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Pia Carrot 1 Saturn Version
Author: Scream
Updated: 1999-12-17

Welcome to Pia Carrot!! FAQ
Japanese Windows '95 Version By Cocktail Soft
Sega Saturn Version By KID
FAQ By Herbert Quiong (
Edited By Scream 

NOTE: This abridged FAQ was based on the Sega Saturn version of Welcome to Pia Carrot! However, some of the information could also apply to the Japanese Windows '95 version. 

I. Background
II. Menus
III. Status Meter and Jobs
IV. Advanced Tips and Important Dates for Winning a Particular Girl 

I. Background 

In Welcome to Pia Carrot, you play yourself, a young eighteen-year-old who just finished high school. You plan on spending your last summer with your best friend Daishite-kun. However, you previously made a bet with your father concerning your grades. Since your test marks are not desirable, you lose the bet and must live up to your promise by working at your father's restaurant, Pia Carrot. 

What seems like a lame summer of slave labor becomes the greatest and most memorable summer of your life. What makes things interesting are all the cute girls who work at the Pia Carrot and who dine there. 

You already know Shyouko-chan, a childhood friend, and Satomi-chan, a classmate with whom you've had a crush on, will be working with you; yet, as the summer goes by, the interaction with the other girls becomes intense, and you must choose who you want. There are a total of nine girls, Satomi, Shyouko, Reika, Yukiko, Sayori, Airi, Shiho, Kiyomi, and Yukari, to court after. 

Some will be easy to win over while others will require much sacrifices, patience, gentleness, perseverance, and chivalry. Your goal is to fall in love with a girl by the end of the summer, feelings must be mutual, and to have her meet you in the park on August 28th after you call her. 

II. Menus 

The interface, which is in English, is set up on the top of the screen. 

Data - displays the profiles of each of the girls you know (changes as different events occur)
Rest - sleep
Study - study
Call - call someone
Move - go somewhere
Item - use an item, play a game, read a book
System - view meter, save, load, end game 

Data Menu (in order):
1. Satomi Morihara
2. Shyouko Inaba
3. Reika Kokuba
4. Shiho Kannasuki
5. Yukiko Kawai
6. Kiyomi Kitagawa
7. Sayori Imae
8. Yukari Tachibana
9. Airi Kashikura
10. Rumi X (you pick) 

Move Menu (in order):
1. Pia Carrot
2. School
3. Park
4. Karaoke Box
5. Shotto Bar
6. In Front of the Train Station
7. Cemetary
8. Comic Show
9. Your Room 

Call Menu (in order):
1. Satomi
2. Shyouko
3. Reika
4. Shiho
5. Yukiko
6. Kiyomi
7. Sayori
8. Yukari
9. Daishite
10. Airi 

Note: if you haven't met a girl yet, her name will not appear in the Data Menu and Call Menu. For some characters, you must get their phone number before you can call. The places to move will also be the same. If an event is not ready, you cannot go there. The unused and missing spaces are blank if you haven't achieved it on your list (just count the spaces if you have a problem). 

III. Status Meter and Jobs 

The status meter measures your character. 

(From Top to Bottom)

Jobs (in order):
Waiter - increases style fast, high interaction with employees and customers
Cashier - increases style and strength slowly, interaction with employees and customers
Cook - increases energy and strength slowly, employee interaction only
Vegetable Cutter - increases energy slowly, employee interaciton only
Dishwasher - ? on status, employee interaction only
Maintenance - increases strength slowly, some interaction with employees and customers
Stockboy - increases strength fast, employee interaction only 

IV. Advanced Tips and Important Dates for Winning a Particular Girl 

This game can be a real bummer if you lose, by default, you end up buying your little sister birthday presents if you are not charming enough to woo one of the girls. Next to each name is my personal opinion on the difficulty in having her fall in love with you, and next to that is my own personal review of the story, same as the movie system, from 1 to 4 stars. Between the important key dates, you should follow the basic tips listed. The important dates are mandatory elements for success. 

