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Name: Tokimeki Drama (85.83% in 12 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: PSX
Company: Konami
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tabris

Finally, Konami took advantage of the greatest hit Tokimeki Memorial and released this "Drama Series" game. This is not the second sequel to the game Tokimeki Memorial but this game is actually a "drama series" on 1 character in the game Tokimeki Memorial. Who is this person that Konami did a sequel on? Of course it is the second most popular girl Saki Nijino.

The story behind the game is about a transfer student (that would be you) who joins a soccer team. He encounters this girl who laters turns out to be the manager of the soccer team. Her name is Saki Nijino. It seemed that everything to be going fine when all of a sudden, the coach picks the starters for the team. You got very confident in yourself that you thought he would pick you. Yet, the coach only saw you as a beginner and you were not picked to be one of the starters. This begins your relationship with Saki Nijino and also you start to get to know her friend, the first year manager (she is a new character but i don't know how to pronounce her name). Your relationship grows and grows with Saki because you train yourself infront of your house everynight with her helping you out.

I really liked this game. From playing Tokimeki Memorial countless times, this game is really as the title says a "drama series". It is very similar to the "visual novel" series in that everything is mutiple text choosing command. Although there are some special events such as a special appearance by a girl name Mie-Chan. I think she is really cute too ^_^ The game also takes on a "policenauts" type control. This means that you can click your choose command box to where ever you click and also there is little things happening in the background where you can click also. This game also features digital voice, great background music, and another NICE OP screen. The graphics definitly improved from the previous version taken that this game is produced by KCEJ (produced by Virtual Kiss) instead of KCET. Even though the production crew changed a little, i think the graphics in this game is more "solid" and i would even say one of the best anime character drawings i have seen.

Another thing i must mention about the game is the training. The training i would consider to be a mini-game. What do i mean by this? Simple, the training really is a game. You kick the soccer ball into the goal. You have to learn how to curve the ball through boxes, dummies, Garbage Cans. And as you prgress through the training, the difficulty level gets harder. But this is what i liked about the story besides the "drama" in this game.

As for my overall opinion, this game have nice graphics, nice story, nice music, and the mini game is pretty fun. This would be a nice game to get if you like Tokimeki and you are a fan of Saki Nijino. If you are not either both of them, i would recommend just borrowing the game since it is not a multiple ending game and i think you would get bored of it the second time you play since you know the story already.
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