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Name: 4th Super Robot Wars Scrambled (72.00% in 20 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: PSX
Company: Banpresto
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Tamahome

All you Mecha fans out there have probably heard of the infamous Super Robot Wars series. The game series dated all the way back to the NES and the gameboy. For those of you who don't know about the series. It is a strategy game where a lot of robots from different series all mixed it together to form one big universe and it is a game where you could see Gundams fighting against huge Mechas such as Evas or The infamous Gunbuster.

The latest installment of the series is Super Robot Wars F for the Saturn. The ones before that were New Super Robot Wars and 4th Super Robot Wars S for the PSX. New Super Robot Wars is kinda different from the other games in the sense that it utilize real scale models of the robots instead of SD ones.

Plot wise, most super robot wars game have the same theme. Earth is being attacked by ailens from Mars and the enemy organization of different series have joined forces with the Martians to take over Earth. You can control the good guys in the game to battle against the enemy.

4th Super Robot war S is a port over from the SNES version. They added voices as well as some FMVs to the game which made the game far more appealing than the SNES version. The main cast of 4th super robot War S are from the following series; Gundam, Gundam 0083, Zeta, Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Gundam F-91, Maganizer Z, Getta Robot
Voltron V.

As a main character you can make up who pilots a special robot to battle against the enemy. The game consists of roughly 40 maps and each map takes around 2 hours to finish, so the game itself is pretty long. Talking about this game is just way too time consuming, so get the game and see for yourself.

Gameplay: 8/10
Great gameplay and idea. By Combining robots from different series, you can really imagaine how the match up between Getta Robo and Gundams would lead to. There are two types of Robots in the game. The Real robots which consists of mainly tiny robots like Gundams and super robots such as Marganizer Z and Getta Robo. Super robots have powerful attacks and powerful armor, but their manuverbility against Gundams are almost zero. Real robots are fast and agile but have weak attacks and almost no armor at all.

Music: 7/10
Music wise, it sucks. The music is very repetitive and gets really boring after a while. The voice aspect of the game is a good additional though.

Graphics: 5/10
Graphics sucks compared to the newer ones mainly because this one is a port over from the SNES version, so besides the FMVs, it looked virtually the same.

Story: 6/10
The same old story with ailens attacking and good guys defending. Gets kinda overused.

Overall: 6.2/10
This game is not bad, and although I would prefer later installments, I would still not miss this game, because the story of Super Robot Wars F is a continuation of this game.
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