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Cobra Mission
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

* suggest using Courier or another monospace font so tables look nice *

These are hints, Q&A, and walkthroughs for the various parts of the game
Cobra Mission from Megatech (Liberty International).  The original source of
some of this is the Megatech BBS, but it has been heavily edited and a lot of
things added by Pete Karsanow (

For each area (neighborhood) in the game, first are questions and answers
(Q&A), then coordinates and short descriptions of points of interest, then
lists of what local stores sell, then a walkthrough of the area:
Central Cobra   - Area One
West Cobra      - Area Two
South Cobra     - Area Three
East Cobra      - Area Four
Cobra Cemetery  - Area Five

At the end of the file is other useful information:
Software & Hardware Problems
Inventory and Items
Advice from Pete

Central Cobra - Area One

Q. I'm walking around Central Cobra and I don't know what to do.
A. Get a part-time job making deliveries.
   Rocket Delivery is east of your partner's (Faythe) red house.

Q. OK, I'm a delivery boy, but no one takes my package!!
A. Wear your Rocket Delivery cap so people know who you are.
   At the menu, choose ITEM then CLOTHING to change hats.

Q. I found some lady's lingerie.  What are they for?
A. Find the person who will give you something for them.
   Look near your partner's house.

Q. How do I enter the hotel?
A. Defeat the Boss in Central Cobra! Then visit the hotel alone.  Be
   patient!  You'll soon have your chance.

Q. I used my Discount Coupon by mistake. Can I get another?
A. Go see the guy who gave you the coupon.

Q. I have a gun, but I can't fire it.  Why?
A. You need ammo.  A .44 Magnum uses .44 ammo and M10 Revolver uses M10 ammo.

Q. The Karoshic stole my gun!  Can I get it back?
A. No.  Once you lose your .44 Magnum, you need to reload your saved game.

Q. Why can't I get into Club 10?
A. Go to the Bar from Club 10 and listen to what Hugo has to say.

Q. When will the boss at Club 10 return?
A. He will return only after you've poked around town a bit.  Visit the
   Bridge, Railroad Crossing, City Hall and Railway Station.  Gather plenty
   of information and make all your deliveries.  Talk to the Bar Flies often
   so you know when the Boss returns.

Q. I've done everything - made my deliveries, been all over town - still
   no Boss at Club 10!
A. Go to Club 10, then talk to the Bar Flies, visit City Hall, talk once
   more with the Bar Flies, and finally go back to Club 10.

Q. I lost my partner in Club 10.  How do I rescue her?
A. Talk to the Bar Flies, then enter Club 10 through the back door.  The
   guys at the Bar will help you.

Q. I'm in Club 10, but I can't rescue my partner.
A. Find the key to the Boss' room.  His room is in the northwest corner of
   Club 10.

Q. I can't find the key!  Where is it?
A. The key is hidden in the plant beside the locked door.

Q. Can I recover my HP without using a Vitamax?
A. Yes. Go to your partner's house or walk around inside a building.

                        COORDINATES (each area 32n x 40e)
Your partner's House    14n  x  12e     Heals Characters, can Phone
Rocket Delivery         14n  x  16e     Red Cap & delivery job ($40 each)
Photo Junkie            14n  x  10e     Trade lingerie for pictures
Club 10                 29n  x   8e     BOSS of Central Cobra, 2 Lingerie
Bar BJ                   5n  x  23e     Hints, find $20, Poisonous Dart,
                                        Vitamax +, Pocket Knife
Train Station           29n  x   3e     Transportation to S. Cobra and Cemetery
Rose Hotel              29n  x   5e     Must enter alone
Cobra Pharmacy          33n  x  23e     Only do experiment once, find Vita Up,
                                        Vitamax +, Pocket Knife, Vitamax
City Hall               22n  x  28e     Hints
Estrille Shop           31n  x  37e     Weapons shop (use Discount Coupon)
Railroad Crossing       10n  x   1e     Way to West Cobra - need key
Angel Drugs              4n  x   5e     Clothing and drug store
House                    3n  x  36e     Do garden work for Metallic Bat, $20
under S tree             1n  x  39e     $10
under E tree             5n  x  39e     M10 Revolver Ammo
under N tree            32n  x  33e     $20
under S bush            28n  x  15e     Fire Cracker
in fountain             16n  x  39e     M10 Revolver Ammo
in fountain             11n  x  26e     M10 Revolver Ammo
bush E of tracks        16n  x   1e     Vitamax +
bush E of tracks         1n  x   3e     Vitamax ++
on tracks               17n  x   1e     farthest N you can go without
                                        being run over once train is running

