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Name: Viper V12 (67.50% in 40 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sogna
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Here's another Viper game that Viper fan can enjoy. In case you do not know what Viper series are, please check the previous reviews I have written for other Vipers and come back for more information on Viper V12. In this Viper game, there are three stories recorded. These are Briban, Angel Dust, and Magical Gambler Totocalciomi.

In Briban, the story deals with the super hero, Briban, fighting against the evil organization of Donage. After Briban and his female partner, Anri, successfully stopped Donage from taking over the world, the organization has decided to nail down Briban and his partner first. The organization ordered Colonel Gel and her subordinates from New York branch to eliminate Briban. Their target: Briban's partner, Anri. Will their evil plan proven to be successful or will Briban uncover the scheme and save the world once again?

In Angel Dust, there are two female pirates named Kate and Urea. They wandered around the galaxy and hijack ships that they encounter. Everything seems to going very well few months ago, but now they have yet being able to encounter another ship. One day, while Kate and Urea complains about the declined business, they encountered a ship all the sudden. With several attempts to destroy the armor of the ship, Kate and Urea finally exploded the defense system of the encountered ship and began their intrusion. While Kate and Urea are inside the enemy's ship, Kate lost contact with Urea. It is now up to Kate to rescue Urea out. Will she save Urea?

In Magical Gambler Totocalciomi, the focus is on a girl named Ruri. Ruri was an ordinate schoolchild who loved gamble. One night, two strange fairies came to her and bestow her a magical rod. With the stick, Ruri was able to make any wish as she pleased. Immediately, she gives a wish that turned her into an adult and went gamble the next. Under the spell of the magic rod, she was able to turn a losing game to Jackpot. With the ability to change from losing to wining, she soon over used the power and was in jeopardy of her virginity. While playing mahjong, she has abused the power of the magic rob and change the mahjong dominoes that some other player have. This action angered the other players in the game and Ruri was in jeopardy of her virginity. Will she escape? And will she learn the lesson?

Viper V12 is a newer game than Viper GTS. However, I found GTS to be more interesting and more beautiful than V12. V12 obviously has no gameplay, but it is difficult for some players to find all the endings. It is perhaps the most difficult one among the available Viper games. Viper games are fame for its exciting animated H-scenes. However, V12 seems to lack the quality H-scenes in previous Vipers that will fascinate your imagination. But, overall, Viper V12 is still a good 'hyper animation game' to keep. If you have enough 'green paper' to spare, you should get this game and try it at your leisure time.


Graphics - 6.5/10 The women are not as beautiful as GTS that released before V12. However, the colors and the background are definitely an improvement over GTS (This is perhaps why GTS is only about 30mb and V12 is about 50mb). There are not too much fancy H-scenes in there as the pervious series have, but it still has some decent pictures and animations.

Story - 4/10 The story is perhaps too childish toward adults. The Briban story is kind of similar to Power Ranger or some sort. This, I believe, is too unsuitable and yet uninteresting for some people. The endings are somewhat twisted and funny, but you can also call it stupid and boring. For example, in Angel Dust, Kate and Urea ended joining up with the pirates that they invaded after the guys had fun with them and Urea realized that what she needs.

Gameplay - 2.5/10 Like other Viper series, this does not have any decent gameplay. You will only choose few times and the game will be over right before you know it. However, V12 definitely has more choices you can make than other Viper games. Unfortunately, most of them will not mater the ending.

Music - 4/10 The BGM is okay. They're kind of funky. And like other Viper series, the game's best enhancement is the adding of voices. This will definitely enhance your enjoy of the game since you can hear all the scream from the girls.
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