Satomi Morihara (Very Hard) ****
- In the beginning, visit the park often because Satomi's usually there
- Towards the end, call her daily and come over for breakfast
- Always say her food is delicious
- Don't mess areound with Shyouko or Reika
- Always work as the cook, she comes to visit you
- Don't talk to others too much
- Focus all your attention on Satomi 

Important Dates 

8/12 invite Shyouko and Satomi to your house
8/15 festival
8/18 don't go on a family trip
8/23 agree to go on vacation with the Pia Carrot staff
8/24 go to Satomi's place, go to the beach, don't ask about Shyouko
8/28 call Satomi 

Shyouko Inaba (Very Easy) *** 1/2
- Call her and talk to her after work a lot
- She is very aggressive, just say 'yes' whenever she asks you out
- Can play around, you can actually date her just once and win with her 

Important Dates 

8/5 karaoke date
8/12 invite her to your house
8/15 festival, walk home
8/18 don't go on trip with family
8/20 another karaoke
8/23 agree to go on vacation with the Pia Carrot staff
8/24 go to Shyouko's place, go to the beach
8/28 call Shyouko 

Reika Kokuba (Hard and Confusing) ***
- She is very provocative, enjoy her advances
- Go to the Pia Club with her after work
- Don't over do it
- She will appear to avoid you, keep calling 

Important Dates 

7/28 say no to Shyouko
7/29 go shopping
7/31 be bad
8/23 agree to go on vacation with the Pia Carrot staff
8/24 go to the lobby, follow Reika, stay in your room
8/28 call Reika 

Kiyomi Kitagawa (Medium) *** 1/2
- Go to school every morning
- Call her on Saturday's and Sunday's
- Go home every night after work
- Study hard 

Important Dates 

8/10 Kiyomi calls and you meet
8/18 agree to go with family on vacation
8/19 go see Kiyomi, don't go for a boat ride, meet on beach
8/23 don't go with Pia Carrot staff
8/24 go to school, take your test, be bad
8/28 call Kiyomi 

Yukari Tachibana (Easy) **
- Talk to Yukari-san a lot
- Dishwasher/Maintenance are the key jobs
- Can play around
- Let the credits roll 

Important Dates 

8/9 encounter
8/14 encounter
8/23 don't go away with Pia Carrot staff
8/26 Yukari calls you, get her phone number, call back, meet Yukari in the park, say don't dislike
8/28 call Yukari 

Shiho Kannatsuki (Hard and Confusing) ***
- Go to Pia Carrot every morning
- Go to Pia Carrot on your off days
- Call Shiho on Tuesdays
- Don't play around
- Always say you are here to see her
- Always agree to do extra work
- Let the credits roll 

Important Dates 

8/1 help out
8/18 don't go with family
8/19 call Shiho, meet in front of the train station, don't wait
8/23 don't agree to go on vacation
8/24 call Shiho
8/28 call Shiho 

Yukiko Kawai (Medium - Hard) *** 1/2
- Go to the train station on Thursdays and Fridays
- Call Daishite sometime before the comic show
- On your day off, go to the Pia Carrot
- Say you are here to see her
- Don't be a wimp, stand up for poor Yukiko 

Important Dates 

8/2 encounter
8/17 go to the comic show
8/18 comic show, go see Samurai Shodown cosplay girl
8/23 agree to go
8/23 defend her honor versus Kensuke
8/24 move to lobby, wait, talk a little, stay in room
8/27 hear out Kensuke
8/27 sacrifice sex
8/28 call Yukiko 

Sayori Imae (Medium) ****
- Go to the school a few times at first
- Go to the cemetary
- Don't talk with the other girls
- Can play around a bit before you meet her 

Important Dates 

8/2 don't be an ass
8/14 when she comes over, go to the cemetary
8/18 don't go with family
8/23 don't agree to go with Pia Carrot staff
8/24 go to cemetary, talk with Sayori, get her phone number
8/26 Sayori comes over, sacrifice sex in your room to win, go to school
8/28 AM call Sayori, PM call Sayori again 

Airi Kashikura (Very Hard) ****
- Airi isn't hard to win over, but she is VERY hard to find
- Take chances
- Don't give up
- Can play around before you meet her 

Important Dates 

8/4 second appearance
8/8 drama at the Pia Carrot
8/17 Airi calls
8/18 ask her out
8/19 date at the amusement park
8/23 don't agree to go with Pia Carrot staff
8/24 go to Pia Carrot, talk to Airi
8/28 call her, ditch school

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