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Name: Desire (86.40% in 50 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Himeya Soft
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Hito wa doko kara kite doko he iku no...
Kono yuukyuu no rasen kara tasuke dashite kureru no, dare?
Watashi wo tasukete kuru, ano hito wa...
~ Japanese Prologue ~

Where do people come from, where do people go...
Who's the one that has saved from this long spiral?
The person who came and saved me, that person is...
~ My Translation of the Prologue ~

For a long time, I was puzzled at the fame C'sware have achieved in gaming industry. Yet, with a taste of DESIRE, I soon realized why. It is as if Newton found out the theory of gravitation by the fallen apple, I, too, solved the unbroken mystery behind C'sware's fame in the old days if not now.

DESIRE, by C'sware, is a multi-perspective adventure game. It starts out with the perspective of Albert MacDougal exploring the secret behind the island, Desire. Being a SNT news journalist, Albert was assigned to collect information about a once highly classified and restricted island, Desire. Since the he was the one of the frontiers that has the permission to visit this mystery island, he was highly anticipated to discover the research done in Desire. While on the island, he met a mysterious 12~13 years old girl named Tina, who has suffered from the loss of memory. Upon knowing this girl, Albert's life is destined to change dramatically. Who is this mysterious girl, Tina? What will happen to Albert and his girl friend, Makoto? And finally, who is this so call, head of the island, Marltina?

After a continuous, non-stop yet worthwhile clicking, Albert's perspective will end with tons of unsolved puzzles. As a result, you will find yourself immediately go to Makoto's perspective to find out more about the secret behind Desire. In this perspective, you will go through a nearly complete different perspective through the eyes of Makoto, who's the technical manager in Desire. Here, you will find out why she acted so strange after the first night in Desire and what's the problem inside Desire that Albert was kept knowing from. In this chapter, you will know more about the secret behind the research at Desire, but leave you nothing about the background behind Tina.

Finally, after you think you have enough clicking, another new perspective will pop up solving practically everything in the game. Here, you will find yourself jumping up and down, mumbling out load, "This is impossible, how could this be? Oh my god! Save me Lord! This is just so awesome!" It might sounds ridiculous at this time, but as you got your hand on this game, phrases like that will pop up over and over at this stage of the game.

Story Comments
Frankly speaking, this is one of the most thrilling story lines I have ever seemed. C'sware has done a tremors job on pursuing to know more about the island, Desire. While in the game, questions such as "who is Tina?," "why does Makoto act so strange?," "What's wrong with this island?" will keep surface in your mind drawing more of your attention into the game. In addition, I think one of the magnets that keep me playing for hours is the desire to see what happen will Tina and Albert. Best of all, it just got so many interesting holes (in term of story) in the beginning of game that you will make you directly go play the next perspective's story.

While playing this game, it just instinctively reminds me of the "antique" but famous Japanese movie I saw, Rashoman. Although the theme behind Rashoman is different from DESIRE, the multi-perspective just keep reminds me of this movie.

Graphic Comments
Perhaps it's because DESIRE was an old game, DESIRE utilizes only 256 colors even though it was a remake for Windows 95. After seeing billions of games using 16-bit colors or above nowadays, it was quite uneasy for me to go back with a 256 color games. However, I do have to admit that the animation in the game was great. Unfortunate for those players who likes the H-animation in Viper, DESIRE DOES NOT have H-animation. Instead, animations are done on beautiful event scenes.

Sound Comments
DESIRE practically uses full voice in the game besides the character you are playing. However, there's some exception when the character you are playing does have voice. One interesting aspect to note is that you will be able to hear Albert voice during Makoto's perspective that was once unknown to you when you play Albert at first.

Gameplay Comments
For people who are into gameplay, this may not be a suitable game for you unfortunately. DESIRE is a click-all-the-way-through game. However, I do have to warn people who are enjoying reading story line to be careful on the clicking. Since the story was so intensive, it is likely that you will injure you finger like I do due to the extreme clicking made through all three perspectives.

English version of DESIRE is soon to be released or is released by Himeya. Although any changes to the game are unknown, it will be a great opportunity for English-only gamers to experience the strength behind Japanese creativity in story making.

PROS: Excellent Story; Multi-Perspective; Tons of mystery for you to unreveal; Smooth and beautiful animation; Nearly-full voice dialogue.

CONS: Finger injuries due to the intensive story; Non-stop playing for 15 hours (Bad for you eyes); Midi-like music.

GTO 7.24.99
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