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Virtual Valerie 2
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

The following is mostly postings from a newsgroup. You should be 
able to figure out how to get further in the game after reading 
them. Good luck!

I can't get past 180 points on Virtual Valerie 2, but you should 
be able to reach 1000. But do any of you VV2 players know how to 
advance past the motorcycle?  I click the mouse, but that just 
puts me back at the beginning. Besides, there's no tool to use on 
that level. What's the right way to advance from there?

Well for me, after I got 200 points and I got her to climax, it 
automatically went to the Buttblaster level, which gives you 100 
points each time she climaxes.

Butt-Blaster level
To access this one must click on the VV2 logo at the bottom right 
hand corner of the screen then click on the climax button at the 

There is a secret "buttblaster" level which has 2 times as many 
scenes as just playing the normal levels. Get over 200 points, 
and you have to be in the middle room while you get the over 200 
points and then you'll get the Secret Level. It is definitely 
much better than the normal level. You can easily accumulate up 
to 1000 points when you get there as well.

According to AVN's multimedia supplement you must score points by 
bringing Valerie to orgasm.  You get more points, I guess, 
through petting than intercourse.  At least that's what the file 
said.  Hell, I can't get more than 150 points.  The perfect score 
is 1000.  If you get that, you're supposed to be able to go to 
the bonus level--which "promises sexual wonders that dwarf the 
imagination".  This is different than the buttblaster level which 
must be found after you work your way through all three 
sex-scenes.  The hell if I know how to get there!

When starting the game (make sure you have no points) go to one 
of the scenarios and click on the "VV" icon at the bottom right 
and then click on the climax button. You'll go into some new 

middle mode P - after climax - only on pussy - do right tit to 
get extra scene - then on pussy to continue

If you get Valerie to climax in ALL of the scenes (you'll lose 
points in the left room for sure), and probably if you have over 
1000 points too, you get a special show where Valerie does a 
dance, then you get your score.
has a LOT of advice

Hope some of this helps you! Personally, this was fun for only an 
hour or so, and some of that was just trying bizarre things to 
find any other cheats in the game (couldn't find any others than 
those above).

Pete Karsanow -

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