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Name: To Heart Date Exchanger (15.00% in 2 votes)
Type: PUZ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Leaf
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tabris

To heart, the game that made leaf famous across asia, should be familiar to all. Yet, there are many other to heart add ons/side games that leaf presented the public with and this is one of them.

We all remember the other to heart game, the one similar to bubble bobble for nintendo. Where you jump around and shoot things at each other playing the role of a girl in the famous series to heart. This is also a very similar game in that you pick a girl role in the game. There are three modes in the game. The first one is single play where you play for score. The level increases meaning the blocks come down faster. The second mode is Versus computer where you bomb the other opponents screen with blocks. The third mode is Versus 2p.

The point of the game, or "how to" play this puzzle game is very easy. You just simply match the colors and it will cancel out. All there is to do is press "Z" to grab the circlet and grab as much as you want, and place it (using the "X" button) near the same circlet to cancel out all the circlets (you need at least 4 circlet in any order like left to right up to down or 3 down and 1 to the right) any order will cancel the circlet. On the way to victory there are also two different tablets. One (devil) circlet, when you match two devil circlets together you will give the other opponent blank circlets that wont canel out unless some season circlets are canceled out next to those circlets. The second one (Vanish) makes the circlets that the vanish (you need to vanishes to make this work) is near.

That might sound confusing, but you will start to understand how the game is played when you actually start playing. Don't be fooled though, even though it might seem easy at first, the game can get REAL hard. Personally i can hardly beat it in versus mode in easy. I don't even want to talk about normal or hard mode.

Pros: Very fun, addictive, and a nice puzzle game to play around with.

Cons: It only loads in full window due to direct x. Unlike Puzzle fighter where you can load in a smaller window frame (also Puzzle fighter has better graphics).

Final statement: Fun for awhile, it gets addicting, but once its over its over. This game would not stay long on a Hard drive.
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