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Fatal Relations
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

This is a hint and patch file for the "Fatal Relations" adult Windows 
anime game from C's ware. It is distributed on CD-ROM by Himeya Soft 
and others in English, and originally released in Japanese as 
"Kindan No Ketuzoku", also referred to as "Kindan" or "Kin95". I had 
a demo called "Kindan" on a CD from a Japanese magazine, and it looks 
practically the same. This file will only discuss the English version.

Here's what Li Sun had to say about it: NOTHING!

In addition to "straight" anime sex, this game contains bondage, 
"golden showers", an enema, anal intercourse, and incestous lesbians.
At least there's no tentacles or censorship...

The game runs under Windows 9x (I have 98) with automatic mouse, 
graphics and music. You can set a menu option to speed up text 
display (move the mouse to the upper edge of the screen to make the 
menu bar visible). There is a Windows help file included, and between 
that and the small folder in the game's plastic case, you can find 
out most of what you need to know to play the game. However, ignore 
the part in the folder called "About CDDA": there is only 1 track on 
the CD, all the music is MIDI files.

The game is basically a reasonably long multiple-choice text 
adventure like you've seen before; guy in a house with lots of 
horny girls/women, the house burns down in the end (SURPRISE!). The 
responses to the choices don't seem to ever let you go the wrong way. 
And "Ken" (the only male character, i.e. YOU) has sex with all the 
females, or watches several of them get it on. You will have to use 
your brain with Yuko's quiz though: A=1/2LH, A.D. is Latin, the 
Supreme Court is under the Constitution, over 50 trillion years to do 
a 64-disk Towers of Hanoi, and the guy in "Pulp Friction" (sic) was 
(whatever the third option is, even though it makes no sense to me). 
If you get any of her questions wrong, you have to start over, so 
my answers are just to save you some time.

Like other C's ware games (see "Amy's Fantasies"), you can save your 
progress in 3 slots, but the game doesn't restore you exactly back to 
where you saved, usually to the point where you entered a particular 
screen or location. The saved data all goes in a RELATION.DAT file 
in your WINDOWS directory; there's also a RELATION.INI file in the 
same place that points to where the game files are and saves the 
settings. I think the game is hardwired to grab game graphics and 
similar data only from the CD, and only checks the .INI file to see 
where the saved games (.DAT file) are.

Once you go through the game completely, the "Extra" option will turn 
on in the main game menu (Begin, Continue, Extra). That's the 
photoshop, with a music jukebox and H graphics slideshow.

The photoshop flag is somewhere in the file RELATION.DAT. All I can 
tell you at the moment is that changing the first byte from 01 to 00 
got me an error message, and the game completely cleared the file!
Since you can blast through this game in a few hours and get ALL the 
pictures turned after you play it once, I'm not going to worry about 
not generating a photoshop patch for this game. As far as I can tell, 
there is only one ending, and no way to miss any of the H pictures.

Pete's mini-review: The translation is VERY good, and apparently 
intended for the United States (the stuff about the Supreme Court was 
my only real clue to that though). Game includes very clear Japanese 
voice and some sound effects for when the ladies speak or ...
There are 3 extra .BMP images on the CD that you can use as wallpaper, 
but they aren't H and aren't copies of anything in the game. Worth 
buying if you must have every H game that's released in English, but 
practically no replay value; this fell between "Immoral Study #1" and 
"Amy's Fantasies" as far as I was concerned.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
other adult anime games, let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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