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Aishimai (Sisters in Love)
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 2002-12-12

This is a hint/cheat file for the adult anime DOS/V game "Aishim" 
(also known as "Sisters in Love", "SL", or "Ai Shimai") from 
"Silky's". At one Internet WWW source for the game it was posted 
as The game was also supposedly posted on the 
Usenet group, but I happened 
to be away that week. It is usually distributed as 1 zip file 
which just needs to be unzipped in its own directory (just for 
neatness) before play. I've got it in two versions, which I call 
AISHIM and SL. The differences between them are explained below.

The game requires DOS/V or DOSJ to see the Japanese text, and 
some expanded (EMS) memory (512K?) to operate. DOSJ will need 
some extended memory too.
Run PLAY.BAT (for SL) or GAME.BAT (for AISHIM) to start the game. 
The game has 640 by 480 16-color VGA graphics, and automatically 
detects SoundBlaster-like cards (no problem with a ProAudio 
Spectrum 16) to play music. The AISHIM version has slightly 
different *.DAT files, and has no music. Personally, I prefer the 
"SL" version, because of the lack of the 2-choice thing at the 
beginning, and the presence of the music. The graphics appear to 
be the same in both. I was able to get both versions to work in 
full-screen MS-DOS in Windows 95.

This game seems to be your opportunity to get at two young girls, 
and two older ones too, as well as see some lesbian action. The 
story is (thanks to Li Sun) that you force the lady that hit your 
father/uncle's (oyaji) car to sign a money loan paper. With that, 
you have fun with her, and her two daughters happen to be in your 
school. Your uncle and his secretary are in the fun too, 
somewhere. The worst of the endings is that you end up in prison, 
the best is that your uncle is arrested and you live happily. But 
since this game is menu driven, if you don't read kanji, good 
luck finding the "happy" endings.

When you start the AISHIM version, you get a choice of two 
options: they choose between "transparent" and "solid" 
backgrounds for the menus, and do nothing more as far as I can 
tell. The SL version skips right past that and is always 
transparent. The PLAY.BAT and GAME.BAT files are slightly 
different too, and using one with the "wrong" game will cause 
problems. I don't know what the "D" or "E" argument does, but in 
one case the game won't start, and in the other case the main 
menu loses the "exit game" choice, and there's no way to quit 
except to restart the computer. If somebody wants to disassemble 
the SILV executable, they can figure this one out. Also, the 
AISHIM version doesn't make you wait for the vertical red letters 
to appear on the main menu screen, and doesn't do the "shaking 
screen" animation in two of the endings.

The  key will advance you past all the text to the next 
menu choice in the game. Using it may also reduce the delay 
before the main menu appears when starting the game.

In the initial (main) menu, the first menu selection starts you 
at the beginning of the game, at a car crash scene.
The next 5 selections load saved game 1 through 5 and begin play 
from there.
The next option is the Photoshop, where you see all the sexy 
scenes marked as seen in the game. Use the  key to fly 
through these, but notice that some have animation which must 
complete before it will go to the next screen.
After the Photoshop option, the next option will let you jump 
into individual sexy sequences in the game. Those that you 
haven't seen yet can't be selected on the following sub-menus. 
On all of those, the last option will back you out. In the 
sequences, you will have to select options to proceed from screen 
to screen.  Play these the same way as the real game.
After the sequence option, the next option will bring up a 
sub-menu listing all the endings in the game which have been 
marked as seen. You can select any of these and run through it to 
the end. As before, select the last option on the sub-menu to 
back out.
And finally, the last main menu option will exit the game. But 
first, you have to confirm on a sub-menu by selecting cancel 
(top) or exit game (bottom).

The file "FLAG5" controls which endings are marked as seen, and 
which pictures show up in the photoshop. By changing byte $52 
through $E8 to the value $11 with a binary file editor, all 10 
endings are marked as seen, all the sequences can be seen, and 
all 78 pictures are turned on in the photoshop. These are 
presumably all the sexy scenes in the game, and I didn't even try 
to find all the endings the "normal" way. The copy of SL that I 
got had most of the endings and pictures already set, and the 
copy of AISHIM didn't, so I was able to narrow down the 
possibilities quickly.

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, please let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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