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Name: Tokimeki Check-In (87.31% in 52 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Crowd
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Tokimeki Check-In, a title speaks for itself, is a game about love in motel or minshu. From the title, you may have already notice that the word, "Check-In" resembles an action you will perform when you arrived the hotel or motel, and "tokimeki" simply means some heart poundings that usually occurs when you met some girls or guys you like (depending on which sex you are).

Tokimeki Check-In is one of the few games Crowd has released. Although Crowd has released several titles with unique story lines, this game has no or poor extraordinary story line that keeps you stay "active" for hours. Unlike story in X-Change where the main character turns in a female, in Check-In, you played as an owner of Yamano Motel (ryokan) that your Meiji Period's ancestor has left for their descendants. Although you have a strong resistance against the inheritance of the motel, graduating from a low rank college in a bad period has left you with no choice but inherit the hotel. At the beginning of the game, you seemed to work quite unwillingly in the motel. Yet, in the following three day, you will find out that being an owner of an "onsei" motel was not bad at all after all. All kinds of exotic events will happen in this little Yamano Motel.
- Story - 5/10

As you might have already known, Crowd is well known for its detail and beautiful bishoujo graphics. Although it may not be the best graphics as other companies have their unique style and strength in their graphics as well, it is certain that it is among the best graphics existed in the industry. When comparing the details of Check-In's graphics with other company's game, you will find that the colors are vivid and that the characters figure are fairly proportional unlike some games that has some part of the body too "magnified." Another nice feature in this game is that the girls possesses many expression and dresses, and that there are many other normal CG besides H-CG allowing you to have more understanding in the theme and background of the game.
- Graphics - 8.9/10

Tokimeki Check-In is divided up into 2 CDs: one contains the main program and midi, the other one possesses mainly the CD-DA. However, this creates a problem or problems. In order to have nice CD-DA for your background music, you need to sacrifice the voice in the game. On the other hand, if you want voice in the game, you have to give up the CD-DA and uses midi. Also, I also found the problem of slow down while playing CD-DA during the game. Therefore, the best thing to do is forget about disk 2 and just play the whole game with disk 1 or you can manually control the CD-DA music with a CD-player while your playing (if you really want to hear CD-DA music and not having to sacrifice voice and slow down). Aside from the negative comment about the bugs in its music, you will find Check-In to have an intro song that many other games lacks.
- Voice/Sound - 7/10

The gameplay in Check-In is after all an adventure gameplay. Like an ordinary adventure game, you will click the game through the end. However, for those of you who hate clicking and reading the story, you can simply bypass the long, long dialogue and jumps to the next selection that will affect your endings.
- Gameplay - 2/10

Although this game is good in its H-content and its intro song (even though the song is quite childish), I had to say that there probably wouldn't be any replay value after you get all the CG. What even worse is that, if you use the skip command to jump to the next selection, you are pretty much done in two hours and this CD would goes back to you shelf and becomes part of the dust.
- Buy Value - 3 /10

GTO - 2.14.99
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