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Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

This is a hint/cheat file for the adult anime DOS/V game "Isle" 
(aka Ushinawareta Rakuen) from "Silkys". It is usually 
distributed as 4 zip files which need to be installed before 

This game is like Gilligan's Island meets an H.P. Lovecraft 
story, with all the castaways except yourself and one other guy 
being beautiful babes. Explore. Find "Tentacle Monsters" and a 
lacivious amazon. And die a lot. Since this game is menu driven, 
if you don't read kanji, good luck finding any non-death 

Li Sun said: In this game, you shipwreck within one day's 
distance of the island you are heading to with your professor, 
his wife, his assistant, two other classmates, and the captain of 
the ship. Oh, only you and the professor are male. Once on the 
island, you find ways to survive and have a little fun doing it. 
But soon you find that the island has a surprise or two. You also 
find the professor and his assistant are not new to this island. 
At the end, you escape the island and can marry one of three 
females. That is, if you don't die from one of the many bad 

The game requires DOS/V or DOSJ to see the Japanese text, and 
some expanded memory (512K?) to operate. The ISLE game has 640 by 
480 16-color VGA graphics, and automatically detects 
SoundBlaster-like cards (no problem with a ProAudio Spectrum 16) 
to play music and sounds. Run GAME.BAT to play the game.

The  key will advance you past all the text to the next 
menu choice in the game. Note that it will also reduce the delay 
before the main menu appears when starting the game, and speed up 
the scrolling of the "sort-of" topless girl on the beach when the 
game starts.

Here's what the initial menu looks like:
Start game on the beach
Load saved game 1
Load saved game 2
Load saved game 3
Load saved game 4
Load saved game 5
Start game on boat (before beach)
List endings not seen yet
Photoshop (CTRL or click to advance)
Exit game

While playing (except while still on the boat), right clicking at 
any menu prompt will get you a system menu. The 4 options there 
Cancel and return to play
Load game (1 to 5)
Save game (1 to 5)
Exit (cancel/confirm)

The file "FLAG5" controls which endings are marked as seen, and 
which pictures show up in the Photoshop. Using a binary file 
editor, by changing byte $E8 through $EE to the value $11, all 14 
endings are marked as seen.  By changing bytes $B6 through $D4 to 
the value $11 (actually, $B6 can be $10), all 61 pictures in the 
Photoshop are made available. These are presumably all the sexy 
scenes in the game, except there are several of naked girls 
standing in caves or tunnels towards the end of the game that are 
left out for some reason. Bytes $52 through $69 usually have 
non-zero values, but they have no apparent effect on the endings 
or the Photoshop if set to zero. Some of the endings are really 
tough to get, so I gave up trying every possible combination 
after a while.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, please let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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