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Name: The War of Genesis
Type: STG
Platform: DOS
Company: Softmax
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Gourry

Hey hey... My first review (I hope). I couldn't see a single Korean game on this site so I decided to write one. So here we go:

The War of Genesis (Changsekijun) series is about the events
that happen in the continent of Antaria. Right now there are
4 games out and a fifth one is being planned for the end of 1999.

The story: In the continent of Antaria there are two large forces: The silver arrows, the nations who serve the 12 gods of light, and the Dark Armor (I think) who serve the 13 gods of darkness. Both sides having equal strength, an uneasy peace was held. But one country, Gayshir, started to conquer the nations of the Dark Armor, under the leadership of the " Black Emperor" Steiner, forming a large empire. After all the nations of the Dark armor were in his grasp, Steiner turned on the Silver Arrows. With his powerful magic and brilliant tactics, he conqured one after another...until one day he suddenly disappered. And so another period of uneasy peace comes. That's where the game starts. You start as Iolin Pandragan, leader of the Silver Arrows. In the beginning of the game, they are aided by Gray Scavenger, a ranger. Iolin and G.S get to love each other as time goes by, but G.S turns out to be Steiner,who has lost his memory... Well, nice story, I think. the plot was good enough for me. I'd give the story about 8 points out of ten.

Gameplay 7/10 - A pretty nice SLG with a battle mode like FFT: your agility determines your speed. Also a job mode similar to FFT, and "special moves" for every weapon. It is a bit buggy, though.

Graphics 2/10 - Not much to give here. It may have been good then, but not anymore.

Overall 5/10 - An O.K game, I guess...

(The screenshot is the only one I could get of this game. It's G.S and Iolin kissing , for those of you who can't tell what it is.^^;
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