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Amy's Fantasies (Don't Call Me Eimmy)
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

This is a hint file for the "Amy's Fantasies" (aka "Don't Call Me 
Amy!") adult Windows anime game from C's ware. It is distributed 
on CD-ROM by Himeya Soft and others in English. I know there was 
a Japanese version, but I have no information on that - this file 
is only about the English version.

In addition to "straight" anime sex, this game features a LOT of
bondage, S&M, "golden showers", and incest. At least there's no

The game runs under Windows 95, and has automatic mouse, graphics 
and music. You can set a menu option to speed up text display. 
There is a Windows help file included, so you really don't need 
the manual.
WARNING: There can be a really long (10+ seconds) period when 
starting the game where the screen is black and it looks like 
nothing is happening. Don't know why... The game executable is 
rather small, so it must be doing something with the large (~500 
MB) "amy.a2" file.

The game is basically a long multiple-choice text adventure 
following Emi through a convoluted story about her, her 
"brother", and several other characters. Many of the other 
characters change roles and attitudes as the story progresses. 
But all you'll probably care about is that basically everybody 
has sex with everyone else, in almost every possible combination.
In general, you can just allow the game to force you into the 
next step, as often the game won't progress until you choose the 
correct choice. In one case, searching the Director's Office the 
second time, the game will sort of make you choose things in the 
correct order, so do pay attention the first time Emi searches 
the Director's Office!
It'll save you a lot of aggravation if you just repeat - 
Bookcase, Window, Sofa. I was able to do Desk next, although I 
think Closet was correct. It probably doesn't matter, there's 
really only one way for the story to turn out in this game.
There's two tricky parts about saving your progress in the game:
1. The game doesn't restore you exactly back to where you saved, 
sometimes to quite a lot of dialogue before. In general, expect 
that you'll be put back to the point where you entered a 
particular screen or location.
2. The game has three parts (stories). When you are finished 
playing through one, there is some discussion between the 
characters about what happened, and what's in the next story. A 
story isn't finished until you get back to the menu screen where 
you can select one of the three stories. The game sets flags only 
when you get to this screen, so quitting before you get to the 
menu screen at the end of a story will never let you progress to 
other stories. You have to go through all 3 stories to see the 
"Extra Options." Make sure you go all the way through the credits 
and beach scene to the main menu again. NOW you'll get to see the 
"Extra Options."

Here's what Li Sun had to say about it:

My review: The translation is pretty good, but there are some 
strange words used, e.g. spamhammer and putwap - you can ignore 
them. All of the animated interludes still have Japanese text on 
them. There are some minor mistakes that can confuse you if 
you're really trying to follow the story to figure out who's 
related to who - such as Tomomi saying that the man is supposed 
to marry his own daughter.
If you are playing the game off the CD, you may want to turn off 
the voice. It makes the CD run a lot more, it's usually too quiet 
compared to the music, and it's all Japanese!
There are about 78 MB of "extra" files on the CD: 3 BMP images 
and 2 AVI movies. The second movie is a rendition of the "Emi 
masturbating and Tomomi walks in" segment of the first story in 
the game. From the text at the end, I guess this was made into an 
OAV or something, available on video and LD since 1997 - 
obviously H! Note that in Windows 9X, you can right-click on the 
CD's icon to get a menu that includes going directly to the BMPs 
or movies.
I'm not sure the ~500 MB "amy.a2" file is the voice data, or just 
filler. I turned off the voices because it slowed things down - 
I can read much faster than they can talk.
I've figured out that Hitomi must have such large hair to 
counterbalance her enormous boobs.

If you don't want to play all the way through, and just see the 
"Extra Options",
??? sorry, I haven't figured this out - it should take you less 
than an hour to blast through the entire game if you don't read 
the text and I haven't bothered to figure out exactly where the 
extra option flags are hidden yet.

There's a secret room in the game, with the entrance in the third 
story: After you play through the third story once, you MUST exit 
the game completely. This WON'T work unless you do. Then restart 
the third story, and when you get to Emi's room in the mansion, 
proceed with "Think" and "Think" until you get the choice between 
"Think" and "Sleep." Choose "Sleep" to get to the secret room, or 
"Think" to just go on with the "regular" game. To save all the 
trouble of getting there, do a game save when you see the mansion 
- then you can easily choose between the Vibration and C's rooms.

There's an error in one of the scenes in the "Extra Options" 
Forbidden Room - the one where Emi is licking stuff off the 
floor, the third "Step On" option never gets reset after you 
click on it once.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
other adult anime games, let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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