't just talking, because sometimes you do things or
    give things to people, and they can give you things back or do things too.
    If somebody starts repeating themselves, move on. One exception is a pig
    in Dreadsden, where having voice is your only clue that something strange
    is about to happen.
    There are several times in the game where people will run away after
    talking to you.
    You'll freeze until they've walked off the screen; just wait for it to end.

    To talk (or buy and sell) with people behind counters, you must be
    standing directly underneath (across the counter) from them, then click on
    the person. Use the arrow keys for doing precision movement like getting
    close to people without talking to them, or checking lots of jars or
    bushes for bonus items.

    There is never any combat in a town, but there may be inside other

    Most but not all buildings and towns are entered from the south, and
    left the same way.

    If you are just exploring the land of Xentar and don't want to be
    bothered by monsters all the time, use a Skunk Oil. Effect is temporary,
    you will be warned a little before it wears off completely. Or you can use
    a Smoke Grenade for each combat. Or you can take your chances with running
    away each time.
    The price for a SELL at a store is 3/4 of the amount for a BUY, drop
    off fractions.

    The calculations for DEF and MDF also drop off fractions. See the
    weapons and armor sections later for these.

    The number and type of monsters encountered are a function of both
    where you are and how tough your character is. As you go up in levels but
    stay in the same area, you will meet more of the same monster (up to 6)
    and get less experience for them.  Eventually you can get only 1
    experience for multiple monsters. However, you can only get at least one
    monster, so if a Death Doll is too nasty for your level, you will still
    get one if you are in the area where they appear.

    Some monsters may leave behind booty when you defeat them. This is one
    item of a consistent type (according to monster), except that some have a
    second item they leave less often. And some monster types never seem to
    have anything! The really rare and desirable ones seem to show up only
    when you go up a level! There's a possibility that the game allows only
    some rare item types, and never allows certain other types to show up in a
    given game.
    The game starts off tough in the money department, but then from Squalor
    Hollow to Phoenix there isn't much to spend it on! Its easy to accumulate
    horrendous amounts of cash from monsters. The amounts found in jars and
    chests are then trivial. But you'll need $70,000 in Mellions...

    Megatech suggests the following for combat (with my snide comments):
    1) Slow down battle speed when you encounter unfamiliar monsters - find a
    setting that doesn't drag it out, but lets you see if characters are
    getting too low before they die. 2) Avoid offensive tactics until you have
    accumulated hit points and armor - the best defense is a good offense, but
    I used only "NORMAL" or "KNOWLEDGE" for Desmond, and early on "DEFENSIVE"
    too for Rolf. 3) Avoid combat if you are wounded and not carrying any heal
    potions - you deserve to die then, nobody said you can't go back to town
    often or carry sacks of potions into the dungeons.

    Before encountering any of the unique monsters, set combat to
    "NORMAL", and in some cases to "G8", and remember to restore your usual
    settings after. After getting to a new city and resting, run around
    outside the city until you've got 100% in the monsters found nearby,
    before trying to go too far away.

    You can never go up stairs in any Inn. You can't use any stairs
    blocked by people or even some others that others tell you not to enter.

    Most monsters have yellow hit point bars, but a white one means they
    have even more.  Something similar happens to Luna's MP bar later; it
    changes from flesh to white at about 355 maximum MP.

 b) Squalor Hollow:
    Although always level 25 with 10,000 experience, the other starting
    statistics for Desmond are random. In several tries, DEX is 49 to 55, STR
    is 48 to 56, INT is 25 or 26, and HP is 255 to 261.

    Start off the game by wandering naked around Squalor Hollow. Talk to
    people and get the hang of clicking on the screen, including on the
    borders, to move around. You can try to leave town, but the game won't let
    you yet. To start progressing you have to go to the tavern and Frump.

    Once you understand talking and moving around, go to the tavern in the
    NE of the town, and save your game under the title "MONARAPE"; this is
    your first sexy graphics in the game. Now walk into any one of the men,
    and spend a while reading or listening until things drop back to
    walk-around mode. Before you leave the tavern, get $50 by talking to the
    man behind the counter!

    Go to the SW of town to enter Don Frump's house. Go upstairs to talk
    to him and get a (poultry) Knife and (at least it covers) Leather Suit.
    There's also $100 in a jar upstairs at Frump's. You can now leave town and
    start adventuring, although you might want to wander around and see how
    people talk to you once you have covered your "assets". Click on the town
    to re-enter.

    Save the game as soon as you exit the town (through the opening to the
    south), and after every combat that didn't result in horrible wounds. Once
    your Knowledge value for a monster has gotten up to a reasonable amount (I
    use 10%), switch from "NORMAL" to "KNOWLEDGE" tactics for those monsters.
    I suggest using "kill weakest" all the time. You can wander around the
    wilderness getting small amounts of experience and money, but the big
    stuff is in the cave to the west (Mount Litmus).