Deliver To These People: (One lingerie item at each house)
Mr. B. Thompson         11n  x   3e     find Steel Pipe, Fire Cracker, Panty
Mr. J. Class             7n  x  12e     find Poisonous Dart, Vitamax +, Bra
Mrs. O. Pow             17n  x   8e     find Vitamax, $20, Panty
Mr. K. Stein             3n  x  30e     get Discount Coupon, find Poisonous
                                        Dart, Lingerie, Vitamax ++

Angel Drugs:            Buy    Sell
Vitamax                 $10    ($ 7)    Recover 10 hit points
Vitamax+                $50    ($35)    Recover 30 hit points
Fire Cracker            $30    ($22)    Useful in BOSS fights
Poisonous Darts         $50    ($35)    Useful in BOSS fights
SHERR Spray             $35   *($40)*   Stuns enemy for 10-20 seconds

Estrille Shop: (20% off with Discount Coupon)
Pocket Knife            $20    ($15)    Useful in West Cobra BOSS fight
Baseball Bat            $60    ($45)    Good weapon for male
Bull Whip               $75    ($55)    Good weapon for female
M10 Revolver          $3000   ($750)    Good weapon for BOSS fights
Vitamax                 $10    ($ 7)    Recover 10 HP
Vitamax+                $55    ($35)    Recover 30 HP

Central Cobra Walkthrough:

The game will start and do automatic movement until you get to the telescope
on the bridge.  You can move the "hole" around with the mouse.  Click to
exit. Shoot all 3 gang members.  It doesn't matter how many shots you use in
this combat, or how hurt you are, as long as you don't die.  You will resume
automatic movement to your partner's house.

At your partner's house in the middle of Central Cobra, she will join you.
Her house can be used as a base.  You are healed to full hit point capacity
when you enter her house.  So it's a good idea to visit the house when you're
in the area.  Rocket Delivery and the Photo Junkie are nearby.

Save often in Central Cobra because the Karoshic may steal valuable
equipment.  The .44 Magnum is irreplaceable.  If stolen, you must restore
your saved game and replay.

Visit Rocket Delivery, east of your partner's house, and get a job.  Wear the
Red Cap in order to make your deliveries.  After each delivery, return to
Rocket Delivery to get your pay and next assignment.  Make deliveries quickly
in order to get the maximum pay and not get fired.  Do not return to Rocket
Delivery unless you made your delivery.  Keep making deliveries until both
you and your partner have enough weapons, armor, and supplies from the two
shops: Estrille Shop and Angel Drugs.

Visit the Photo Junkie west of your partner's house.  Look for lingerie items
when you make your deliveries.  They may really be "Lady's Panty", "Lady's
Bra", or just "Lingerie", but they all act the same, so call them all
Lingerie.  Give them to the Photo Junkie, he will give you a sexy picture for
each lingerie.  There are 15 pieces of lingerie throughout Cobra Island, some
in the Boss' hideouts.

Be sure to visit all the important spots outlined above.  For example, talk
to everyone at Bar BJ, try to jump over the damaged bridge and report the
damage to City Hall.  Joe at the bar will tell you that a gang blew up the
East Bridge, and that Club 10 only allows girls in.  Hugo tells you Club 10
up north wants girls, but lies about making them models, and is white
slavery, the Boss "Tacker" can go through the railroad gate, and he has the
key and money. Beck tells you that work for Cobra Pharmacy is risky, and that
Club 10 takes deliveries.

Visit Club 10 twice and return to the Bar.  One customer will tell you that
Tacker, the Central Cobra Boss, has returned from West Cobra.

At the Pharmaceutical Research Center in the northeast, you should
participate in their clinical research, but only once.  Participating in the
research is optional.  Your Strength will increase one time.  Remember, only
participate once!  Being a human guinea pig will make you sick but you can
survive if you return there quickly.  Two times will kill you!  Return to the
research center for the antidote.

