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Chick's Tale
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

This is a hint/walkthrough file for the adult anime game "Chicks 
Story" (CHICKS). I got it distributed as 4 ARJ files. It came 
with a lot of "extra" files which might be necessary for your 
Windows installation. But for my Windows 95, apparently few were 
needed. In fact, I doubt if installation is really required for 
Windows 95.

Game requires NJWIN or similar Japanese language support to 
display Japanese characters in Windows, and a mouse. Uses 640*480 
256-color VGA graphics (640*400 might work, but my video card 
won't go that small). Sound or music is WAVE and MIDI files 
supported by Windows.

Click on "CHICKS.EXE" to run the game. Apparently this is a strip 
card game, where the card game is similar to "Hearts". However, 
the order of the cards is different, you always want to get rid 
of your cards, you can pass, and the person who goes out first 
gets to demand extra cards next round.

Li Sun had this to say: On the last night of their stay at a hot 
spring resort, 6 girls decided to play cards. The loser has to 
either take a drink or tell about a past H experience. You 
control one, and yes, that's a girl.

"Grothmag" has some useful information:
Chicks' Tale, this is a card game I learned as "asshole", with 
the loser in this version apparently recounting tales... it would 
be fun even if it wasn't H.
It's basically 5-player "asshole" plus a dummy.
I'll call the positions 1 (top, president, king) through 5 
(bottom, asshole) and "dummy".  Seating is clockwise in order 1 
-> 5.  Asshole leads first trick, then subsequent tricks are led 
by the winner of the previous trick. If a player "goes out" on a 
trick she wins, the next player clockwise leads the next trick. 
The objective is to get rid of all ones' cards as quickly as 

Allowable plays as leads:
any one card
any set of more than one card of the same denomination
any run of three cards of the same suit (3-4-5, for example). (I 
   don't know if runs larger than 3 cards are allowed)

Play continues clockwise until everyone passes.  Players may pass 
even if they can play, if they so desire.

Allowable plays after the lead:
- the same number of cards as the previous play, but of higher 
  (e.g. lead is 3, next can play a four or higher (only one 
  (e.g. lead is three threes, next can play any higher 
- the frog/joker
N.B. I have no idea what can be played on a "run", I've never 
seen it happen.

The rank of the cards is, lowest to highest:
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 jack queen king ace 2 frog/joker

There is only one joker, it can be played on anything, and it can 
not be played on (guaranteed trick!).

Playing four-of-a-kind has the added feature of reversing the 
ranks of the cards, so that 3 is the highest, 2 is the lowest. I 
believe the frog is still all-powerful.

Swapping cards: at the start of each round, player #5 must give 
her two highest cards to #1.  #4 must give her one highest to #2. 
This includes the frog! In return, players #1 and #2 choose which 
card to give to players #5 and #4; normally their lowest card 
that doesn't break a set.

The dummy: when a player loses (is last with cards) 3 times (note 
the 3 lights next to the player's image), the player becomes 
dummy, and often has to recount a tale.  The former dummy becomes 
#1, and all other players shift down one rank.  Sometimes a 
player doesn't have to tell a story, I don't know why.  The human 
player gets several (I don't know how many) "free" demotions to 
dummy wherein she doesn't have to recount a tale.  After these 
are used up, the next time the human becomes dummy she loses.

Presumably the final objective is to get through all the other 
players' stories without telling ones' own.  When one of your 
opponents runs out of stories, they are permanently the dummmy.  
From then on, any players losing three in a row tell their story 
& get bumped up to #1.

Thanks Gary!
One of my quicker efforts, at least on the photoshop front!
Even with the 16-bit color problem, I got to a working photoshop 
in only a few hours! The delay was the rules, and there they 
are above.

If you have a graphics card capable of displaying more than 256 
colors at once, if the photoshop graphics or other game graphics 
are only partially displayed (photoshop you see only lower 1/4 of 
screen), then make sure your card is set to display 256 colors. 
This drove me crazy for several hours, because my Windows 95 
works better in 16-bit color mode, and this is the first game 
I've found which didn't work correctly in more than 256 colors.

To speed up text display or the play of the game, hold down 
either SHIFT key. Clicking the mouse works too, but is much 

To display the photoshop, start "CHICKS.EXE", and click on the 
upper left area to display a 5-item pull-down menu. If you have 
Japanese character support in Windows, "GRAPHICS" is obvious. If 
not, it's the fourth one down, and "EXIT" is at the bottom.

The file that controls the display of the photoshop is "GR.FLG", 
and it is so small that I will tell you how to create one right 
Use your binary file editor to create a file of length 8, with 
$31 32 32 32 32 32 32 00
Save the file, then run CHICKS.EXE, and invoke the GRAPHICS 
option. You should get a popup menu with 6 options plus EXIT at 
the bottom. Each of the 6 options will have 3 (only 2 for the 
first one) options to the right. Click the mouse on one, then 
move right and click on a sub-option. You should get (except for 
the second one on #1, which has 5) 3 pictures each time. I don't 
know why the last 2 sub-options are the same picture with 
different text.

While playing the game, right-click in the dark red area where 
your cards are to get a game options menu. There's SAVE and LOAD, 
but I can't tell what the middle ones with 3 or 5 sub-options do 
at all!

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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