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Ultra Vixen from Pixis
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

This is a hint/walkthrough file for the adult sort-of-anime game 
"Ultra Vixen" from Pixis. However you got it, under Windows 95 
you run UVIXEN.EXE or it starts automatically from the CD, and 
under Windows 3.x you run UV31.EXE, and I guess you go hungry if 
you are still using DOS.

You can usually immediately exit the game by pressing "Esc". The 
game reccomends that you use 256 colors instead of 16-bit or 
higher video modes. I didn't notice any problems under 16-bit 
mode, but your mileage may vary. Sound and music support was 
automatic. Most of the game's music is in a large AIF file. To 
exit the starting sequence, left click once on the left "margin". 
You will go to the main menu screen then, or if you wait.

Main Menu Screen:
top right corner red button (green when mouse on it) - show 
   starting sequence, once again left click on left margin to 
upper left red button - no effect!
upper left green button below it - no effect!
I'll skip all of the other buttons and tell you that the HELP 
   button is the middle one on the bottom (? inside it). That 
   will tell what almost all of the other buttons on the main 
   menu screen, and the game play screens, look like and what 
   they do.

The HIDE button pops up a boss screen, left click to resume game. 
Or press "Esc" to exit the game and the boss screen.

In the HELP screen, press the far left green left arrow to go 
back to the main menu screen. Press one of the red arrows to go 
forward or back a page - there are 4 pages to the help.

The Photo Gallery starts off with some pictures. Press the 
forward jump or exit arrows to leave.

The button at the bottom of the "console" that looks like a dot 
in a circle is the sound control. In the Photo Gallery it is 
either sound on or sound off - which should be obvious unless 
something outside the game is low or off. In the game it has 3 
levels: music and voice, music without voice, no music and no 
voice. This one is a little tough to figure out until you 
realize that the voice for the cartoon dialogue balloons is 
played only once when you first see the screen.
If you can't hear a click noise when you press the button, then 
your sound is turned low or off outside the game.

To start playing the game, click on the girl face button at the 
main menu screen. First time through, you get to see an 
interesting intro that sets the stage. Sort of Project-Ako meets 
the Overfiend! It's a little wrong though - looks like Heather 
gets pulled in with Ariel, but the game only talks about Zig, and 
never shows him after the bit at the beginning with the fast car. 
Never mind... This is the first game I've ever seen that even 
attempts to explain the torture gear in the various sex scenes in 
a realistic manner.

First Scene (Belsen):
Stage One
Notice the white circle up near the upper right corner? That's 
the score, currently 0. Not figuring this out messed up my first 
few minutes bigtime. Do good things, score goes up, and green bar 
gets bigger until it overflows yadda yadda. Do bad things, red 
bar below gets bigger, when it overflows you lose and get sent 
back to start.
To enter a zoom-in view with tools to play with, click when the 
mouse pointer turns into a pointing finger rather than a hand. I 
know, it does that down in the lower right corner so you can see 
what you're clicking on too. To exit a zoomed-in view, click on 
the right side button on the console.
In the following instructions, if #1 turns on red things, go try 
#2, and if all else fails try #3 if there is one. Also, stop 
moving the mouse when you hear a giggle noise or the green bar 
overflows. If you keep doing that, the score will go down, and 
eventually red things appear.

1. You'll find you can't do much if you go after her butt. Ignore 
that view for now. Make sure she's right side up, and click on 
the pincer things near her tits, either one. Drag the right one 
up and down until the giggle. Ignore the mouth plugger for now. 
Notice how her nipples are connected to her eyelids?
2. The other thing that gets you points on this stage is the 
blowtorch. Drag the mouse pointer back and forth on the flame to 
raise and lower it. Again, stop when you hear a giggle.
3. Use the hypodermic once if both the pincers and blowtorch 
lower the score or turn on red things.

Stage 2
#1 is blowtorch again
2. Click on the mouth plug to get to the vibrating tit covers 
The covers are optional this time, but the pincers are right out! 
Drag the mouth plug in and out.

Stage 3
1. Click on silver rod thing near bottom center of screen to get 
view of powered pussy pounder and anal probe. Turn on the 
pounder, then drag the anal probe in and out (with pounder is 20 
points each, but without is only 10 points).
2. Mouth plug again, but this time use pincers for double points!

Scene 2 (Shinjuku Subway)
Stage 1
Just play with the toys here, although I couldn't do anything 
with the green circle. Notice that the white feather usually gets 
a very short giggle when you use it, not the regular one. The 
only bad one at this point is the blue dildo, either in pussy or 
mouth. Notice that the hand by itself is a tool. The wand is the 
best choice usually.

Stage 2
Hand alone is good, and not just on tits and pussy. Try the 

Stage 3
Either my copy is messed up, or the icons just stopped working 
the way they used to. Just noticed you can turn her around and 
try to use a butt plug, but that doesn't work for me. The green 
circle is a gag for the mouth. The hand on the butt or the butt 
plug is also good at some point in this. I'm starting to think 
this game doesn't like me using Notepad while I'm playing...

Scene 3 (Far Future)
Stage 1
The green bar on the left side represents how much time you have 
1. Lots of toys all around, the mouth plug is a silver thing just 
to the right of her head. 
2. The pincers are the other thing to try. If they stop working, 
try something else once, then come back.

Stage 2
1. pincers with hat
2. tit pans without mouth plug

Stage 3
1. mouth plug without pincers
2. turn her around, click on power dildo on bottom, slide it in 
and out of mouth.

Actually, some of these may differ in your play of the game. 
Don't be afraid to experiment, the worst you can lose is 10 or 20 
points and get some red things. I haven't seen a different ending 
depending on your score. There is probably a cheat in there, but 
I haven't figured it out yet.

If you let time run out in the last scene, you get a few pictures 
of the Earth blowing up.


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