Save your game before entering Club 10.  After attempting to enter Club 10,
let your partner speak to the receptionist who will let her in.  She will be
kidnapped!  Return to the Bar and talk to Beck.  He is seated at the end of
the bar.  He knows how to get into Club 10.

With your Red Cap on, go to Club 10, the receptionist will send you to the
side door.  Go in to make your delivery.

You must click on the counter in front of people who are behind counters to
speak with them.  The auto-routing system does not recognize clicks on

Find the key in the plant near the door.  Save the game before entering.
Beat Tacker in order to save Steffie.  Search the room for lingerie.  Go get
your partner out of the next room, search this room for lingerie too.

Go to your partner's house and call Steffie for a date!

Be sure to re-equip your partner with a weapon before going into West Cobra!
Go to West Cobra through the Railroad Crossing.  Unlock it with the Club 10
key.  Buy vibrators at Keller's Adult Toy Shop in West Cobra and call Steffie

West Cobra - Area Two
Q. Can I fool around with the hooker at the Bar?
A. Yes.  But you must be alone.

Q. I want to learn Dowsing.  Can I?
A. No.  But your partner will learn soon.

Q. The guys at the bar want good liquor.  Is there any?
A. Yes.  Get a part-time job at Rocket Delivery in West Cobra.

Q. I've been to Winter's house, but he won't let me in?
A. Deliver goods to him.

Q. I can't find the good liquor in the Adult Toy Shop.
A. You need the Dowsing ability.  Take your partner to learn Dowsing at
   one of the four Row Houses.

Q. When will my partner finish her Dowsing lessons?
A. Take your partner's advice.  Visit the Bar.  Don't skip the hooker!

Q. I don't want to pay Winter back.  Do I have to give Winter the extra
   bottle of VSOP Cognac?
A. No.  If you keep the extra bottle, you might be able to sell it later
   for a good price.  If you give the bottle to Winter, he will give you
   something in return.

Q. I have new clothes.  Can I sell my old clothes?
A. Wait and sell them later in the game.

Q. I gave Wendell my VSOP cognac and now he's drunk, what do I do?
A. Wendell won't miss a thing while he's blitzed.  Keep talking to him
   until you're sure he's totally drunk.  Then take anything he has.

Q. Where is the key for the House of Leather and Chains?
A. Look in the four unlocked rooms as you first enter the House of Leather
   and Chains.  The key is hidden in one of these rooms under the carpet.

Q. I buy the farm each time I come up against the Boss!!  He kills me
   before I have a chance to fight.
A. Listen to the Bar Fly.  He will tell you about a guy in North Park.
   Find him and ask him about his daughter.

Q. The Boss is too strong!!  I still meet the Grim Reaper.
A. Visit the Adult Toy Shop.  Take the storekeeper's VSOP cognac and pay
   close attention as he can help you beat the Boss.  Make sure you choose
   your newly acquired item when you fight.  This will make the Boss very,
   very weak - he will beg you for mercy!!!

Q. I don't have the train engineer's whistle.  Can I still beat the Boss?
A. No.  You need the whistle.  Save your game often! (as many as 8 games)
   Load a game saved before you met the Boss.  Otherwise, start all over.

Entrance to Park        21n  x   7e     Railroad Engineer in Park
Fritz's Pub              9n  x  24e     Dominique ($100) for TECHS, Rotary
                                        Vibrator, Vitamax +, $50, M-80
Dowsing Club             7n  x  34e     Your partner learns Dowsing skill
Proven Shop              4n  x  28e     Weapons
House of Leather & Chains
      (HLC)              5n  x   7e     Boss of West Cobra, 2 Lingerie
Keller's Store           4n  x   4e     Adult Toy Shop
Rocket Delivery         21n  x  16e     Maps of South & West Cobra
Textas Store            28n  x  20e     Armor
in fountain             30n  x   7e     Sapphire Ring after Engineer gone
in N bush               33n  x   2e     Poisonous Dart
space between trees     32n  x  32e     $100
in fountain             26n  x  33e     $10
in W bush               10n  x  28e     M10 Revolver Ammo
behind store             5n  x  28e     $20
House                    6n  x  22e     Mow lawn to get $100, $50,

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