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Name: The War of Genesis 2 (100.00% in 2 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: DOS
Company: Softmax
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Gourry

The War of Genesis 2 - Gray Shadows is not a sequel , but
more like an upgrade version of the first one.

The Differences:

Story - 8/10 - The story is basically the same, but many parts were added to expose the "whole story".The ending was changed too.....from a happy ending to a tragic one. Also, G.S/Steiner (not Schnider, sorry) has probably become the main character instead of Iolin. (I'm not sure on this, but I say so cause he fights the last 3 battles almost all by himself).

Gameplay - 7/10 - More magic, more special moves, more weapons...etc. A lot of stuff was added in terms of gameplay. You can also choose which senario you want to play, and sometimes play the same senario from a different point of view.For example, in the beginning of the game you can choose to play the part of Iolin and her gang, or G.S helping her out. Choosing one means you have to play the other when you start over.I had to clear the game about 3 times to see all the scenarios.

Graphics - 2/10 - More of everything, but not graphics. The same graphics as TWOG 1. Crummy, but at least it worked well on my 486 processor.....

Music - 6/10 - Nice music, since it used CD music. There was a nice ending song, too.
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