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Crescent (CRE)
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

This is a hint/walkthrough file for the adult anime DOS/V game 
"CRESCENT", also known as "CRE", from Silky's (although it 
doesn't say so anywhere during play).

Dos/V or DOSJ is required to be loaded to play this game, along 
with (512K?) of EMS (expanded memory). No problems with 
auto-detection of sound cards (I have a ProAudio Spectrum 16 
emulating a SoundBlaster) to get sound and music. Graphics are 
apparently 640*480 16 colors (VGA). Run the "CRE.BAT" file to 
start the game. I haven't found an easy way to exit the game, 
although pressing  may work eventually (and leaves 
your screen a mess: use "mode co80"), and I have to restart 

The game starts with a menu that has two options: I have no idea 
what the difference between these is! There's no apparent 
difference in how the game acts if you choose either one!

After that, you get a second menu with two options, labeled 
"2 ..." on the left, and "1 ..." on the right. Same thing 
applies here - no apparent change in the game no matter what you 

(Almost there...) Next is a menu with four choices. This is where 
you choose between one of four sequences in the game. These are 
(rough diagram follows):
Mummy & Fairy       Office Girl & Hostage
Schoolgirl Shower   Geisha & Pool

Li Sun said: This is four mini games in one. One is a prince 
trying to defeat a witch. One is a detective saving some friends. 
One is a bright young scientist that drank an invisibility potion 
having fun in an all-girl school. And one is where a lost guy 
bump into an inn with some easy females. The interesting part 
about this game is that you can choose two ways to play it. With 
MCTC or just with mouse clicks on the picture screen.

But before you start your chosen sequence, there is one more 
menu! This one has 3 options (rough diagram follows):
Play Selecting Text     Play Finding Spots
Photoshop (may not be there)

I guess the Photoshop would appear only after you finish a 
particular sequence correctly, but the "control" files in the zip 
file were already set up with the photoshop engaged for all 4 
sequences in this game.
Anyway, the "Play Selecting Text" is that you play the sequence 
with lots of text and choosing options at various menus. Doing 
this one requires a lot of persistence in choosing options over 
and over until the text you get back stabilizes. And always look 
for options just added to the menu.
The "Play Finding Spots" is the same sequence, just that you have 
to find the "secret spot(s)" on the image with the mouse in order 
to proceed. Keep left-clicking in different spots, and notice how 
the text changes. This one can actually be a lot tougher than the 
first, because you may have to repeat the clicking several times 
to move on. Sometimes the "Play Selecting Text" turns into 
"finding spots" for a sex scene.
The Photoshop has no interaction; you just click or press a key 
to go to the next picture in the sequence.

The  key can be used to quickly move through most text 
screens during a sequence, but will stop whenever your input is 
required. Hold it down to move quickly through a Photoshop.

To turn on the Photoshops, use a binary file editor on the 
"FLAG0" file to make bytes $214 and $215 have the value $11. This 
was done to all copies I've seen so far, but just in case you get 
a "virgin" copy, you can do it yourself.

If your copy of the game crashes during the Schoolgirl Shower 
sequence, and gives you a line with the word "S309" at the top of 
the screen, you are missing the S309.E file. A work-around is to 
create a zero byte long file S309.E; this will cause the graphics 
to be messed up on one screen, but the game will continue to run. 
To create a zero length S309.E file, at a DOS prompt enter:
sort > s309.e
and then press Ctrl-Z until you get back to the prompt.
The correct S309.E file is in a ZIP file on my website.

Also, you may get messed up graphics during a few screens while 
actually playing a sequence. I noticed problems with the first 
"Mummy" screen, and the "Witch with 2 potions" screen too. These 
may be due to data errors in game files, but the game is still 
playable. Or they could just be an incompatibility with my video 
card or something. There were no problems seen with the Photoshop 

A very nice person sent me the correct S309.E file! It should 
appear on my web site right next to the 'crescent.txt' file. Just 
put it in the same directory as the rest of the Crescent files. I 
verified that it corrects the graphics in the photoshop, but I 
haven't checked it in the actual game play.
But I expect it will work...
Also, I just noticed that I'm not getting any sound in the game. 
I guess I used to, since I mentioned it above. Don't know what 
happened besides that now I have a SB32 AWE PnP which otherwise 
works fine.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, please let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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