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Name: Toshin Toshi 2 OVA 1-3 (64.00% in 5 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: PinPai
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Lamuness

I figured that it would be better to write this OVA all on one review as supposed to writing it in 3's, one for each episode.

Toshin Toushi 2 is a very famous H-RPG by Alicesoft, and Pinkpineapple made an OVA based on this game. The OVA strictly follows the storyline in the game and it's divided into 3 episodes. Darklord's Toshin 2 game review pretty much says it all in terms of plot, but I will briefly summarize what is happening in all 3 episodes. Shido, in order to marry Hatsuki, has to attend the fighting tornament to prove himself.

Episode 1 basically is the prologue of everything, which describes Shido and his partner Serena going to Toshin Toshi, and Shido prepares himself for the tornament by training at Ragunaado Dungeon where he encounters various events and people including Hatsuki who wants to be stronger also. At first Shido is not confident in winning the tournament but he is doing very well and wins the first battles.

Episode 2 is much more simple than Episode 1. More events happen in the Ragunnado Dungeon. Hatsuki challenges Shido to test her strength. Shido won and Hatsuki gave Shido the power of Wind Sword. Later, Shido wins more and more tornament battles. The day of the semi-final came and Shido has to defeat his senpai. With the help of Hatsuki's Wind Sword and Serena's Steel Sword, Shido was able to win. As the "price" of the tornament, Shido gets Hatsuki. A very long Hscene follows.

In Episode 3, Shido becomes the champion of the tornament, but a surprise awaits him (this is a spoiler if you are playing the game right now!). The Degraded Angel Apuros, who fell in love with the demon Deras, takes Serena as hostage, and gave Shido a "curse" by giving him the need to "consume angels." Apuros threatens Shido to go to the depths of the Ragunaado Dungeon, where "hell" is located, and rescue Deras. Because of the "curse", Shido has to take stimulants to relief the pain with the side effect of extreme sexual desire. Anyways, Shido rescues Deras but Apuros refuses to release the curse and Serena. Meanwhile, the King of the Ghost made a deal with Shido that if Shido defeats Deras and bring him back to hell, the curse will be removed. So, Shido and Hatsuki starts their final quest to defeat Apuros and Deras.

I find the first 2 episodes to be slightly boring. There isn't alot of things happening during the first 2 parts. The first 2 episodes only depict the most major events which makes the plot a bit shaky at the beginning. However, this is understandable because you have lots of events in the game but you only have so little time in a OVA version to depict them. I guess that is the consequence of making RPG OVAs. On the other hand, the third episode is really nicely done mainly because it's primarily about the climax of the game, so part 3 is much more enjoyable than part 1 and/or 2. One thing to applaud about this OVA is that the romantice relationship and faithfulness between Shido and Hatsuki is very well depicted throughout the 3 parts.

Usually, OVAs do not have as good graphics as in the game because of the difficulty of adding detail to character and make them animate at the same time. However, IMHO, Toshin Toshi 2 OVA is the very few "ported" (derived from game or comic) Anime that I find to have better graphics than the original. You will notice the character style in the OVA is totally different than in the game, especially Shido. I don't know if the style in the OVA is actually the Alicesoft style, but I really like the character design in the OVA more than in the style in the game. The OVA Hatsuki (and all the other girls) is 10 times more cuter than the Hgame Hatsuki. In short, the graphics is nice, although I find Shido's hair to be weird.

If you are a Toshin Toshi 2 fan, you will have no reason to miss out this nice OVA. Personally I haven't played the game myself, but what attracted me into watching this OVA is 1. It's based on a famous RPG and 2. The OVA Hatsuki is cute~! Even though the plot is weak in the first 2 episodes, but as a whole, I really like Toshin Toshi 2 OVA.
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