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Name: X-men Vs. Streetfighter EX (36.00% in 5 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: PSX
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Genjuro Kibagami

The game that started it all (well almost) is now on the playstation (In Japan).

Why the EX after the name you ask ? Well because the playstation version is different than the one of the saturn (who's a 99.9% port of the arcade).

1)CrAzY Combos ! In XvsSfEX you can actually cancel a super into another and yet another. This can be a nice feature but in some cases it just allow a player to be even cheaper ! Example, you can do 100 hits + with Gambit (which do something like 85-90% percent of damage !)

2) No "real" tag team . Normally you can't switch of character whenever you want. Instead of one round in the arcade version, there can be more than one. Your second character is just here to do counters or dual attacks. Except if you do a trick that allow you to switch the game to "orginal". What I mean by that is that you must only use "2" characters. Ryu,Ken Ken,Ryu for example.. I still wonder why they didn't put that as a normal option instead of hiding it.

3) Lots of Frame missing. Heck I think they went a wee bit too far in their hack&slash. One example that show it all : If you do the taunt with Nash (start-select) you'll see his lips moving but no sound at all ! Has Nash lost his voice along with his cheesy accent ?=P

4) Play as Apocalypse. Yeah I know you can't do much as Apocalypse but it's still a fun thing to try ^^

5) Live Regen. Since you "can't" switch characters, you keep regaining your energy, it can make REALLY long games !

6)Loading. The loading in xmvssfex is good but not great. As always it's a good thing to use the shortcut option. There are some slowdown here and here. One that I remember well is Ken Shinryuken. It get VERY sluggish when you perform that move.

7) Practice mode&Survival mode. I think it's only on the playstation version, could be wrong. Anyway it's a nice feature but I believe they could have included in it a online list of all the moves of all the characters for the practice mode.

To conclude

It doesn't compare to the Saturn version but if you only have a playstation, don't mind his various flaws and like S.F games, i'd say it's a good buy.

I give it a : 7/10

Genjuro Kibagami
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