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Angel (B3X)
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

Here's some hints and a walkthrough for the Angel adult anime 
game. This game is also known as "B3X", "Angel 3", "Tenshi Tachi 
No Gogo III", "Tenshi tachi no hokago 3", and "Bangai Hen" 
(whew!). Original author is JAST, (c) 1990.

Angel is an adult anime adventure-type game with 99.99% of the 
text in Japanese. The only redeeming feature of the game is the 
number of sex scenes possible. It is available by anonymous ftp 
from in the /pub/anime/software directory as It may be available elsewhere, but I got it first from 

You don't need DOS/V, DOSJ, or expanded memory for this one, it 
will work just fine under regular MS-DOS. It uses 640*480 
16-color VGA graphics. No sound or music either. The only keys 
needed are the space bar, escape key, backspace key (for game 
exit), and up and down arrow keys; no mouse support.

Install all the files in a single directory. Start the game by 
running B3X. You should get several screens of girls in 
relatively quick succession, until a title screen appears and 
waits for you to press a key.
The A: floppy drive may start up at this point, but nothing will 
happen. You will then start in the family kitchen with the rest 
of the family visible. The major motif of the game is the 
hierarchy of menu choices on the right side; from 1 to 8 primary 
choices, each having from 0 to 7 choices of its own. By choosing 
the correct things on the menus, you move from location to 
location in the game, eventually to the "Happy End." The 
walkthrough below tells you which choices to pick on the menus to 
move along quickly. If you read Japanese, you will probably have 
more fun exploring the multitude of responses to the menu 

One poor soul complained to me that his copy continually asked 
for disks and wouldn't budge. Either he had a bad copy, or there 
was something in the A: drive that the program liked and wanted 
more of. Somebody else complained of the same thing but noted 
that they had a bad download. My copy just skips right past the 
disk requests. I have it loaded several directories down on 
drive G:, a SCSI drive, so there appears to be no problem with 
exactly where the files are, or how they are accessed. I've also 
tried it on a 486SX laptop also under DOS 6.22, and aside from a 
louder noise from the floppy drive, and a bit slower start, no 
problems there either.

The game supports saving and loading up to 3 different saved 
games. Access these by pressing the escape key whenever menu 
choices appear on the right side. You can't get out of a bad 
ending by loading a saved game, sorry. Each saved game has its 
own file in the game directory. I haven't decoded the whole file, 
just enough to manipulate which screen you appear on; that was 
enough to help develop a walkthrough.

According to the creator of a hack for this game, you can get out 
of the "bad end" and the "happy end" screens by typing "RURI". 
Yes, capital R, ... - don't ask me how he figured this one out. 
It puts you back at the first screen in the kitchen. You can also 
exit the game by pressing the backspace key, although the game 
leaves the computer in a strange video mode which you can fix by 
typing "mode co80" if you're in DOS.

The following translation of menu items is from Steve T. Goupil 
( Ian Noble had a few corrections 
for it too:
Many of the commands repeat themselves, so I'll tell you what are 
the commands on the very first two menus of the game. The first 
is the menu that shows up when you're looking across the table at 
your sister and father.
The menu translation is:
1. Look
2. Take
3. Eat
4. Drink
5. Talk
6. Go
7. Ask
The second menu, when you are at the bus stop with the cutest 
girl in the school, is translated as:
1. Look
2. Ask
3. Go
4. Think About
5. Take
6. Talk
7. Examine

Thanks Steve and Ian!

The following walkthrough uses the convention "x/y", where "x" is 
a primary menu choice, and "y" is a sub-menu choice. Pick these 
in the order given, sometimes multiple times, to proceed through 
the game. The default is to go to the next location; exceptions 
are noted. There are multiple "bad ends" and only one "happy 
end". Location numbers are in hexadecimal, they correspond to a 
value in the saved game file which you can manipulate if you just 
want to jump to a particular location. However, be warned that 
other values in the saved game file may control what you have to 
do to proceed from there. Locations with a "*" after the number 
are sexy scenes, but may not be to your taste. A hacked version 
of the game named B3XHACK.EXE exists, which will allow you to 
jump to almost any location in the game - it uses decimal values 
for locations instead of the hexadecimal used here. There is also 
a LOOK.EXE hacked version which will advance to the next scene 
each time you press a key, but that one cannot be exited by 
normal means.

