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Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

This is a hint/walkthrough file for the Japanese Windows adult 
anime game "Chikan", which was 12 1.44 Mb floppy disks worth of 
RAR files with a self-extractor .EXE, obtained from Game Deli. 
Original author is INTER HEART?

Ung at Game Deli said: "Chikan is a windows game. The game 
doesn't have a lot of text, but instead it has a lot of wave 
files of girls reacting to your actions. This game is about you 
taking the subway, meeting girls and having H with them. This 
game is 16 megs zipped up, so I zipped it up in 3 different 
files. Anyway download the 3 files and unzip them in the same 
folder, run chikanx.exe, and run chikan.exe to play the game. 
Also I think you'll need to insert a disk in drive A to play this 

He's right about A: to save CHIKANCG.DAT and the other game save 
files. Don't worry, it's a little file. Also, the 3 ZIP files 
contain 12 disks of RAR files.

In case you care, "chikan" means roughly "train-riding pervert 
who fondles girls". It's apparently not uncommon for this to 
happen on Japanese commuter trains each day. I found a mention in 
a tabloid about one chikan who specifically targeted deaf girls 
from a particular school for the deaf.

Game runs fine under Windows 95, although a Japanese text display 
driver like NJWIN is slightly helpful. Since all the graphics are 
.BMP files, there really is no need for a photoshop patch, but 
I've got one anyway. Playing the game is also not necessary, but 
I'll do what I can below. Game requirements are 16.1 Mb for the 
compressed RAR files, another 30.3 Mb for the game files, and a 
floppy disk with at least 1K free in A:. The PLAY.BAT file says 
you should have WIN/V or JWIN95 - not sure if that means Windows 
3.x will work, but I can tell you that Windows 95 does. Mouse 
required, sound card strongly recommended. 640*480 256 colors for 
graphics, although the H pictures are only 640*400.

When you start the game by running CHIKAN.EXE, you get a large 
popup dialog box with Yes/No. Choose 'Yes' to play the game, 'No' 
to chicken out before you even start. The second small popup 
dialog box is again Yes/No, and is basically asking you about 
using a saved CG file from drive A: (Yes), or playing without 
using one (No). If you have played the game before, or have a 
CHIKANCG.DAT file on A:, and want to use it, answer "Yes". After 
a few seconds, you get an "INTER HEART" window, and what seems 
like only an EXIT option. Just click on the interior of the 
window twice, and the game will put you at the main menu screen. 
You will see this "room" a lot if you play the game. Click once 
more anywhere, and you will get 3 H pictures (click to advance) 
and a splash screen with an annoying repeating noise. Click 3 
more times to get to the room again, and really start the game.

Throughout the rest of the game, the mouse cursor will often 
change at locations on the screen where something can happen. On 
the "room" screen, look for a "disk" near the monitor, and a 
"shoe" near the door. In the game screens while doing things to a 
girl, look for "tongue" and "hand" cursors, usually on the neck 
or cleavage or breast, lips, both breasts, butt cheeks, and 
crotch. In general, leave the room, pick a train, pick a car, and 
if you find a girl, fondle her so she lets you go further (pay 
attention to her expression in the small window). You can drag 
the small window with the girl's face to a convenient corner so 
it doesn't block the view. If you get bounced back to the room, 
try again! If you have been through 6 interactive screens, and 
get bounced out without a "bad" expression on the girl's face, 
you're probably finished with her - try going back one more time, 
and she won't be there if you really did it all.
Each girl will have a total of 6 screens in the CG area if 
completed. Either it didn't like my photoshop patch, or after you 
finish all the girls, you can go back and play any of them again.

In general, if you do something and get a "bad" expression, then 
don't do that action again for a while. But sometimes, repeating 
what you just did will move on to the next scene. 

On the Save/Load screen: left 1 through 5 are saves, right 1 
through 5 are loads, CG takes you to a girl select/cancel screen, 
the one below that will exit the save/load screen, last one at 
bottom will immediately exit the game.

Where the girls are:
# Time Car           Times are: 7:05, 7:35, 7:57
1 7:05 1
2 7:05 5 (only after #1 seen?)
3 7:35 2
4 7:35 3
5 7:57 1
6 7:57 4

I don't know if the girls have to be done in any particular order 
- I don't think so.

If you want to patch CHIKANCG.BAT yourself, it is 36 ($24) bytes 
long, all contents should be $01 to turn on all CG H pictures.

Notice that the difference between the "Bad" and "Happy" Endings 
is the text overlaid on the picture of two hands in handcuffs!

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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