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Name: V. G. Custom (68.52% in 27 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: TGL - Japanese
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Lamuness

Back in the old times, when Japan still used PC-9801 computer architecture, there was a really popular and famous H-fighting game: V.G. by Giga. It is so popular that many versions are released on the console platform. Sadly, we never get to see an IBM version of V.G., until now. Giga recently started to port all their old but famous PC-9801 titles into the win9x platform.

In the February 1999 issue of E-login, it stated that the story of V.G. Custom takes place a year after what happened in the PC-9801 V.G.2 story. However, when viewed from all aspects, V.G. Custom is just exactly the same as the old V.G. 2 with nothing original. Basically the story is about a fighting competition called the V.G. Tournament where waitresses (and only waitresses) compete with each other to win the grand price, which is the title V.G. (fame) and a lot of cash. The headline in the E-login article pretty much says it all (translated): "The winner gets the fame and money, and the loser loses it all." As an aside, V.G. stands for Variable Geo, and I have no idea what it means, but it definitely doesn't mean Virigin Girls as I heard from many Japanese-illiterate people. Just a clarification that's all.

There is really nothing special about this game. The plot is pretty weak and lame (as all fighting games are). All you have to do is to defeat all your 9 opponents and proceed to next stage after getting your visually appealing reward. As I said before, V.G. Custom is a port from the PC-9801 version. However, some minor additions area added. For example, the fighting engine is implemented with a Super super combo which can be used after you power-up your personal super combo, as well as block-counter attack ability. In addition, voices are incorporated into the win9x-port, as well as an addition of a secret character.

Personally, I don't really like fighting games much, because it has no plot and you just do nothing but beat all the opponents controlled by AI. Therefore personally this game is not too appealing to me. This is not just because I disklike fighting games, but also because this game is just simply not up to par with other fighting games in the current market. First of all, the fighting engine, because it's a port from an old game, is too simple, and it's no match with current Capcom fighting games. There is just simply too little moves for each character. The PSX Advanced V.G. fighting engines are improved, but sadly this does not appear in V.G. Custom. Also, the fighting engine is in a horrible 320x 200 resolution, so the fighting is not visually appealing at all because everything looks pixelized. In addition, the hardware requirements for V.G. Custom is pretty intensive, and my P200 lags at times, even in this 320x200 fighting resolution.

This game, personally, will not stay in my computer for a very long time. Even if you like fighting games, I am sure you will find Capcom fighting games much more enjoyable than V.G. Custom. Hell, even the PSX Advanced V.G. is much better than this PC-9801 port. I think that this port is created solely for die-hard V.G. fans who, say wants a IBM version of V.G. If you are a V.G. fan or like H-fighting games such as Metal and Lace, then consider this game. Otherwise, go look for something else because V.G. Custom is pretty disappointing.
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