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Name: Thunder Peak Tower
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: SoftWorld
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Nameless


This game's storyline is connected to one of famous chinese novel translated as " white snake tales". The main character of the game is the son of the snake monster, who is trapped inside a tower. He must go inside the tower, fighting through many monsters and solve puzzles to find a way to save her. Along the way, some characters will offer their help, but are they friends or foes? its up to you to find out.

If you have played diablo, the gameplay and other element is very similar. There are varies weapons and armour you can equip, and many items to use. You can also cast 5 types of magic spells by combining varies basic items, but need to learn the spells first. During the game, you can also obtain the help of a monster from each elements( wind, thunder, water,fire,earth). Most of the time, you will be spending time travelling back and forth looking for clues and finding important items.

the good - Graphics are better than diablo.

the bad - All the maps are preset, which lowers replayability. The system requirement is pretty high, on my pII 266, it still lags up during magic animation, and takes long time to load when i switching programs. Many areas are separated, therfore, it takes some times(average 5 sec) to travel back and forth all the time which is annoying.

the bottomline - Another clone offer nothing really new. If you have a high end system, you can enjoy the game more than me. You'll likely be spending more time on looking for clues than killing monsters unless you get youself a walkthrough.
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