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Author: Nymph
Updated: 2002-12-10

ACT - Action game. Think of shooting or combat-type games. Sometimes game like TETRIS is also included in this category.

ADV - adventure game. mostly text reading stuff and do so-called "interactive" commands as someone from Jastusa puts it.

BGM - Back Ground Music.

CD-DA - compact disc direct audio. music cd tracks (the stuff u play on your stereo).

CONSOLES: SS/PS/N64/PCE/DC - Well-known game platforms. Stands for "Sega Saturn", "PlayStation", "Nintendo 64", "PC Engine", "DreamCast".

DOS/V - This is an enhanced version of PC-DOS (or later MS-DOS) with multibyte-language font module as a add-on. Though some H-games were ported, it was soon replaced by Win95 and is almost extinct.

GM/GS/XG - Standards to map specific sound to specific instrument specified in MIDI format. GM stands for "General MIDI" and is a international standard. GS/XG are "extended" version of GM and is proprietary. Unfortunately, if you want real BGM in games using MIDI, GS is the only choice.

"H" - [a.] indescent, sexual [n.] person or object which has the nature defined as (a).

"HENTAI" - [a.] *abnormally* sexual, perverted [n.] person or object which has the nature defined as (a).

JIRAI - Mine (<- one that is explosive). The word used to describe badly-made, time-and-money consuming crap (can't even call it "game"). Major similarities are: 1. Usually "hidden" and seems "safe", making people gather around. 2. Can't be detected unless "touched". 3. Causes actual damage (financial and mental)

MIDI - Don't know what it stands for, but it's a name of music (not sound) file format used in various games.

NVL - Novel. The term become well-accepted after Visual Novel series from Leaf had a huge success. This is somewhat between ADV and "Digital Comic".

PC-98 - This is not a PC98 specification from Intel/Microsoft, but a DOS-based 15year-old personal computer system from NEC. This was a major platform of these "H"-games before Win95 came out.

PCM - Stand for "Pulse Code Modulation". But you can happily forget about it, since it usually means Windows WAV sound format.

RPG - role playing game. self explanatory.

SLG - simulation/strategy game. games that needs a considerable amount of thought and planning. Princess maker, which involves planning your 8 years of life, is an example. I think the strategy part is 0bvious.

SS - "Short Story" created by fan. Usually found in fanzines.

This list has been created from the messages on the Anime Densetsu Message Board. The entries were taken from:

If you have any additions please post a message on the Anime Densetsu Message Board ;)

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