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Name: Virtual Call 3 (70.00% in 8 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fairy Tale
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

After the release of the popular virtual dating series, Virtual Call and Virtual Call 2, Fairytales (now called F&C) has released another sequence to it, "Virtual Call 3." If you are not familiar with Virtual Call games, Virtual Call series are games that meet girls using a device called VHG, Virtual Head Gear. It is a device that allows you to communicate with people around the world in virtual reality. Using such device, you, the player, will be able to log into virtual call center through phone and meet girls.

Although gameplay has been identical throughout the series, the story are slightly different each time. In the 3rd installment, the game starts out as you wander around the street. It is now summer time, however, you find it very bored and lacking fun. You yelled out, "Ah~~ My Goddess, please come out" (Any relation with Kosuke Fujishima? Author of AH! MY GODDES?). All of a sudden, a beautiful young lady appeared in front of your face. Within a few minutes, you soon took her to a coffee shop for a nice drink. At there, you discovered that she is the daughter of some famous company that produced the VHG. Very luckily, she handed you a Virtual Call network card along with her phone number. Since then, you began to access into virtual calling center and began your guest of meeting and dating girls through virtual network.

Although the story is very classical, it is, however, fun to play. The key strategy in the game is to select the most appropriate dialogue to say. It is very important that you read the text carefully before you choose. Reckless picking will just ruin the girls' impression of you. For those of you who don't read Japanese, one thing you can tell you choose the right choice is the "ding" sound that you will hear when the correct chioce was chosen.

The graphic in the 3rd installment is a jump from the previous game. An tremendous enhancement of the graphic was made in Virtual Call 3. The girls are more beautiful than 2, more colors are ulitlized in 3, and the H-scenes are more exciting to watch. Also, the music in the game are pleasing to hear. With over 100 varieties of midi being used in the game, you will never be bored of the music as many games did. Overall, Virtual Call 3 is fun game to play. If you like dating games, Vitual Call 3 will not disappoint you.


Graphics - 8.5/10 Virtual 3 was a graphical enhancement over the Virtual 2. If you looked back at the sample pictures in the review of Virtual Call 2, you definitely be amazed how much improvement has done in 3. One thing I found out to be interesting is that there is one girl with a very attractive body and a long hair that covered her face. For most of you, you will probably fall in the trap and talk to the girl. However, you would be very surprised when you saw her face. Fairytales has done a great job tricking me to talk to that physically attract but facially distorted woman. Expecting a nightmare after you saw the girl.

Story - 5/10 If you have played the previous game, the story line is most likely not appealing to you. The story is kind of simple. Like the previous game, you receive a Virtual Calling Card from a girl. With the card handy, you began to meet girls in Virtual Call Center and date them. As you talk into the girls, you will learn many backgrounds about them (where they from, what they like, what their occupations are). However, I found this to be a little annonying when you don't really want to know too much about them.

Gameplay - 4/10 The game is hard to finish and you will kind of get bored by the repeated routine of calling and picking choices. If you don't know what the girls are talking about, you will definitely find this game be hard. However, even if you understand, you will still have a difficult time trying to keep the girls happy. I don't recommend it to people who don't read Japanese since it's already hard for people with decent knowledge of Japanese.

Music - 8/10 There are over 100 midi in the game. Most of them are pleasing to hear. It is very hard to believe that a game would contain such tremendous amount of music in the game.
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