 00       Start               5/3, 6/3
 01       Bus Stop            6/1, 6/1, then 1/1
 02       On Bus              2/1, 1/6
 03       In Crowd            2/1, 2/1, 2/1, 6/3, 6/3
 04 *     Sex in Crowd        3/2, 6/3
 05       On Street           (2/4 and 3/1 in any order), 8/6
 06       Group of Girls      6/2, 6/2, 6/2, 5/4
 07       Two at Desk         3/2, then either 8/1 to go to #12;
                                   or 8/2 to go to #08;
                                   or 5/3, 8/3 to go to #0C
                              could also go to #11 somehow
 08       Girl Gym Closet     5/2, 5/3, 7/1, 7/2, then 8/1 or 8/2
 09 *     Topless Gym Closet  3/4, 3/4, 6/1
 0A *     Bondage Insert Racquet 4/1, 4/1, 4/1, 7/1
 0B *     Cum Face Bondage    automatically goes to #13
 0C       Smoking Girl        4/4, 6/2    (note 6/1 goes to #10)
 0D       Smoking Girl Pointing  2/1, 2/1, 3/4, 5/4
 0E *     Smoking Girl Blows  7/1
 0F *     Smoking Girl Porked    4/3, 7/1, then goes to #13
 10       Teacher Surprises   BAD END
 11       Teacher at Desk     5/1 to go back to #07
 12       Girls' Volleyball   4/4, 4/4 then 1/1 at #13
 13       Green Girl Sandwich  (may have to 1/1 first)
                              5/1, 5/1, 1/1, 1/1
 14       Green Girl Wall     4/1, 4/1, 5/1, 7/3
 15       Green Girl Bed      8/1
 16 *     Green Girl Lingerie  (5/1, 6/2, 6/3, 6/4, 6/5, 6/6 in 
                               any order), 7/2
 17 *     Green Girl Wide     7/1
 18       Cafeteria (2 screens)  2/2, 6/2 to #20
                              after #23 do 2/1, 6/2 to #19
                              after #19 do 5/1, 6/2 to #1C
                              after #1F do 2/3, 6/2 to #24
                              after #26 do 2/3 to #27
                         (following are optional if done earlier)
                              6/1 once to #37 (1/1 to return)
                              6/1 again to #1A
 19       Plaza        7/5, 3/7, 4/6 (4/6 turns off 6/2 on #18),
                              5/4 to go to #18 (just 5/4 later)
>>> I confess I don't understand why I wrote that bit about doing 
>>> a 4/6 but I'll leave it in for now
 1A       Transvestite Bathroom  (you're stuck! 5/1 or 7/2 to go 
                                  to #1B)
 1B       Upset Cafeteria Girl  BAD END
 1C       Girl Glasses Lockers  2/1, 2/1, 2/1, 2/1, 8/1 (8/1 
                                early sends you to #1B)
 1D *     Girl Glasses Topless  2/1, 6/4
 1E *     No Glasses Blows    4/2, 6/2
 1F *     No Glasses Cum Face   automatically goes to #18
 20       Girl Storage        6/3, 6/3, 8/1
 21 *     Storage Topless     2/1, 2/1, 2/1, 2/1, 6/1, then 7/1 
                              or 7/2
 22 *     Storage Licking     6/1, 6/1, 6/1
 23 *     Storage Cumming     automatically goes to #18
 24 *     Blonde Topless Crates  2/1, 2/1, 6/2
 25 *     Blonde Posing Doggy  5/1, 7/1
 26 *     Blonde Doggy Busy   automatically goes to #18
 27       Tea Girls (2 screens)  4/2, 4/2
 28       Redhead in Crowd    5/3 goes to #29, but 6/1,5/4 goes 
                              to #2C
 29       Redhead at Movies   4/1 or 7/5 or 8/1?
 2A       Redhead Streetlight  4/1 or 5/2 to go to #2B (any way 
                               to rescue this and go to anything 
 2B       Redhead Leaves      BAD END
 2C       Rock Concert        1/3, 1/3, 1/3
 2D       Redhead and Punks   (7/1,7/1,7/2 in any order) then 7/2
                              or if you mess up you go to #30
 2E       Punks Beaten        automatically goes to #2F
 2F       Redhead Happy       2/2,2/2,2/2,2/2, then either 6/4 
                              goes to #31, or 6/3,4/4 goes to #32
 30       Punks Beat You!     BAD END
 31       Happy SD Green Girl  BAD END
>>> SD=Super Deformed, a common anime convention for cute & silly 
 32       Redhead in Bed      2/1, 3/3, 7/1
 33 *     Redhead Topless     (5/1,5/2,5/3 in any order), 6/3
 34 *     Redhead Doggy       2/1, 2/1, 6/1
 35 *     Redhead Orgasm      HAPPY END

Now, that's all the "real" locations in the game, but there are a 
few others that you may see momentarily while playing, although 
none of them are sexy.
I'll include them only because the B3X-HACK program allows you 
access to them if you copy files around. Proceed at your own 
 36 (54)  right side of #18 (two girls cafeteria)
 37 (55)  Red Girl Bathroom     1/1 to go to #18
 38 (56)  Transvestite in Bathroom (same as #1A?)
 39 (57)  right side of #27 (tea girls)
 3A (58)  redhead in tea room
 3B (59)  blue hair in tea room
 3C (60)  purple hair in tea room
 3D (61)  blonde in tea room
 3E (62)  full screen 3 girls from tea room (from game start)
 3F (63)  full screen 2 school girls (from game start)
 40 (64)  full screen 3 cafeteria girls (from game start)
 41 (65)  full screen bus girl (from game start)
 42 (66)  full screen redhead (from game start)
 43 (67)  full screen redhead and game title (from game start)
 44 (68)  full screen game border overlay

The font files used in the game (the JKF?.DAT files (where ? is 
2, 3, and 4)) are usable by DOSJ version 1.0. Either copy them to 
the directory you installed DOSJ, or point DOSJ at the directory 
the files are in. This will make more sense if you read and 
understand the DOSJ documentation.

Depending on the exact version of the archive file that you find, 
you may or may not have excess files in there. CURRENT.STS is 
definitely useless, it seems to be for some windowing OS other 
than Windows 3.x or 95. There may also be a B3X.DOC, or *.CAP 
files, all of which are useless unless you can read the language. 
I leave those in distribution copies, but delete them from my 
executable directories.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, please let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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