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Name: Zeta Gundam (36.67% in 6 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: PSX
Company: Bandai
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Hi, you gundam fans out there. On my last Gundam review on Gundam The Battle Master, I made a remark about the facts that there aren't many Gundam games that are and will be good. Well I take that back. Bandai has amazed us again with the releases of Gundam The Battle Master 2 and Zeta Gundam for the psx.

There was a previous version of Zeta Gundam for the Saturn, but that one was sort of a side shooter, so I did not really pay much attention to it. When the psx version of Zeta Gundam came out, I was not amazed and I thought it would be a port over of the previous Zeta Gundam, but I was wrong. They put a brand new system of battles which is very cool to play and look at as well. There are insane amounts of cut scenes of a mixture of animation and computer graphics which added a new effect to the story of Zeta Gundam.

For those of you who don't understand the story of Zeta Gundam, Zeta Gundam takes place after Stardust Memory. The GP-01, GP-02 and GP-03 project by Nina Purpleton was cancelled and a new group called the Titans were formed to protect the earth and the colonies from any revival activities of the Zion, but with any sorta power comes corruption and the Titans became bad and started killing people. Camille who was a part of a rebel group joined forces with a disguised Char and Ace pilot Amuro Rei to fight against the Titans. The story goes on then with a little Romance with the enhanced human Four Murasame, the pilot of the Physco Mark II Gundam.

For the first part of the game, Camille pilots the Gundam Mark II and towards the first half of the Camille story, he changes to Zeta Gundam. The battle system of the game is very similiar to Macross Digital Mission VFX where you look at the full robots and you can change weapons, block, use boosters or in the case of Zeta Gundam, transform into a plane. The game has two CDs and the Camille story takes the first CD. You might be wondering what the second CD is. Well it is another interpretation of the story in the viewpoints of Char, the pilot of MSZ-100.

The unique features of this game compared to other Gundam games is the link up feature. The player can link two psx up with 2 TVs and go head to head against each other in a battle where you can choose any mobile suits from the Zeta Gundam series including physco Gundam Mark II. Overall this game is a really good buy and I recommend this game for Gundam fans or just anyone who is looking for quality mix of animation and computer graphics.

Here are the ratings I give to this game:

Gameplay: 8/10 Pretty good game play, but I cannot give it a 10 due to the fact that most battles are one on one and can be easily won.

Music: 7/10 I did not really concentrate on the music because it is really soft compared to the sound effects, but the voices are really well done.

Graphics: 9/10 Really good graphics. A really good mix of computer graphics and animation made this game stand out to all other Gundam or anime mecha games that has ever been made.

Story: 8/10 Can't really give an originality point for this game cause it copies the exact story line of Zeta Gundam, but I must admit that the story of Zeta Gundam is good and I liked it, so I give it an 8.

Overall: 8/10 This game is really worth getting and if I were you, I would get my copy ASAP :).
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