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Name: The Contest of Taiwan Mahjong (100.00% in 4 votes)
Type: MJ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: T Time
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Nameless


For all the people who can't find friends to play mj with, getting a good mj game to play aginest the coms is a good idea and this is what this game offers, single player only. Since there are so many mj games on pc out there already, its hard to make one to stand on top of it. With good graphics and great AI, this one just might be able to pull it off.

The game consisted of 5 different modes such as story, tourment etc. In the story mode, The main character's father is being kidnapped, therfore he need to beat the kidnapper in through mj in order to get his father safely back. The story line is a bit weird, but got part of everything such as love, murder, mysteries etc. Many characters have a secret idenity and will be revealed when you finish the game. Many times, you have the options to choose, but the outcome will still be the same nonetheless. You will meet many people along the way and surely you will have to play a game of mj with them, some can be avoid, and some has to be played for the game to proceed. Most of the time, if you win, you can learn a special skills to help you in the next game of mj, but still i feel luck will help you more. Although theres many skills, only few are really useful.

As for the rest of the modes, basically just player vs coms type of games. The one feature i find intresting is the ability to allow computer to play the game for you while you wanna take a nap or a break in a long game.

the good - great computer AI, makes winning seems all depend on lucks. The scroeboard which calculate your winning is also cool, now you can show your rating to your friends. Nice graphics with about 20 3d characters to choose from and each with their own lines of voices as well. Low system requirement(486, 8mb).

the bad - A well made game in every catagory. The only thing thats missing is the mutliplayer mode, even with good AI, its still alot more fun playing with real people than playing the comps.

the bottomline - Another good mj game worth looking into. One thing i like to see in this game its to have more character involvment in the story mode and multi ending would be nice too. If you are really looking into multi-player games, you can find free online mj games over the internet and play this when you are alone.
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