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Ace of Spades
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 2002-12-12

This is advice and a photoshop patch for the Windows 3.x and 95 
adult anime game "Ace of Spades", (AceSpade) from LOVEGUN. Video 
resolution needed is probably 640*480*256. Game came as 1 zip 
file. When you unzip, let the game create the subdirectories it 
will need. There are two executables, ACE95.EXE and ACEWIN.EXE, 
and a README.TXT (in English!).

You don't need any special Japanese fonts or software to make 
this game work, but NJWIN or something similar will make the 
Japanese text readable once the game gets going.

There is a hacked version of this game with some text translated 
into English. Do a search on "sidewalker" to find 
the site where you can download the update patch. It only 
changes some of the text, and you will still need to run NJWIN 
or something similar to see the Japanese text and numbers.
One noticeable error is that "flush" and "straight" are swapped. 
The latest (7/05/99) patch displays the numbers for poker 
and blackjack in English. Other than getting all the text shown 
when the girls introduce themselves or are shown losing, the 
game is playable as-is, even in Japanese.

MIDI files are used for music. Like CHUSHAKI, I had problems 
with MIDI either not working or coming out strange on my SB 32 
AWE PnP. And like the CHUSHAKI MIDI files, these are also 
compressed into a single track with SysEx stuff too. So, the 
workaround is to run Media Player, change Device / Properties 
"Single instrument" to "OPL3" and see if it sounds better.

This game apparently supports both Windows 95 and 3.x, going by 
the two different executables supplied. I happen to like the 
ACEWIN.EXE one, because the menu item text actually shows up, 
where in ACE95.EXE you get a bunch of "___" sometimes follwed by 
something like "(X)". No installation needed, but the game will 
create a LOVEGUN.INI file in WINDOWS. Remember to remove this 
in case you ever delete the game.

I'd like to thank whoever wrote the README.TXT file that came 
with my copy of the game. The following is based heavily on 
Ace of Spades is an anime strip Poker and Blackjack game. When 
you start the game, after a few seconds you will be able to 
select menu options from the top menu bar. They are, from left 
to right, and top to bottom:
(G)-Game                    (O)-Options              (H)-About
  (C)-new game                [see below]
    (S)-start new game
    (1)-start Poker in second round of dealers
    (2)-start in second round of dealers (choose Poker/BJ later)
  (P)-practice Poker
  (B)-practice Blackjack
  (M)-Music jukebox
  (X)-Exit game (Yes/No)
You can also use the usual methods (close box, Alt-F4) to exit 
the game, but there is always a Yes/No to answer.
The English patch removes some of these menu choices, but those 
that remain are now readable in English.

Now, about the (O)ptions menu. Well, all that's there is 
(S)-Sound, which brings you to a dialogue box with two sections 
of radio buttons. The top one is for music, the bottom is for 
"Wipe" but I can't tell what that does. The music one is really 
only a choice between MIDI and nothing, because all of the 
others will turn off sound - maybe some of the PCM ones will 
work on your sound card, but for my SB 32 AWE PnP, they are as 
good as the top choice (apparently no music at all).

Well, I'm sure you either want to play the game or see the 
Photoshop. When you play, both Poker and Blackjack use the same 
interface. Left click on a card to turn it over in Poker, then 
click on CHANGE to get new cards. In Blackjack, left click on 
the CARD 5 to get a hit, on STAND (or right click) to stand and 
see what the dealer does. Win 10 hands (ties are a win for both) 
before the dealer does to see pictures and keep going. Lose 4 of 
those blocks of 10 to the dealer, and you lose.

The Photoshop at last! Look at the LOVEGUN.INI file. Add (if it 
isn't there already) a line, or edit the existing one to read:
Yes, that's 32 "p". I don't know exactly which ones are 
significant, but once you do that and start the game again, all 
the pictures will be available in the Photoshop. Ignore the 
"POKER" and "BJ" lines.

In the Photoshop, select a single picture to view, and then any 
mouse click will bring you back to the picture select menu. 
Click on the large box at the bottom to exit the Photoshop.

In case you really want to know, a "p" in the 32 positions will:
("E" is off, "p" is on, all off gives you just 5 pictures for 
girl 1 and 1 picture each for girls 2 through 8, there is only 1 
picture for girl 8)
(multiple "p" can do strange things)
1 - nothing by itself
2 - nothing by itself
3 - turn on sexy pix for girls 2 and 3 and 4
4 - turn on sexy pix for girl 2
5 - nothing by itself
6 - nothing by itself
7 - nothing by itself
8 - nothing by itself
9 - nothing by itself
10- nothing by itself
11- nothing by itself
12- nothing by itself
13- nothing by itself
14- nothing by itself
15- nothing by itself
16- nothing by itself
17- turns on sexy pix for girls 5 and 6 and 7
18- turns on sexy pix for girl 5
19- nothing by itself
20- nothing by itself
21- nothing by itself
22- nothing by itself
23- nothing by itself
24- nothing by itself
25- nothing by itself
26- nothing by itself
27- nothing by itself
28- nothing by itself
29- nothing by itself
30- nothing by itself
31- nothing by itself
32- nothing by itself
So, it turns out that all you REALLY need to do is put a "p" in 
positions 3 and 17 to turn on all the sexy pictures.

The 1.0a English patch used to erase the photoshop; the 1.1 
patch either keeps what you had or turns them all on, I can't 
tell. It took me about an hour to get all the girls back 
though. Note that in the last round of play, you lose all ties, 
where you used to win them.

Notice that girl 2 and 3 both change eye color?

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other adult anime games, please let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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