    The type and number of monsters are very random. Don't be in a rush to
    get to the end of the winding hallway. Just keep saving the game after
    good combats, and accumulate enough cash to pay for rest in the Inn ($10 a
    night for full healing) and better equipment (get the best stuff before
    you leave the area). Eventually, you can make it all the way to the end
    room. Open all the closed chests before you go to the "bandit leader". You
    won't fight him, just go through another text and graphics sequence with a
    demon, and end up outside the cave. There's no point in going back in -
    there's nothing there now except monsters in the hallway.

    You should have gone up several levels by this point. For now, don't
    worry about what the bonus values were. Why? Because you will be losing
    all those levels soon! But it would be a good idea to get lots of levels,
    because they do translate into higher hit points later on. It also helps
    if you raise your Knowledge % for the monsters found outside, as it will
    help with combat later.

    Also, if you get either a BRONZE SHIELD or DAGGER+1 as booty from cave
    monsters, immediately save the game! These are rare items, and you won't
    be able to get them elsewhere until later.
    When you go back to Squalor Hollow to rest and then get your reward,
    you are told to go to a nameless village to the north. The only other
    things of interest in the region are Mount Litmus (the bandit cave) to the
    west, a large rock blocking the path south to Phoenix, and a small
    building in the pass to the north. Inside are Larousse (the old man from
    Squalor Hollow, or is it?) and 2 guards. This is the "barricade", because
    you can't get through (or progress in the game) without clicking on
    Larousse in the center. You go through a sequence that sets you back to
    level 1 (I told you, but it was a surprise the first time!) and drops you
    in the Nameless Village. There's no way to avoid losing all those levels,
    but it won't happen again.

 c) The Nameless Village:
    At first, you can't buy anything in the Nameless Village and most of
    the people won't even talk to you. There is $150 if you click on the jar
    in the NE of the building otherwise filled with barrels (on the NE side of
    town); apparently there is a side entrance that the character can see but
    you can't. To progress, find Don Frump in the big building on the north
    side of town, and go down many levels to meet him again.  There is another
    encounter with a demon, handled automatically as before, and then you get
    to walk back out.

    Now you can buy the best equipment you can get here, if you don't have
    it or better already, and people will talk to you. You will have to go all
    the way back to Squalor Hollow to get your reward from Frump (this time
    for real). But for now, spend some time wandering outside the Nameless
    Village to build your character back up. And this time, try to get good
    level bonuses! Go back into town and rest at $15 a night when you get low
    on HP; that's a lot cheaper than using up potions.

    Work your way up to at least level 10 before you start travelling too
    far. When you can handle 5 Daos (if you haven't seen that many at once,
    explore some more) without getting severely beaten up, its time to go
    south to Squalor Hollow. You will get your $100 reward from Don Frump, and
    Larousse denies leaving town. The hermit on the NW side of Squalor Hollow
    will also give you $200 the first time you talk to him.

    Now go back north and start exploring further out around the Nameless
    Village.  There's nothing to the east or north, and south is the other
    side of the barricade building (which you can now pass through at will).
    West is where all the action is.

 d) Clara's Place:
    To the SW of the nameless village, just S of an opening in the
    mountains that has three trees in front of it, is a building. This is
    Clara's Place, where she (the girl) lives with her grandmother. But when
    you first show up Grandma is out and Clara is about to be raped by the Big
    Bad Wolf. Yes, Clara does have a red hood on.

    Before you walk more than a few steps into the house, save the game as
    "WOLFRAPE".  Then walk in, get a sexy screen, a lot of text, and beat the
    wolf in combat. He shouldn't be too tough. You get a Stamina Drink as
    booty. After combat is over, save the game under another name, then try
    the Stamina Drink until you get the maximum of +9 HP.

    Now leave the house, go back in, and save the game as "CLARA" before
    you talk to Clara again. When you do, you have several sexy screens with
    Clara and get a rhinestone which sounds like one of your lost jewels.

    The third time you enter the house, you get to meet Grandma. You get
    $100 the first time you talk to her. Do this before talking to Clara
    again, or you will miss some text and dialogue. From now on, you can enter
    the house to rest for free by talking to either Clara or Grandma. No
    important changes here for rest of game.
    Although this place should be optional, Megatech says that in order to
    pass Tymm (see below) you must have saved Clara from the wolf.

 e) Dreadsden:
    Quite a ways W of Clara's place is the village of Dreadsden. You may
    come across a sign out in the middle of nowhere that gives you vague
    directions. If you wander too far S, the monsters will get really nasty.
    If you can't handle Death Dolls yet, go N because you are heading towards
    Coventry instead. Dreadsden is just a little E of the ocean and the south
    end of some north-south mountains. There are also large groups of trees in
    the vicinity.

