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Name: Xenogears (94.64% in 28 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: SquareSoft Japan
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Mansic2

Square Soft has amazed the world with its release of FF7 for the PSX onJan 31, 1997 in Japan and in Sept, 3, 1997 the US release of the game cameout. FF7 is also due for PC release later this year. FF7 is a psx gamethat uses FMVs of very nicely rendered computer graphics and is a amazing3 CD game. Just as we thought that this game is going to be the best gameSquare will make, they stunned me again with Xenogears. Xenogears changedmy views on console gaming yet again.

Square took a different approach in making the FMVs of this game, Insteadof using all Computer graphics for the FMVs, Square has used a mixture ofanime and computer graphics. The intro of the game left a very good firstimpression on me. The new Square Logo will mark the continual success ofSquare in the coming year. As most of you should have heard about, thereare a lot of rumours stating that Xenogears will not be released in theUS due to the religious contents in the game. People with deep religiousbelieve in God will most likely find it offending.

Xenogears begins with a young (well old) guy named Bart in the villagewhere he lives. He has amnesia so he does not remember much of the past.While preparing for one of his friends wedding, Gears from an empireattacked the village and the villagers are scrambling for their lives.Bart tried to run but saw a Gear (the term Japanese uses for mechas)in front of him. He got in, not listening to his friends and tried tofight the enemy off while the villagers flee. Just then, his best friendis killed and Bart went berserk and pumped the full potential of themysterious Gear and destroyed the whole village with the enemy as wellas most of his friends. He was chased out of the village where he thenhas to make a choice whether to take the Gear to free the people fromthe empire or give up fighting because of the past.

More and more of the story and plot will be revealed throughout the gamewhich will astound the player. The graphics is also very nicely done,most of the scenes in the games are animated in very nice drawn polygons.No more blocky characters as in FF7. Overall, I give this game a verygood rating and I think people no matter of their religious backgroundsshould play this game. It is one of those games which will enrich andbroadens a person's view on the World and the ideas of God.

Here are the ratings for this game:

Gameplay: 10/10
The Gameplay is awesome, not only do the player need to make jumps withthe characters, the fighting system is original and has never been usedbefore. The player has a choice of three types of attack which usesup different amount of APs. The player can do an attack with 1, 2 or 3APs. So if the character has 4 Aps. He can do four 1 attacks, two 2 Apattacks or one 3AP attack and one 1 Ap attack. In addition, there arespecial attack combos the characters can learn as he gains more experience.These combos can be used in Gear fighting as well to maximize the damage.

Music: 10/10
Good music, all Square music is good. And the composer for Xenogearsmusic is also the composer who did Chrono Trigger and Chrono Triggerhas relatively good music.

Story: 10/10
The storyline is amazing. The plot of the game ranges from saving a villageto confronting God. A very interesting plot with a lot of plot twistswhich kept me guessing for a good part of the game.

Graphics: 9/10
As much as I want to give the graphics of this game a 10, I cannot becausealthought done very well, the close up sprite shots of the charactersare a bit disappointing and blurred. IF that is to be improved this gamewill deserve a perfect rating from me. :)

Overall: 9.75/10
This game is probably one of the best game released to date, but then,we haven't seen parasite eve yet have we? :) All RPG fans should definitelynot miss out on this game. You will be called a fool from every kidin school if you did.
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