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Peeping Boy Ona
Author: Nymph
Updated: 1999-12-17

Here is a walkthru for the Japanese Windows game Onanii Peeping Boy by Candy Soft (c) 1997. Since I can't find a photoshop for this game, I will give you the walkthrough instead.

You are this guy at school who likes to peep on girls. In this game, there are 5 girls for you to peep and then, if you are lucky, seduce. If you have made any wrong dicision, you have to start from the beginning of a certain stage. However you can save the game when you are confronted with the choices. Move your mouse close to the title bar at top and a pop-up menu bar will appear. The Menu bar contains:
- File (New, Load, Save | Load saved files | Quite)
- Speed of text (fast, medium, slow)
- Help (About...)

You can choose one of the 5 girls to begin with:
1. Reiko
2. Harumi
3. Sayoko
4. Shinobu
5. Tomoko

And here is the walkthru part. Note that "*" indicate where you will start over in case you make a wrong dicision. Each story of the girls have three parts and you don't need to go back to the very beginning to start over, provided you have successfully completed the previous part.

1. Reiko: bab*abbbb*abbba

2. Harumi: aaabbb*bbbb*babbbbab

3. Sayoko: abbb*bbab*bbbbbb

4. Shinobu: aab*bbbb*bbbbbb

5. Tomoko: aab*bbb*aabb

I'm not sure if this is the only way to complete the game though. Each of these ends as you just have started to have sex with that girl after peepkng enough. Yet, when I made some wrong choices, I saw different H pics sometimes. You can save at any point (where you make a choice) in as many data files as you like. I think that is how you can make up a photo collection for your own with this game.

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