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Name: Viper V8 (65.59% in 34 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sogna
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Viper series are a group of combined visual novels (I prefer to call it novelinstead of game) that was put together. There are a number of series being releasedincluding V6, V8, V10, GTS, F40, and more. Each game includes about three stories thatwere previously released for PC98. The game has absolutely no gameplay at all. In fact,the gameplay is worse than Immoral. In Viper, there are very few choices for you to choosefrom. Even the choices are simple. If you choose the wrong one, the game will be over.Maybe we should categorize this type of game into a new category.

Viper V8 includes three stories in the game. These are Alien War,Damons Night, and The Forbidden Day of the 18th. By reading the title, you should havesome idea what the story is about.

In Alien War, you are a female pilot defending earth from alien.However you are unable to eliminate the two enemy robots. You will choose to surrender andbeing taken back to the enemy's headquarter. These aliens who doesn't know anything aboutfemale began a search on your body. Eventually, the female pilot will have fun with thecommander of the alien ships. As a result, these aliens learned love and the war thusended.

In Damons Night, you are a warrior named Ryu. One of your girlcompanion was taken away by the devil. Your other partner is also wounded. It is up to youto save to girl back. You went inside the devil's dungeon and found the girl being"humiliated" by a plant. You tried to fight the devil, but when he looked atyou, you lose your control of your body. Soon after, a female servant of the devil willtorture you with her private parts. Until you sold your soul to the evil, the torture willnever end.

In The Forbidden Day of the 18th, there are four girls and four malescamping. During the night, one girl started to talk about a terrible guy named"J-son" that will attack you at night. After they went back to their shelter,the girls are attacked by J-son one by one. Eventually, all four girls will be attacked byJ-son. Next day, you will be able to find out who is J-son. I will leave it up to you tofind out (It's really stupid).

Viper V8 is very similar to Immoral Study in terms of gameplay andgraphic. Both games have no gameplay at all. However, they both have animated H-scenes.The only difference is that Viper V8 has more animated H-scenes than Immoral. Overall,Viper V8 is just for you visual pleasure. If you're looking for some good h-scenes, youshould sometimes try this game or other series.

Below are the RATINGS on the game:

Graphic - 7.5/10 Good animated H-scenes. A lot more than Immoral Study.However, the quality of the graphics aren't that great. If you looked at other gamesreleased recently in Japan, this is nothing compare to them.

Music - 6/10 The voice dialogue is a treat, but I just really can'tstand midi except the midi for To Heart. Perhaps my sound card is not too advance for abetter effect, but I don't think the card would make too much difference.

Gameplay - 2/10 What can I say?? You can finish all three stories in 45minutes and never play the game again.

Story - 5.5/10 The stories are not as detailed as other games.Basically the game just went straight to H-scenes in my opinion.

Email me here if you have questions or concerns.
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