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Author: Hentai Helper
Updated: 1999-12-17

This is a hint file for the non-adult (sort of) anime game 
PACHINKO. It lets you play in 8 Pachinko parlors on any of about 
10 different machines (about 6 machines in each parlor, lots of 
duplicates to total up to 120 although they're numbered up to 
150). The game files are available via ftp from in /pub/anime/software as pachinko.arj. Yes, 
you will need an ARJ decoder for this one. Go find one yourself; 
some say ARJ is better than ZIP.

Note that there are two executables in the game. The DPVQ file 
has music and sound (worked fine on my Pro Audio Spectrum 16 
emulating SoundBlaster with no game settings necessary). The DPV 
file is quiet. Mouse is supported if your driver is installed 
when you start the game. Graphics are 640*480 16-colors VGA.

The center menu has 6 options. From top to bottom they are:
1. change your name (with an English keyboard!)
2. load a saved game (up to 10)
3. save a game in one of 10 slots
4. four different top 10 boards
5. unknown switch or reset function
6. exit to DOS; need to confirm

All popup windows with two choices are Yes/Exit and No/Stay.

You need to change some of your money into pachinko balls before 
you can play on the machines. Change them back by going to the 
girls at the back counter. Each building has a different exchange 
rate. To adjust how far pachinko balls are shot, move the mouse 
up or down. When playing a pachinko machine, right click the 
mouse to stop shooting balls. You can then exit a machine to go 
to the parlor floor.

You need DOS/V or DOSJ to see the Japanese text, but the game is 
playable without it, if you can't read Japanese anyway...

The reason I said "non-adult (sort of)" above is that if you get 
the big bonus on some of the machines, for example the Madonna 
one, the little animations show really tiny naked figures. So if 
even really tiny naked women upset you, then avoid this game.

I was able to modify the SAVEDATA.DAT file to give me millions, 
and then let the computer shoot balls for a long time until I got 
the big bonus on several different machines. Even though I once 
had a Pachinko machine of my own when I was a kid, this got to be 
rather boring, even with the lights and sounds and all. But if it 
interests you, here it is!

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade 
this or other anime games, please let me know.

Peter Karsanow -

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