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Name: Viper V10 (63.70% in 27 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sogna
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Viper series have always been a famous H-game series around Japan. It has first appeared on PC-98 platforms then the Windows 95. Sogna has already released several viper games for Windows 95 and each time the graphics gets better and more animated. Like Viper V8, Viper V10 also packed with three short stories. They are: Children's Play, Northern Light, and Rear Enter (The translation may be off due to the fact that I just read the katakana and put it into words that is closest to what it sounds like).

In Children's Play, the story focuses on a high schoolgirl who secretly admires a senior student (senpai). Although she knew the student for some time already, she had not had the courage to talk to him and tell him what she felt. One day at home, she began to fantasize about how she have 'fun' with him. While she dreamed about having fun with her 'senpai,' two kids took pictures of her masturbating and threaten her to come to the storage room in the gym. Will she get away from the threat and will her dream ever be true?

In Northern Light, the main character has lost a battle with a girl, Asuka, in kendo (Japanese fencing). The main character has asked Asuka for another challenge one week after. If the main character worked hard within the week, he will win Asuka and something good will happen.

In Rear Enter, human and robots has begun a war. Now, three girls are in a mission trying to defeat the robot's boss. Unfortunately, one of the girls was captured while the other two spies for enemy's hideout. The enemy demanded the two girls to go to their hideout unarmed in order to save their friend. The girls accepted the request and went to the appointed location. At there, the girls are humiliated with the boss' mechanical organism. In the end, the three girls are saved by the backup team.

Viper V10 is a game with no gameplay. It is a game for your own visual pleasure. What make this game stand out are its outstanding animated H-scenes. From a reviewer's point, this is a game that will fulfill your desire but not stunning you with gameplay.


Graphic 7/10 The graphic is fairly good. There's some improvement over the previous series, but compare to some other games it is still inferior.

Story - 4/10 I found Viper V8 to be more interesting than Viper V10. The story in V8 is more drastic. Again the story is not detail too. It has a strong focus toward H-scenes.

Gameplay - 2/10 What can I say? The game does not even have many places to choose between text. It is in fact a multi ending story, but it's either you get the good ending or game over. You can beat this game in less than an hour.

Music - 5/10 The music is not too bad and the voice is a boost for the game.
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