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Name: Tenchu (90.00% in 3 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: PSX
Company: Sony
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Tabris

First i would like to give this warning, if you do not like violent games or do not like bloody goary game then this game is not made for you.

Other than that, this game is probably one of the successful ones that came out of Sony. I truly love this game. The game is set in the revoluntionary war in the past in Japan and is basically about Tenchu. Tenchu means you are killing for the good. And basically this is what this game is about, the main character a guy ninja and a girl ninja ( you can only choose one and i don't know how to write their name). You as the main character is given a mission to accomplish such as kill the evil merchant, rescue a prisoner, take a message to your friend.. etc. The game also have a practice mode as well and it gives you a brief encounter of the game.

The music is also really well oriented. You have a sense of the old Japan as well as a sense in the gloomy and myst of the night when you do your "mission". You can hear your enemy's heart beats when your enemy gets close which i thought was nice.

This game is really realistic in that you can hide behind walls, use a sling shot to climb, run on the roof and a lot of things you remember from the ninjas. Yet, this is only the beginning, the best part in the game is the killing. Yes the killing. I might sound weird to say this but i love how you sneak up to people and snap their neck, slice their head off, stab their stomachs and etc. (these sneak up moves vary between the guy ninja and the girl ninja and also varies from the position you sneak up on the enemy as well).

Other things i must mention is that even though the civilians do get annoying, you are not suppose to kill them (I learn this the hard way). Also there are traps and bombs you might encounter so always walk slowly =)
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