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Name: Touch Me ~koi no o-kusuri~ (90.00% in 6 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Mink
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Lamuness

The games Mink made have been pretty "dark," until their latest game, Touch Me. Unlike previous Mink games, Touchme is a pure love simulation game, or you can call it an AVG.

The player is in the medical major. Under the threat of your father, you go to an all-girls high school and spent a month there as a doctor at the health department (you know, those kinda of medical people you go see if you feel sick or injured at school). Of course, a male doctor in an all-girls school is pretty odd and rare. Basically, during your month of stay, you will meet a total of 5 girls, each having their own personality and problems/troubles in love. So, as a school doctor, you have to somehow see to their hearts, help them somehow and make them feel happy. Maybe you will end up having a relationship with them too...

You and everybody else go to school on weekdays as well as saturday morning. You will have a chance to walk around school before school starts, lunch break, and after school. Each break has a different time limit, and during that time limit you can walk around school and by chance you may be able to meet girls, chat with them, have lunch with them, etc. As you do things or say good things to them, their impression will increase, and certain events will appear only if the impression gets to a certain point. On sundays, you can choose to go out with a girl for a date, or you can choose to loiter in school.

That's pretty much it for the game. Like most AVGs, in Touchme you just have to click click click and that's it. This is what makes the game very boring (to me). This is because causal dialogue and events repeats itself way too frequently. By the end of the game you will wish you can skip all those mediocre dialogues (and unfortunately you cannot). All events happen inside school property, which makes the game lack variety in terms of events. In addition, this game is way too easy. Why? It is much harder to decrease a girl's impression than to increase it. If you meet a girl, no matter what your impression will increase. During breaks, there are so many opportunities to increase impressions that I find it to be excessive. By the end of the first week, one of the girls' impression reach the max already. Assuming that you know what is going on and read all the text, you have no reason not being able to finish Touchme in a day.

Meanwhile, why does this game called "Touch Me"? This is because the game uses the same engine as old Hgames where at full CG events you can click around the girl and start the conversation or interaction, as a way of "touching." Whether you like this system or not is up to your preference, but I don't really like it because the click area is very ambiguous.

If you don't really care about boring gameplay, and place emphasis in graphic quality, then you will not be disappointed with Touchme. The graphics are really nicely done. Unlike previous Mink games, it is very colorful. In fact, if you have played F&C's Palette, you will notice the CG style is very very similar. Nevertheless, the graphics in Touchme is superb. There are voices in the game but it is limited to important events, which is kind of disappointing (but at least better than none).

Overall, other than the really nice graphics, I don't see anything else good about Touchme. I'd say this game is overall slightly above average. If compared with Palette, Palette is much much better than Touchme because Palette is a more complicated love simulation game. Touchme, rather, is quite boring, plain, and lacks challenge. It really is just an eye candy. If you are looking for a love simulation game with superb graphcs that has no challenge, then Touchme will be a good choice. Otherwise, the challenge in Palette will satisfy you more
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