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Name: Teito Kitan (90.00% in 2 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: Space Project
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: ^_^

üwÆTôsènµ¥üx is pretty interesting, so here is the review for it. You have been learn the art of magic for around a 100 years in China. And private eye has asked you to solve a mystery kidnap case in Japan The year is around ~1920 AD and you have found out this mystery kidnapper has kidnapped 30+ girl when you arrived in Japan. Latter you also found out the kidnapper knows the same form of magic as you do! But the worth is yet to come.. Those girls were transform in to half - human animal for a bizarre show. And the person who is behind all of this connection is young duke. You are the only person, who can stop him and this madness. BTW to turn the girls back to human requires you to H with them.

Story 9/10: Very good story, interesting and I think the story is the best part of this game

Graphics 9/10: Although I don't like the way pics are draw in this game, but they are good quality pics. Please do check them out by click on the pictures on the left side

Game play 5/10: not much game play to it and is kinda boring after awhile. can be finish in less than 3 hours

Overall 7.5/10: this game is not one of those MUST have items, but it won't hurt to try it out. Also if you can't read Japanese and don't like H-game then this game is not for you.
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