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Neurodancer from Pixis
Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

If you're getting frustrated with playing "Neurodancer" from 
Pixis, here are a few hints and a major spoiler.

First, the control panel on the right side of the screen has 
several buttons on it. When you start the game, the "Phone" or 
"Access Net" button will blink until you click on it. The big 
triangular one just right of that is the "Orb In/Out" button. You 
can't recall your Orb next to a junction box, just move away and 
try again. The button below the "Phone" button isn't really used, 
though it sometimes exits out of things. Use the two buttons to 
the left instead: the top one is the "Logout" button, and below 
it is the "Hook In/Out" button used when at a junction box. Use 
the 3 arrow buttons on the left side of the panel to move and 
turn the Orb. The process of getting phone credits is 
complicated, and actually unnecessary given the spoiler below.

The "Phone" stuff allows you to access the 3 dancers (Kim, 
Jennifer, and Katara), as well as a lot of mostly useless video. 
Channel 4 on Online Services appears to show the guy from Virtual 
Vixens as a robotic aerobics instructor.

You can play the movie files with a Windows Media Player that has 
QuickTime for Windows drivers, or the QuickTime Movie Player.

There are 3 ways to get phone credits (money) in the game.

The 'legal' one is to send your Orb into the maze and move it 
around. If you tap the Hook In/Out button fast enough at a 
junction box, you can get up to 800 credits, 100 at a time, from 
the 8 junction boxes in the maze. That turns out to be too little 
to really do anything in the game.

The second way is to get at least 100 credits with the Orb, and 
then call a girl. While she is dancing or the game is waiting for 
you to click on something after she's finished dancing, you can 
click on the small "static" area (may be a really small display) 
on the left side near the bottom of the screen. Each click should 
get you 500 and a beep noise. I never reached a limit, although I 
once got up to 3.6 million credits.

The third way (and the one I suggest) is to access the Messages, 
and click on the static area before or during playing a message.

This game is a bit disappointing, because all you get to see is 
some topless dancing, and removal of panties. No pussy at all! 
Compared to this, I'd recommend "Virtual Vixens" instead.

Pete Karsanow -

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