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Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-18

This is a hint/cheat file for the adult anime DOS/V game "KAWA", 
also known as "Kawarazaki ke no Ichizoku" or "Kawasaki family", 
from "Silkys".

This is NOT the Windows version! (which is about 25 1.44 Mb disks 
of program and graphics, plus 34 disks of BGM and 38 disks of 
sound! - who thinks it belongs on a CD-ROM?)

Dos/V or DOSJ must be loaded to see the Japanese text. Some EMS 
memory (512K?) (expanded memory) is also necessary for the game 
to run. I was able to get the game to run in full screen MS-DOS 
under Windows 95.

This game's story is apparently that you are a young man who 
arrives at a house full of beautiful women. There's also a 
chauffeur, a young perverted boy, and some kind of monk or 
priest. Among the endings, you can be imprisoned, burn the house 
down, or die (in a manner unknown to me since I can't read 
Japanese) after sex with a maid.

Li Sun said: In this game, you are a 2nd year university student 
working a summer job as a rich family's servant. During your days 
of work, you find out that the family has some interesting 
entertainments. By the end, you find that the family is not what 
it seems. Let's just say that the servants rule in this family, 
and the family members rest in peace. If you are wondering about 
the title, it just means Somename's Family/Clan. This game has 19 
different endings, 3 of the 19 are Happy Endings (3 different 
girls to marry).

The game supports keyboard and mouse, and apparently does sound 
and music without any settings necessary (worked on a ProAudio 
Spectrum 16 in SoundBlaster emulation just fine). Graphics are 
640*480 16-color VGA. Hold down the "Ctrl" key to quickly skip 
past text and stop at menu choices or "full screen" pictures. 
However, there is one (maybe more?) "pause" in the game where you 
must press either "SPACE" or "ENTER" to continue; choosing the 
wrong one sends you to (unhappy) end #7.

You can only save the game (or access the main menu) at certain 
points in the game. Once in a while the game will give you the 
opportunity to save the game to one of three slots, and then you 
can continue or go to the main menu. This appears to be the way 
to exit the game - no instant exit.

The main menu choices are (from top to bottom):
Start game from beginning
Load saved game #1
Load saved game #2
Load saved game #3
Show the game endings seen so far
(Photoshop appears here if activated)
Exit game

While playing, when the text covers part of the picture, you can 
right-click the mouse to temporarily remove the text; left-click 
or press a key to restore it.

There are 19 endings in the game, and over 50 pictures in the 
photoshop. Check the values in the "FLAG3" file first: if the 
beginning says "ALLPIC.MES", and byte $6B is already $11, then 
the photoshop has already been maximized. If it hasn't, or all 
the endings aren't showing up, change bytes $61 through $6A to 
the value $11, except $63 can be $10 and not miss anything. Now 
change $6B to the value $01. When you next run the game and view 
the entire photoshop, you will get a final screen with a Japanese 
text phrase, and the FLAG3 file will be modified to maximize the 
photoshop. There are other ways of getting to see only some of 
the pictures, but I figured you can always ignore the boring 
stuff if you are guaranteed to see ALL the adult stuff as well. 
Note that any changes to the FLAG3 file require a binary file 

There is a package of ECC files for ECCVIEW consisting of many of 
the animated screens in this game, but altogether it's bigger 
than the game!

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, please let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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