    The first time you enter Dreadsden, you run into (literally) the Dark
    Knight. Nothing really happens, but note that one old man in town tells
    you that he's normally very polite. You'll be sort of chasing the Dark
    Knight (Arstein) for the rest of the game.

    The Inn charges $20 to rest here. A man in the Inn gives you random
    and silly directions to Phoenix which are good for nothing but laughs a
    few times.

    In the house W of the Inn, there is a Flammo Pocket Warmer in the jar
    on the W side.  This is a TREASURE, so save the game before you talk to
    the man in the house. He will give you $100 for it, and there being no
    other apparent use for it in the rest of the game, you might as well.
    However, selling it with Luna along may get you a Flame Gem too, but I
    haven't confirmed that yet.
    To the NW is a pig pen. If you persist in talking to the pig on the
    right, it will eventually say several strange things before refusing to do
    anything but "Oink". One is "that's a fair thought, to lie between maid's
    legs" (this is explained at the end of the game). The others are a
    suggestion to visit the SE corner of town for the dwarf cave, and that
    there is a pretty maid nearby with magical trinkets. The first is
    wrong, because the place you need to visit in town is in the NW corner
    (unless the game thinks that the town stretches outside the little icon on
    the map), but the second could refer to the treasure in Priscilla's house
    to the SE.

    Other people in town say something about a house to the SE with
    desperate women (must mean Priscilla), mention Desmond's Tower in Phoenix
    but monsters are blocking the way there, and that Coventry is to the S.

     At the pool area in the SE of town, after talking to the old man, you
     can get an infinite (you want to try?) amount of money, one at a time, by
     walking around to the south-facing nook above the old man and going S.
     Remember this spot for Luna later.

     You can walk around the outside of the town wall (save game after
     each click along the S edge in case you step outside) to get to the NW
     corner. You need to talk to the hermit down there later.

     Make sure you have the best weapon and armor from the shops in this
     town before going on. If you can't afford it, go out and beat up some
     monsters, but if you haven't been using Run Away, Smoke Grenades, or Skunk
     Oil this shouldn't be a problem here or elsewhere in the game.

 f) Priscilla's Place:
    The easiest way to find Priscilla's Place the first time is to start
    from Clara's Place. Rest there (no sex after that first time, sorry), and
    then start walking W, S and E along the mountains. You will pass several
    interesting places. First is a lake that appears to be surrounded by
    mountains - looks inaccessible. Second is a cave entrance, which shouldn't
    be hard to spot. That is Visel's Cave, and although you can go in there,
    the monsters were rather nasty, and Megatech says this causes a logic bug
    in version 1.08 of the CD - so don't go in!. You can safely enter with the
    Mystic Marble later.

    Keep walking along the edge of the mountains until you see another
    building with mountains to the south. Right after you enter, save the game
    as "PRISRAPE". Walk in and see Priscilla being raped by 7 dwarfs! You
    fight 6 Dwarves (this may be tough - use healing if necessary) and get a
    High Potion as booty. Then, without a chance to save, you fight Belcho and
    get another High Potion. Finally you get to talk to Priscilla and get the
    story. She says you need the Mystic Marble to enter Visel's Cave, which is
    almost directly north from here, and promises to give herself to you when
    you defeat Visel.

    There is $100 in a jar N of the W exit. Go around the outside of the
    house through the W door to get to the stairs on the E side. There are 8
    chests in there, with a total of $1100, 2 Heal Potions, Magic Wing, Skunk
    Oil, and a Speed Drink. Save the game under another name, and try the
    Speed Drink until you get the maximum of +5 DEX.
    Once you leave the house, you can now return and rest for free until
    you defeat Visel. Sorry, no sex until you defeat Visel. By the way, this
    is the cookie house mentioned elsewhere, although you can tell only by
    looking carefully at the background of the graphics with Priscilla.

    Head back to Dreadsden to that hermit in the NW corner. Now he will
    give you the Mystic Marble (a TREASURE), $200, and talk about that female
    presence looking out for you. Go back to Priscilla's and use it as a rest
    base for trips into Visel's Cave.

 g) Visel's Cave:
    Approach this place the same way you handled Mount Litmus. Expect a
    combat in each section of hallway. If running low on HP, run back to
    Priscilla's to rest. Open all the closed chests you see. There's a Vitamin
    Mix in one of them. Defeat Visel at the end of the hallway (get to SE
    corner then go N). Killing Visel will get you a Magic Nut. Fight your way
    back to Priscilla's Place.

    Save as "PRI

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